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#541 fixed wrong outline can get displayed for a document zenogantner rhebus
#473 outline view should remember which subtree is opened jquelin
#552 fixed outline view nests stigmata and packages wrongly rhebus
#538 not relevant outline view info takes too long to refresh rhebus
#1435 fixed outline entries can become padded (too high) when typing 'has' bowtie dod
#910 direct manipulation in outline zenogantner
#62 wontfix Var tree szabgab
#1206 fixed Package 'main' lost in outline if followed by another package whumann
#401 fixed Output Panel should show moose (attributes, methods and method modifiers) jquelin
#938 Outline should display methods created by Class::XSAccessor zenogantner
#1047 fixed Outline becomes empty after fast file switching abraxxa
#1155 fixed Outline and Functions don't work with unsaved files azornik
#1491 Outline Entries Not Displayed on OSX sjm
#312 fixed Max one outline job per document at a time tsee
#315 Icons on the Outline window to filter types szabgab
#735 fixed Functions panel differs from Highlighting and Perl Sewi
#1209 fixed Enable MooseX::Declare Method Modifiers in OutLine bowtie
#63 fixed Code browser szabgab
#773 fixed Cannot Close Outline Window kthakore
#826 fixed Allow changing the FunctionList sort order by right click adamk
#919 (wishlist) text cursor position should be highlighted in the outline zenogantner
#920 (wishlist) outline: "new" method should be highlighted zenogantner
#936 wontfix "use 5.008" does not show up in the outline zenogantner
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