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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#685 Fix TDD flow in Padre Testing assigned azawawi task critical
#1364 Padre::Plugin::Vi - Crashed while loading assigned szabgab defect critical
#1414 Padre::Plugin::ReDevel various issues new mj41 defect critical
#225 Padre::Plugin::Vi No Difference Between the Cursors Of Normal Mode and Insert Mode new defect major
#227 Padre::Plugin::Vi Not all movements work with "d" new defect major
#395 DBI or SQL Plugin new enhancement major
#635 Parrot: F2 help new szabgab enhancement major
#650 Parrot: make it work with installed parrot as well new szabgab enhancement major
#730 PopularityContest: Collect more detailed data new enhancement major
#731 PopularityContest: Transmit collected data new enhancement major
#968 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst crash assigned garu defect major
#1071 Padre::Plugin::Dancer plugin new enhancement major
#1074 Org-Mode new enhancement major
#1075 Padre::Plugin::HG error messages and warnings assigned code4pay defect major
#1309 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst Crash after pressing "New Catalyst Application" assigned garu, azawawi defect major
#1384 Padre::Plugin::Autoformat not compatible with recent padre assigned jquelin, azawawi defect major
#1430 Padre::Plugin::Moose Undefined Subroutine Error on launching Moose Assistant assigned azawawi defect major
#1451 cant activate plugins as root user new defect major
#226 Padre::Plugin::Vi t/T/f/F don't work new defect minor
#383 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck Add to dictionary assigned bowtie enhancement minor
#384 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck allow replacing a word by typing in a new word assigned bowtie enhancement minor
#622 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst feature assigned garu enhancement minor
#862 Padre::Plugin::REPL Can't locate object method "menu_actions" assigned ryan52 defect minor
#942 (wishlist) a "deactivate all" button in the plug-in manager new enhancement minor
#1039 Padre::Plugin::Vi "Esc" does not switch to command mode when activating vi plugin (Padre restart required) new defect minor
#1040 Padre::Plugin::Vi Crash on activating and de-activating plugin new defect minor
#1052 color picker plugin new enhancement minor
#1077 Padre::Plugin::Alarm does not show set alarms new enhancement minor
#1097 syntax highlighting/plugin for INI files new enhancement minor
#1125 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst warning when closing Catalyst panel assigned garu defect minor
#1271 Padre::Plugin::Plack, fix for missing version, api change assigned submersible_toaster enhancement minor
#1280 Padre::Logger fails when Plugin is reloaded new Alias enhancement minor
#1365 possibility to add plugin actions to the toolbar new enhancement minor
#1418 Plugin manager crashes when opened as user "root" new defect minor
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