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#226 Padre::Plugin::Vi t/T/f/F don't work new defect minor
#1380 Padres silently does not run script new defect major
#635 Parrot: F2 help new szabgab enhancement major
#650 Parrot: make it work with installed parrot as well new szabgab enhancement major
#1230 Pasting via CRTL-V in Find Pastes the text into the editor new defect major
#1442 Perl-Arguments : startup options per file new enhancement major
#1106 Perl/Create Projects Tagfile cause Padre to freeze new defect major
#273 Plugin cache needs to be invalidated when a new (version of a) plugin has been installed assigned szabgab defect major
#1418 Plugin manager crashes when opened as user "root" new defect minor
#730 PopularityContest: Collect more detailed data new enhancement major
#731 PopularityContest: Transmit collected data new enhancement major
#1479 Preferences shortcut new defect major
#1381 Preferences dialog: "Indentation" is confusing assigned alias, adamk defect minor
#1004 Preferences dialog: Tab navigation hangs at "Default project directory" reopened defect minor
#535 Preview window for extract subroutine new enhancement major
#702 Print dialog new enhancement major
#1443 Printing Source Code from Padre new enhancement minor
#1511 Project Skeleton Generation not working in Win32 new defect major
#1141 Project browser does not default to the default directory in the configuration reopened claudio defect minor
#751 Proper XS lexing/highlighting new enhancement minor
#893 Proper plural handling with Wx::gettext() assigned zenogantner enhancement minor
#978 Provide a way to create eclipse style tutorials new enhancement minor
#616 Recognize and explain when user mixes $x, %x and @x new enhancement major
#1108 Rectangular editing / column mode / vertical selection / box selection new enhancement major
#279 Refactoring support: automatic global-to-lexical conversion new enhancement major
#1201 Refactoring tool for Perl::Critic rules new enhancement major
#1200 Refactoring tool: replace indirect calls by direct calls assigned azawawi enhancement major
#1169 Regex Editor does not understand \Q new defect major
#1171 Regex Editor highlighting seems to be broken accepted szabgab defect minor
#1072 Regex editor: help button new enhancement major
#1022 Remember earlier copies and cuts and allow pasting later new enhancement major
#1112 Remember manually selected mime-type - "View Document As" new enhancement major
#706 Remember settings new enhancement major
#1411 Remove value from display assigned bowtie enhancement trivial
#494 Rename variable options and preview window new enhancement major
#1025 Reorganizing the "list of open files" in the Window menu new enhancement major
#1000 Run Parameters: Possible extensions assigned SvenDowideit enhancement minor
#442 Save file types and tab positions with session new enhancement trivial
#1305 Save files in background new enhancement minor
#1453 Scrolling in main window broken on windows new defect major
#879 Search in directory via contextual-menu on a folder new enhancement major
#551 Separate on/off for Call Tips for different mime-types new enhancement major
#1372 Setting indent option zaps main menu new defect major
#1492 Shortcut keys from edit menu stop working on OS X new defect major
#839 Show LOC count or statement count new enhancement minor
#873 Show file tabs on the left/right side instead of top new enhancement major
#496 Show list of available functions and methods assigned azawawi enhancement major
#57 Show only modules with POD in them accepted submersible_toaster enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks
#1252 Show various Perl related environment information new enhancement major
#378 Showing invisible syntax new enhancement major
#1299 Space bar doesn't work in editor reopened defect major
#1130 Space->Tab conversion is very slow new defect minor
#1331 Specially Handle Escaped characters new enhancement major
#399 Stand-alone executabel of Padre for Linux assigned Alias defect major
#766 Suggest better solutions for code new enhancement major
#829 Switch if-Syntax assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#1390 Syntax checking disturbs autocomplete assigned azawawi defect major
#914 Syntax highlighting for POD files new enhancement minor
#1011 Syntax highlighting for Perl examples inside POD new enhancement minor
#1300 Tabs are all confused new Alias defect major
#1262 The combo keys for type a backslash (\) on OS X with french keyboard raises the contextual menu new defect major
#1470 The debugger fails to find the file being stepped into new SvenDowideit defect major
#318 The search should highlight all the hits with yellow marker new enhancement major
#792 Threaded script output is in the wrong order new defect major
#662 Toggle view of POD documentation new enhancement major
#8 Tool for refactoring code new enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks
#1084 Tooltip expression evaluation reopened bowtie enhancement minor
#428 Track the configuration load time new adamk enhancement minor
#1139 Type of new document assigned azawawi defect major
#1336 UI Layout - Lock/Unlock Behaviour new defect major
#1402 UI blocks through status menu tooltip repaint new defect major
#1398 UI text overlaps UI element reopened defect trivial
#1478 Ubuntu 12.10 and unity new defect major
#1513 Unable to use debugger in script that uses Lingua::Wordnet Perl module new bowtie, szabgab defect major
#486 Undo after auto-complete matching bracket doesn't undo the closing bracket new defect minor
#1394 Unexpected program termination when selecting menu items new defect minor
#1247 Updated screen shots: come on one & all, join in the fun. new szabgab enhancement minor
#568 Upgrade Padre in Padre Standalone new enhancement major
#1311 Use additional mouse buttons new enhancement major
#1375 User should be able to configure the run-terminal of his choice in Linux new enhancement minor
#1131 Using Ctrl-3 ("Quick Menu Access") leads to GTK warnings and eventually crashes new defect major
#937 Variable renaming: No declaration found if variable is declared in parentheses new defect minor
#869 Warn about unexpected multiline strings new enhancement minor
#1503 Welcome message has no links new szabgab enhancement minor
#1205 When getting the color scheme from Notepad++, get MY color scheme new enhancement minor
#1455 Wide characters removed from config values when running with LC_ALL=C new defect major
#511 Windows installation should install Padre as a standard Windows app new enhancement major
#1193 XAMPP + Padre package new enhancement minor
#745 [Perl 5 syntax highlighting] delimiter used in extended regular expressions displays wrong assigned azawawi defect minor
#972 [Perl6] - it would be nice to have a configuration option for RAKUDO_DIR new enhancement minor
#864 [REPL plugin] Devel::REPL::Plugin::MultiLine::PPI does not work with Padre::Plugin::REPL assigned ryan52 defect major
#949 [REPL plugin] The REPL window keeps coming up open even though the plugin is not loaded assigned ryan52 defect major
#861 [REPL plugin] does not pass tests. assigned ryan52 defect major
#817 [SVN plugin] Reload all files from disk after update run new enhancement minor
#1041 [Syntax::Highlight::Perl6] failed tests when installing version 0.88 from CPAN new defect major
#1281 [osx] Could not find system(darwin) default encoding assigned tome defect minor
#1275 [osx] wxPerl not needed on OSX new tome defect minor
#1345 actionqueue=internal.dump_padre is writing to a closed filehandle. new defect major
#1062 add a search function to the website new szabgab enhancement major
#1069 add an option to ignore commented out regions in document statistics new enhancement minor
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