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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#515 offsite reports of Jonathan Scott Duff new defect major
#537 extract subroutine should put the new subroutine in a better place new defect major
#507 Enable Padre to track logs new enhancement major
#508 make sure the ppm builder of ActiveState can handle Padre new enhancement major
#509 Create howto articles new szabgab enhancement major
#511 Windows installation should install Padre as a standard Windows app new enhancement major
#512 Default language in Hebrew environment new enhancement major
#513 Create a stand alone distribution of Padre for Linux/BSD/Mac OSX new enhancement major
#522 Make it easy for newcomers to join the project new szabgab enhancement critical
#525 Feature request: "Rename subroutine" new enhancement major
#526 Explain idomatic perl what is !! (in Perl 5) assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#535 Preview window for extract subroutine new enhancement major
#540 external bugtracking systems and contacts new szabgab enhancement major
#544 Allow the creation of TOC on some of the web pages new szabgab enhancement major
#546 Add a link to documentation on the main web site new szabgab enhancement major
#548 provide help on $_[0] (in Perl 5) assigned azawawi enhancement major
#551 Separate on/off for Call Tips for different mime-types new enhancement major
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