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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#734 "Read" view of a file new trivial editor
#1087 "Show Value Now" should be displayed in a read-only text box new major editor
#1123 "Stop Execution" and "Run" should somehow indicate in the Output window how the script terminated new minor Run
#1118 "Stop Execution" should be available in the Output pane's context menu new minor Run
#946 (wishlist) Makefile document mode new minor editor
#899 (wishlist) Preferences: Use regex editor for the TODO regex assigned azawawi minor Regex Editor
#942 (wishlist) a "deactivate all" button in the plug-in manager new minor plugins
#925 (wishlist) offer Regex Editor in context menu when cursor is on a regular expression new minor Regex Editor
#920 (wishlist) outline: "new" method should be highlighted new minor Outline
#919 (wishlist) text cursor position should be highlighted in the outline new minor Outline
#924 (wishlist) user-defined regex library, previously defined regexes, and Regexp::Common in the Regex Editor new minor Regex Editor
#901 (wishlist) variable renaming: highlighting, inline-editing new minor Refactoring Perl 5
#1054 Add BioPerl templates to Padre new major editor
#561 Add SVN post commit hook to generate docs in HTML format new szabgab major website
#563 Add Sample perl scripts + tutorial that comes with Padre new szabgab major Context Sensitive Help
#1464 Add a Debug Launch dialogue new SvenDowideit major Debugger for Perl 5
#546 Add a link to documentation on the main web site new szabgab major website
#933 Add command key equivalent to save "command-S" new major editor
#605 Add cross reference functionality to Padre new major Source Navigation
#852 Add preference options to Quick Menu Access assigned azawawi major Quick Menu Access
#406 Add searching of 'local' document in docbrowser new major POD based help
#779 Add support for Template Toolkit files new major Syntax Highlighting
#1348 Add support for additional keyword lists in Scintilla LexPerl new minor Syntax Highlighting
#1170 Add undo to the regex editor new major Regex Editor
#544 Allow the creation of TOC on some of the web pages new szabgab major website
#469 Allow the user to change highlighting for a specific file new major editor
#1177 Allow the user to set the default mime-type new minor Basic Editor Features
#722 Allow turning off the individual call-tips one-by one new major Context Sensitive Help
#989 Alt-1 ... Alt-9 to go to the first nine tabs new minor editor
#1090 Autocomplete bracket with indentation new major Brackets
#652 Autocomplete: Make Pos1 & End work assigned azawawi major Autocomplete
#815 Clickable filenames in Console new major editor
#760 Clone and Substitution mode of txt2re new major Regex Editor
#116 Collect usage statistics new major editor
#396 Comparing revisions of files new major editor
#668 Configuration: Review this assumption new minor Preference System
#613 Copy Ultraedit's "file dissapeared" semantics new major editor
#696 Crash handler - save to disk new major editor
#513 Create a stand alone distribution of Padre for Linux/BSD/Mac OSX new major downstream
#610 Create and distribute Win32 sample scripts new major Context Sensitive Help
#509 Create howto articles new szabgab major website
#307 Ctrl-Left mouse jumps to definition new major Source Navigation
#795 Ctrl-Tab is using tab display order rather than last-used order assigned Sewi major editor
#306 Cycle through tabs (ctrl-tab) in most-recently-used order assigned Sewi minor editor
#395 DBI or SQL Plugin new major plugins
#512 Default language in Hebrew environment new major editor
#694 Directory browser changes unpredictably new major Project Browser
#405 Docbrowser - searching for the right document new submersible_toaster minor POD based help
#435 Docbrowsers should indicate the source of the file currently displayed accepted waxhead major POD based help
#707 Don't show unncecessary windows assigned adamk minor editor
#423 Drag-n-drop open folder new minor editor
#120 Emacs Keybindings new minor editor
#802 Embed a web browser in Padre assigned azawawi major editor
#507 Enable Padre to track logs new major editor
#1055 Expand the notion of a "project" in Padre new major Project Management
#1395 Expect single click to jump to sub/method on Functions list, but two clicks are required. new minor not classified yet
#526 Explain idomatic perl what is !! (in Perl 5) assigned azawawi minor Context Sensitive Help
#689 F2 help on foreach is missing assigned azawawi major Context Sensitive Help
#690 F2 on push - no example assigned azawawi major Context Sensitive Help
#577 F2 should be able to explain what is a scalar variable assigned azawawi major Context Sensitive Help
#955 Feature request: "Rename label" new minor Refactoring Perl 5
#525 Feature request: "Rename subroutine" new major Refactoring Perl 5
#604 Feature: Bug tracker integration (right click on #Bug 1234 has option to open browser) new minor editor
#1128 Filter through Perl: improvements new major Super Grep
#1115 Filter through Perl: use Padre's editor component new major Super Grep
#317 Find methods in not yet included (or installed) modules new major editor
#564 First runner - learning perl new major editor
#1350 Function list: support "private functions last" for all programming languages new major not classified yet
#1332 Go to Prev/Next Cursor Position new major editor
#980 Have the open URL File dialog show file structure to browse for file on remote file system. new major editor
#1444 I now have "add", "delete", "commit", "revert" and "status" working for hg and svn in the version control sidebar. assigned azawawi tobyink minor Integrated Version Control
#315 Icons on the Outline window to filter types new major Outline
#386 Ideas for more refactoring tools new trivial Refactoring Perl 5
#753 Implement better method autocompletion heuristics new major Autocomplete
#868 Improve the "Live Support" menu new minor editor
#59 Indexing PODs accepted submersible_toaster major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks POD based help
#664 Integrate POD2::FR, POD2::IT and in general any POD2::8 module accepted submersible_toaster major POD based help
#465 Integrate open selection with open resource new major editor
#1172 Integrate the Recent File feature with the command line window new major Command Line Window
#110 Interactive shell accepted ryan52 major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks REPL
#1103 Jump to the beginning and the end of the current subroutine new major editor
#90 Just an idea: integrate Dist::Zilla for project management assigned azawawi trivial editor
#987 Key bindings dialog: Support more than one shortcut per action new minor editor
#434 Links in the docbrowser in the Plugin Manager should work new major editor
#534 Make beginner-error checks cool assigned azawawi major Identify Common Errors
#639 Make get_current_symbol more robust new minor editor
#522 Make it easy for newcomers to join the project new szabgab critical website
#680 Make readonly files visually distinct via different background assigned alias, adamk major editor
#952 Module::Install::PRIVATE::Padre is both in privinc/ and in inc/ in the distribution new minor editor
#684 Need explanation about this code. new minor Context Sensitive Help
#743 No option for hooking up <STDIN> in Padre assigned szabgab critical Run
#1114 Open Selection: create non-existing files reopened major Open Selection
#1056 Open URL dialog should show which URL types are supported new major Remote Editing
#583 Open dialog for browsing using Padre::File new major Remote Editing
#1058 Open file via SFTP new minor Remote Editing
#1129 Open plugin template new minor editor
#1074 Org-Mode new major plugins
#938 Outline should display methods created by Class::XSAccessor new minor Outline
#672 POD doc browser: various different things new minor POD based help
#699 POD on auto-complete subs new minor Autocomplete
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