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#191 could not find encoding on OS X 10.5, fails tests osx assigned tome, bennie defect major
#225 Padre::Plugin::Vi No Difference Between the Cursors Of Normal Mode and Insert Mode usability, external consistency new defect major
#255 Ctrl for hotkeys should be disabled on OS X osx mac hotkeys assigned tome defect major
#469 Allow the user to change highlighting for a specific file syntax highlighting, usability, direct manipulation new enhancement major
#499 Padre automatic indentation not working on Mac OS X osx autoindent indentation new defect major
#503 Action Toolbar vanishes in fullscreen mode. linux new defect major
#1262 The combo keys for type a backslash (\) on OS X with french keyboard raises the contextual menu "right click" "contextual menu" backslash osx new defect major
#1284 osx Wx::Scintilla .21_04 causes Padre to scroll poorly osx scintilla assigned azawawi defect major
#1312 Mouse (Ubuntu) Copy Paste X-Clipboard Mouse X Copy Paste Middle Button new defect major
#1315 Context menu: keyboard alternatives do not work context menu, shortcut, accessibility, Gnome, Windows, Scintilla new defect major
#1430 Padre::Plugin::Moose Undefined Subroutine Error on launching Moose Assistant OSX assigned azawawi defect major
#1436 Display of sessions in "Open Session" has possible off-by-one error? osx new defect major
#1492 Shortcut keys from edit menu stop working on OS X osx keyboard shortcuts new defect major
#1493 build failed on OS X mountain lion wx osx new defect major
#1495 Install Padre with Citrus Perl on Mac OS Lion - t/15_locale.t........Failed 5/7 osx installation citrus new defect major
#1506 0.98 is broken regex, installation new defect major
#89 shell script on OS X osx new Schwern defect minor
#306 Cycle through tabs (ctrl-tab) in most-recently-used order usability, external consistency assigned Sewi enhancement minor
#338 regex replace treats \n as 2 chars search regex new enhancement minor
#707 Don't show unncecessary windows bottom pane, side pane, functions, outline, syntax, usability assigned adamk enhancement minor
#897 wrong mouse cursor for text input fields usability, dialog, linux new defect minor
#899 (wishlist) Preferences: Use regex editor for the TODO regex usability preferences regex assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#914 Syntax highlighting for POD files pod syntaxhighlighting new enhancement minor
#925 (wishlist) offer Regex Editor in context menu when cursor is on a regular expression regex editor new enhancement minor
#987 Key bindings dialog: Support more than one shortcut per action key bindings, usability, external consistency new enhancement minor
#989 Alt-1 ... Alt-9 to go to the first nine tabs usability, external consistency new enhancement minor
#995 regex replace should support $1, $2, ... search, replace, regex new enhancement minor
#1043 odd behavior of regex Find regex, find new defect minor
#1111 edit color scheme theme, preferences, usability, color schemes, syntax highlighting new enhancement minor
#1259 osx Padre icon toolbar default should be same as linux (default to true) osx assigned tome defect minor
#1275 [osx] wxPerl not needed on OSX osx new tome defect minor
#1279 OSX Unsupported window created of class: NSNavOpenPanel osx assigned tome defect minor
#1281 [osx] Could not find system(darwin) default encoding osx assigned tome defect minor
#1505 Padre on fink fink OSX new defect minor
#1507 Debugger causing Padre crash - MacOSx OSX , Debugger new bowtie defect minor
#1489 Not responsive windows xp performance new adamk defect trivial
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