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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#416 encode dialog usability, dialog reopened defect major
#454 poor UI in save prompt dialog usability, save reopened defect major
#975 should not use checkbox to select current file usability consistency reopened defect minor
#997 clean up before saving should not reset cursor position save, clean-up, usability, cursor position reopened defect minor
#1004 Preferences dialog: Tab navigation hangs at "Default project directory" usability, dialog, tab navigation reopened defect minor
#1114 Open Selection: create non-existing files usability reopened enhancement major
#1119 "Stop Execution" should be grayed out in the menu when the script is not running usability, abort reopened defect minor
#225 Padre::Plugin::Vi No Difference Between the Cursors Of Normal Mode and Insert Mode usability, external consistency new defect major
#308 variable name completition autocomplete, usability new enhancement major
#318 The search should highlight all the hits with yellow marker search usability new enhancement major
#413 remove beginner mode usability new task major
#465 Integrate open selection with open resource usability new enhancement major
#469 Allow the user to change highlighting for a specific file syntax highlighting, usability, direct manipulation new enhancement major
#473 outline view should remember which subtree is opened usability, outline new defect minor
#511 Windows installation should install Padre as a standard Windows app windows, usability, packaging new enhancement major
#535 Preview window for extract subroutine refactoring, usability new enhancement major
#662 Toggle view of POD documentation usability, folding new enhancement major
#753 Implement better method autocompletion heuristics autocomplete, usability new enhancement major
#769 disallow variables that differ only in sigils usability new enhancement major
#895 wishlist: marking of search results in the text and in the scrollbar usability, wishlist new enhancement minor
#897 wrong mouse cursor for text input fields usability, dialog, linux new defect minor
#901 (wishlist) variable renaming: highlighting, inline-editing refactoring, usability new enhancement minor
#910 direct manipulation in outline outline usability refactoring new enhancement minor
#919 (wishlist) text cursor position should be highlighted in the outline usability outline position new enhancement minor
#920 (wishlist) outline: "new" method should be highlighted outline usability new enhancement minor
#972 [Perl6] - it would be nice to have a configuration option for RAKUDO_DIR usability, win32, perl6, rakudo new enhancement minor
#987 Key bindings dialog: Support more than one shortcut per action key bindings, usability, external consistency new enhancement minor
#989 Alt-1 ... Alt-9 to go to the first nine tabs usability, external consistency new enhancement minor
#1056 Open URL dialog should show which URL types are supported usability, dialog new enhancement major
#1062 add a search function to the website usability new szabgab enhancement major
#1077 Padre::Plugin::Alarm does not show set alarms usability new enhancement minor
#1098 common configuration setting "ignore directories" for Find in Files, Open Resource, Project Browser usability, configuration new enhancement major
#1101 "Select All" menu entry does not show keyboard shortcut usability, tiny, Ubuntu new defect minor
#1105 opening non-existing file - strange warning message usability new defect major
#1111 edit color scheme theme, preferences, usability, color schemes, syntax highlighting new enhancement minor
#1115 Filter through Perl: use Padre's editor component usability new enhancement major
#1118 "Stop Execution" should be available in the Output pane's context menu usability, direct manipulation, abort new enhancement minor
#1120 project browser should update itself via polling usability new enhancement minor
#1123 "Stop Execution" and "Run" should somehow indicate in the Output window how the script terminated abort, usability, run new enhancement minor
#1130 Space->Tab conversion is very slow usability new defect minor
#1170 Add undo to the regex editor usability new enhancement major
#1339 preferences: theme preview ignores bold elements usability, cosmetics new defect minor
#1346 patch/diff dialog should be resizable dialog, usability new defect major
#1347 separate patch and diff functionality usability, dialog new enhancement major
#306 Cycle through tabs (ctrl-tab) in most-recently-used order usability, external consistency assigned Sewi enhancement minor
#319 highlight # TODO usability assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#534 Make beginner-error checks cool usability assigned azawawi enhancement major
#680 Make readonly files visually distinct via different background usability assigned alias, adamk enhancement major
#707 Don't show unncecessary windows bottom pane, side pane, functions, outline, syntax, usability assigned adamk enhancement minor
#880 allow the Project (directory tree) window to be linked with the editor directory tab, usability assigned adamk enhancement major
#899 (wishlist) Preferences: Use regex editor for the TODO regex usability preferences regex assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#1000 Run Parameters: Possible extensions preferences, run parameters, usability, dialog assigned SvenDowideit enhancement minor
#1304 unnecessary horizontal scrollbar usability assigned azawawi defect minor
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