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#1315 Context menu: keyboard alternatives do not work context menu, shortcut, accessibility, Gnome, Windows, Scintilla new defect major
#1229 Functions Window does not show all functions or slowdown if source contains UTF-8 Functions Window slowdown new defect major
#1225 Internal window does not fill the full application windows new defect major
#1489 Not responsive windows xp performance new adamk defect trivial
#830 Padre Hangup and close on Win7 with Strawberry perl 5.10.1 windows starting hangup win7 strawberry win32 new enhancement minor
#511 Windows installation should install Padre as a standard Windows app windows, usability, packaging new enhancement major
#1310 unable to compile with strawberry perl 5.12.3 compile cpan mingw windows assigned szabgab defect major
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