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#95 fixed Add directory and filesystem browser szabgab
#358 fixed Directory Tree Browse behaviour waxhead
#370 fixed Directory Tree state is destroyed on refresh adamk
#391 fixed Allow renaming a file szabgab
#489 fixed dist-zilla projects not taken into account jquelin
#694 Directory browser changes unpredictably perlpilot
#825 fixed Directroy Tree Search locks up Padre when no documents are opened waxhead
#851 not relevant can't go to parent directory in directory view mateu
#879 Search in directory via contextual-menu on a folder karl.forner
#880 allow the Project (directory tree) window to be linked with the editor adamk karl.forner
#1018 fixed Cannot open file from Directory Tree (Project) side panel ryg
#1037 fixed calling the project view "Directory Tree" is confusing zenogantner
#1048 file/directory browser zenogantner
#1120 project browser should update itself via polling zenogantner
#1141 Project browser does not default to the default directory in the configuration claudio claudio
#1166 duplicate Project/Directory Browser doesn't recognize new top level directories Sewi
#1208 duplicate Directory/Project browser: File deletion does not trigger rescan Sewi
#1248 fixed Directory Browser Crash on deleted item Sewi
#1249 fixed Directory Browser needs a refresh button for directories Sewi
#1338 duplicate Opening a File not in Project kills Padre bowtie
#1391 duplicate Hit unfixed bug in directory browser, disabling it adamk bowtie
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