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    2727=head1 Build system 
    29 The site is generated by running 
     29To setup the environment for building the site perform the follwoing actions: 
     30    1) Make sure you have teh latest sources by choosing  "SVN Update" on the root folder 
     31    2) Open a command prompt Start-->Run-->CMD-->"Enter" 
     32       To  install the parent, Template tooklkit run "cpan parent Template Text::Unaccent::PurePerl" 
     33       Use the defualt settings (when asked questions like about XS just press "Enter") 
     34    2) When the above is finished run the follwing "cpan Path::Class" 
     35    3) When the above is finished run the follwing "cpan YAML::Tiny" 
     36    *  The environment is now ready 
     38The site is generated by running  
     39(run the follwoing from the root folder \template.padre.perlide.org in the root of your source code, e.g."D:\Padre\template.padre.perlide.org") 
    31     perl Build.PL --sourcedir . --destdir ~/public_html/padre.perlide.org 
     42    perl Build.PL --sourcedir . --destdir ~/public_html/padre.perlide.org 
     43    ** Explanation of the above comand: 
     44    ** "perl Build.PL" means run the script called Build.PL using perl in order to generat the site's pages bassed on templates and so on. 
     45    ** "--sourcedir ." means that the source code to use during building the site will be taken from the directory from which you are running the perl command. 
     46    ** "--destdir ~/public_html/padre.perlide.org" means that the destination folder to which the site's pages to bu generated will be the path you entered. 
    3247    ./Build 
    3348    ./Build test 
    3449    ./Build install