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#6 fixed Support the highlighting of more file types szabgab
#101 fixed syntax highlighting gone wrong: dor (//) not understood azawawi jquelin
#251 wontfix Disable syntax highlighting after __END__ keyword dlp
#305 not relevant Make it extreamly easy to add a syntax highlighter manage them szabgab
#480 fixed Custom style setting fails to load on padre restart bricas
#618 wontfix Minimalistic syntax highlighter? Floyd-ATC
#745 [Perl 5 syntax highlighting] delimiter used in extended regular expressions displays wrong azawawi daxim
#751 Proper XS lexing/highlighting tsee
#779 Add support for Template Toolkit files adamk
#913 fixed almost no syntax highlighting for C code zenogantner
#914 Syntax highlighting for POD files zenogantner
#916 fixed Perl syntax highlighting: highlight interpolated variables and special characters in strings zenogantner
#993 fixed BibTeX files: Scintilla is not shown as highlighter in the status bar zenogantner
#994 wontfix PPI syntax highlighter does not highlight some keywords/built-in functions zenogantner
#1011 Syntax highlighting for Perl examples inside POD zenogantner
#1028 invalid Syntax highlighting in Padre using Colorer szabgab
#1109 fixed PPI Lexer crash when loading file zenogantner
#1191 Disable highligher during mass open azawawi Sewi
#1194 not relevant PPI Experimental & Skeleton Build bowtie
#1205 When getting the color scheme from Notepad++, get MY color scheme Lady_Aleena
#1214 duplicate highlight variables interpolated into strings szabgab
#1215 wontfix Cannot change the syntax highlighter of Perl 6 szabgab
#1233 syntax highlighting for specific heredocs zenogantner
#1282 invalid Wx::Scintilla v0.21_02 and TABS azawawi bowtie
#1284 osx Wx::Scintilla .21_04 causes Padre to scroll poorly azawawi tome
#1331 Specially Handle Escaped characters ktaragorn
#1348 Add support for additional keyword lists in Scintilla LexPerl submersible_toaster
#1477 default color scheme is too flickering vsespb
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