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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#779 Add support for Template Toolkit files new enhancement major
#1284 osx Wx::Scintilla .21_04 causes Padre to scroll poorly assigned azawawi defect major
#1331 Specially Handle Escaped characters new enhancement major
#745 [Perl 5 syntax highlighting] delimiter used in extended regular expressions displays wrong assigned azawawi defect minor
#751 Proper XS lexing/highlighting new enhancement minor
#914 Syntax highlighting for POD files new enhancement minor
#1011 Syntax highlighting for Perl examples inside POD new enhancement minor
#1205 When getting the color scheme from Notepad++, get MY color scheme new enhancement minor
#1233 syntax highlighting for specific heredocs new enhancement minor
#1348 Add support for additional keyword lists in Scintilla LexPerl new enhancement minor
#1477 default color scheme is too flickering new enhancement minor
#1191 Disable highligher during mass open assigned azawawi defect trivial
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