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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1385 'execute in external window' doesn't work assigned defect major DWIM Perl
#1392 76_preferences.t fails on Windows assigned defect minor DWIM Perl
#561 Add SVN post commit hook to generate docs in HTML format new enhancement major website
#563 Add Sample perl scripts + tutorial that comes with Padre new enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#546 Add a link to documentation on the main web site new enhancement major website
#544 Allow the creation of TOC on some of the web pages new enhancement major website
#519 Create a page listing the features of Padre new task major website
#509 Create howto articles new enhancement major website
#1438 DWIMPerl Unable to run Scripts assigned defect major DWIM Perl
#1289 Default Project Folder option non-operational on Windows 7 assigned defect minor Preference System
#827 Fix the web site generation code new defect major website
#522 Make it easy for newcomers to join the project new enhancement critical website
#743 No option for hooking up <STDIN> in Padre assigned enhancement critical Run
#1364 Padre::Plugin::Vi - Crashed while loading assigned defect critical plugins
#635 Parrot: F2 help new enhancement major plugins
#650 Parrot: make it work with installed parrot as well new enhancement major plugins
#273 Plugin cache needs to be invalidated when a new (version of a) plugin has been installed assigned defect major editor
#1171 Regex Editor highlighting seems to be broken accepted defect minor Regex Editor
#1247 Updated screen shots: come on one & all, join in the fun. new enhancement minor website
#1503 Welcome message has no links new enhancement minor website
#1062 add a search function to the website new enhancement major website
#657 add level of difficulty field to tickets on trac new enhancement major admin
#540 external bugtracking systems and contacts new enhancement major website
#1422 missing perl58.dl assigned defect trivial DWIM Perl
#1046 script-based generation of binary packages new enhancement major admin
#646 the prereq Test::NoWarnings hides warnings in Makefile.PL assigned defect frozen editor
#1310 unable to compile with strawberry perl 5.12.3 assigned defect major installation
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