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#1350 Function list: support "private functions last" for all programming languages new enhancement major
#1354 put a README.txt file in the .padre directory new enhancement major
#1355 Padre should either remember per-tab search terms, or support search for the last search term new defect major
#1356 gray out "Open All/Clear Recent Files" if the list is empty new enhancement major
#1358 make status bar interactive new enhancement major
#1372 Setting indent option zaps main menu new defect major
#1380 Padres silently does not run script new defect major
#1384 Padre::Plugin::Autoformat not compatible with recent padre assigned jquelin, azawawi defect major
#1385 'execute in external window' doesn't work assigned szabgab defect major
#1390 Syntax checking disturbs autocomplete assigned azawawi defect major
#1402 UI blocks through status menu tooltip repaint new defect major
#1413 Broken commenting in HTML and CSS in 0.94 new defect major
#1423 Padre crashes on keybind / Padre закрывается при попытке задать гарячие клавиши new Negor defect major
#1430 Padre::Plugin::Moose Undefined Subroutine Error on launching Moose Assistant assigned azawawi defect major
#1436 Display of sessions in "Open Session" has possible off-by-one error? new defect major
#1437 100% CPU when idling new adamk defect major
#1438 DWIMPerl Unable to run Scripts assigned szabgab defect major
#1440 Padre Document change encoding (broken) new defect major
#1442 Perl-Arguments : startup options per file new enhancement major
#1445 Crash Padre::Document::Perl::Syntax new defect major
#1450 padre not on path after build in Mac OS X 10.8.1 assigned tome, bennie defect major
#1451 cant activate plugins as root user new defect major
#1453 Scrolling in main window broken on windows new defect major
#1455 Wide characters removed from config values when running with LC_ALL=C new defect major
#1457 Not able to install, Padre on Win7 with Active perl 5.14.2 from CPAN assigned defect major
#1462 hitting the escape key closes the output panel new defect major
#1463 context help could be a tiny bit more brilliant new enhancement major
#1464 Add a Debug Launch dialogue new SvenDowideit enhancement major
#1470 The debugger fails to find the file being stepped into new SvenDowideit defect major
#1471 Can I see a call stack? reopened SvenDowideit defect major
#1473 change in indent does not update until padre is closed and opened new defect major
#1478 Ubuntu 12.10 and unity new defect major
#1479 Preferences shortcut new defect major
#1480 debugger hangs reopened bowtie defect major
#1481 Command Line window menu item shown without experimental feature enabled new tome, bennie defect major
#1491 Outline Entries Not Displayed on OSX new defect major
#1492 Shortcut keys from edit menu stop working on OS X new defect major
#1493 build failed on OS X mountain lion new defect major
#1495 Install Padre with Citrus Perl on Mac OS Lion - t/15_locale.t........Failed 5/7 new defect major
#1502 Padre release 0.98 and svn rev 19736 crash when setting default_project_directory to anything other than /home/user?/projects new defect major
#1506 0.98 is broken new defect major
#1509 Keyboard edit shortcuts ( Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo etc.) not working on Mac OSX new defect major
#1511 Project Skeleton Generation not working in Win32 new defect major
#1512 Locale is applied to Perl code when installing Padre new defect major
#1513 Unable to use debugger in script that uses Lingua::Wordnet Perl module new bowtie, szabgab defect major
#89 shell script on OS X new Schwern defect minor
#120 Emacs Keybindings new enhancement minor
#140 reordering tabs does not change their order with ctrl+tab assigned (none) defect minor
#226 Padre::Plugin::Vi t/T/f/F don't work new defect minor
#306 Cycle through tabs (ctrl-tab) in most-recently-used order assigned Sewi enhancement minor
#319 highlight # TODO assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#338 regex replace treats \n as 2 chars new enhancement minor
#383 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck Add to dictionary assigned bowtie enhancement minor
#384 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck allow replacing a word by typing in a new word assigned bowtie enhancement minor
#405 Docbrowser - searching for the right document new submersible_toaster enhancement minor
#418 remember window status new enhancement minor
#423 Drag-n-drop open folder new enhancement minor
#428 Track the configuration load time new adamk enhancement minor
#448 divider bars do not animate when moved reopened defect minor
#449 panel tabs not always visible even with enough room to show reopened enhancement minor
#473 outline view should remember which subtree is opened new defect minor
#486 Undo after auto-complete matching bracket doesn't undo the closing bracket new defect minor
#526 Explain idomatic perl what is !! (in Perl 5) assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#604 Feature: Bug tracker integration (right click on #Bug 1234 has option to open browser) new enhancement minor
#622 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst feature assigned garu enhancement minor
#639 Make get_current_symbol more robust new enhancement minor
#641 Escape doesn't search or search/replace dialog when focused on editor new defect minor
#645 Lexically rename variable changes the screen position dramatically (and shouldn't have to) new defect minor
#656 where application icons and shortcuts go new enhancement minor
#668 Configuration: Review this assumption new enhancement minor
#671 pod extract new enhancement minor
#672 POD doc browser: various different things new enhancement minor
#684 Need explanation about this code. new enhancement minor
#699 POD on auto-complete subs new enhancement minor
#707 Don't show unncecessary windows assigned adamk enhancement minor
#712 replace by link new enhancement minor
#745 [Perl 5 syntax highlighting] delimiter used in extended regular expressions displays wrong assigned azawawi defect minor
#751 Proper XS lexing/highlighting new enhancement minor
#810 File monitoring issue new defect minor
#816 Lexical variable renaming doesn't support <<"HEREDOCS" new defect minor
#817 [SVN plugin] Reload all files from disk after update run new enhancement minor
#829 Switch if-Syntax assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#830 Padre Hangup and close on Win7 with Strawberry perl 5.10.1 new enhancement minor
#836 Nothing after splash screen on OpenSolaris new defect minor
#839 Show LOC count or statement count new enhancement minor
#862 Padre::Plugin::REPL Can't locate object method "menu_actions" assigned ryan52 defect minor
#868 Improve the "Live Support" menu new enhancement minor
#869 Warn about unexpected multiline strings new enhancement minor
#890 "Introduce Temporary Variable" need to be fixed new defect minor
#893 Proper plural handling with Wx::gettext() assigned zenogantner enhancement minor
#895 wishlist: marking of search results in the text and in the scrollbar new enhancement minor
#897 wrong mouse cursor for text input fields new defect minor
#899 (wishlist) Preferences: Use regex editor for the TODO regex assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#901 (wishlist) variable renaming: highlighting, inline-editing new enhancement minor
#905 wishlist: folding for use statements new enhancement minor
#907 remote (sshfs) file is shown as read-only in status bar new defect minor
#909 command line option to list all existing sessions new enhancement minor
#910 direct manipulation in outline new enhancement minor
#914 Syntax highlighting for POD files new enhancement minor
#919 (wishlist) text cursor position should be highlighted in the outline new enhancement minor
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