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#920 (wishlist) outline: "new" method should be highlighted new enhancement minor
#924 (wishlist) user-defined regex library, previously defined regexes, and Regexp::Common in the Regex Editor new enhancement minor
#925 (wishlist) offer Regex Editor in context menu when cursor is on a regular expression new enhancement minor
#937 Variable renaming: No declaration found if variable is declared in parentheses new defect minor
#938 Outline should display methods created by Class::XSAccessor new enhancement minor
#942 (wishlist) a "deactivate all" button in the plug-in manager new enhancement minor
#946 (wishlist) Makefile document mode new enhancement minor
#951 verbatim Pod not rendered correctly accepted submersible_toaster defect minor
#952 Module::Install::PRIVATE::Padre is both in privinc/ and in inc/ in the distribution new enhancement minor
#955 Feature request: "Rename label" new enhancement minor
#960 regex editor improvement ideas new enhancement minor
#972 [Perl6] - it would be nice to have a configuration option for RAKUDO_DIR new enhancement minor
#975 should not use checkbox to select current file reopened defect minor
#978 Provide a way to create eclipse style tutorials new enhancement minor
#986 saving and loading of key binding settings new enhancement minor
#987 Key bindings dialog: Support more than one shortcut per action new enhancement minor
#989 Alt-1 ... Alt-9 to go to the first nine tabs new enhancement minor
#992 refactoring: list conversions assigned azawawi enhancement minor
#995 regex replace should support $1, $2, ... new enhancement minor
#996 refactoring: renaming of hash keys new enhancement minor
#997 clean up before saving should not reset cursor position reopened defect minor
#998 refactoring: replace double quotes by single quotes where appropriate new enhancement minor
#1000 Run Parameters: Possible extensions assigned SvenDowideit enhancement minor
#1004 Preferences dialog: Tab navigation hangs at "Default project directory" reopened defect minor
#1011 Syntax highlighting for Perl examples inside POD new enhancement minor
#1024 "Change variable style" does not always work properly new defect minor
#1030 strange irregular crashes new defect minor
#1039 Padre::Plugin::Vi "Esc" does not switch to command mode when activating vi plugin (Padre restart required) new defect minor
#1040 Padre::Plugin::Vi Crash on activating and de-activating plugin new defect minor
#1042 function keys not bound as shortcuts lead to strange character input reopened defect minor
#1043 odd behavior of regex Find new defect minor
#1052 color picker plugin new enhancement minor
#1058 Open file via SFTP new enhancement minor
#1069 add an option to ignore commented out regions in document statistics new enhancement minor
#1077 Padre::Plugin::Alarm does not show set alarms new enhancement minor
#1084 Tooltip expression evaluation reopened bowtie enhancement minor
#1091 automatic tidying new enhancement minor
#1097 syntax highlighting/plugin for INI files new enhancement minor
#1101 "Select All" menu entry does not show keyboard shortcut new defect minor
#1111 edit color scheme new enhancement minor
#1118 "Stop Execution" should be available in the Output pane's context menu new enhancement minor
#1119 "Stop Execution" should be grayed out in the menu when the script is not running reopened defect minor
#1120 project browser should update itself via polling new enhancement minor
#1123 "Stop Execution" and "Run" should somehow indicate in the Output window how the script terminated new enhancement minor
#1125 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst warning when closing Catalyst panel assigned garu defect minor
#1129 Open plugin template new enhancement minor
#1130 Space->Tab conversion is very slow new defect minor
#1134 refactoring: reference/dereference new enhancement minor
#1135 Padre hangs on NFS shared files new defect minor
#1141 Project browser does not default to the default directory in the configuration reopened claudio defect minor
#1157 dev does not write tracing information to .padre/debug.log new defect minor
#1158 Ctrl-Alt-F injects "ACK" new defect minor
#1159 Ctrl+L (cut line) doesn't trigger the changed-* new defect minor
#1171 Regex Editor highlighting seems to be broken accepted szabgab defect minor
#1177 Allow the user to set the default mime-type new enhancement minor
#1185 Ctrl-Left mouse click open new empty file sometime reopened defect minor
#1186 Before_save_tidy added new task minor
#1193 XAMPP + Padre package new enhancement minor
#1205 When getting the color scheme from Notepad++, get MY color scheme new enhancement minor
#1226 multiple folding in code new stackware enhancement minor
#1228 search in files improvements new enhancement minor
#1233 syntax highlighting for specific heredocs new enhancement minor
#1236 test expects directory Documents in home directory assigned azawawi defect minor
#1247 Updated screen shots: come on one & all, join in the fun. new szabgab enhancement minor
#1259 osx Padre icon toolbar default should be same as linux (default to true) assigned tome defect minor
#1271 Padre::Plugin::Plack, fix for missing version, api change assigned submersible_toaster enhancement minor
#1275 [osx] wxPerl not needed on OSX new tome defect minor
#1279 OSX Unsupported window created of class: NSNavOpenPanel assigned tome defect minor
#1280 Padre::Logger fails when Plugin is reloaded new Alias enhancement minor
#1281 [osx] Could not find system(darwin) default encoding assigned tome defect minor
#1289 Default Project Folder option non-operational on Windows 7 assigned szabgab defect minor
#1290 Cooking up your own colours for controls and backgrounds is Rude! new defect minor
#1302 Deparse feature and Moose new defect minor
#1303 nicer error messages for Deparse new enhancement minor
#1304 unnecessary horizontal scrollbar assigned azawawi defect minor
#1305 Save files in background new enhancement minor
#1325 Backreference substitution not working in Replace dialog new defect minor
#1333 More understandable Settings : Auto Complete Brackets new defect minor
#1335 Double Click Behaviour : Perl sigils and namespace delimiters etc new defect minor
#1339 preferences: theme preview ignores bold elements new defect minor
#1348 Add support for additional keyword lists in Scintilla LexPerl new enhancement minor
#1349 renaming variable names inside regular expressions does not work new defect minor
#1351 Java and C# function list: do not ignore method declarations after line comments new defect minor
#1365 possibility to add plugin actions to the toolbar new enhancement minor
#1373 Double tabs are inseted per tab key new defect minor
#1375 User should be able to configure the run-terminal of his choice in Linux new enhancement minor
#1376 hex <-> decimal conversion locks Padre on large selection new defect minor
#1378 Creating an editor theme file while Padre is running, and then selecting the last Editor Theme in the drop-down box, causes Padre to crash new defect minor
#1381 Preferences dialog: "Indentation" is confusing assigned alias, adamk defect minor
#1392 76_preferences.t fails on Windows assigned szabgab defect minor
#1394 Unexpected program termination when selecting menu items new defect minor
#1395 Expect single click to jump to sub/method on Functions list, but two clicks are required. new enhancement minor
#1417 Debugger hangs with 'Show Local Variables' and very deep data-structures assigned bowtie defect minor
#1418 Plugin manager crashes when opened as user "root" new defect minor
#1424 fileparse(): need a valid pathname at Padre/Task/ line 119 thread 5 new defect minor
#1428 python: support virtual environments new enhancement minor
#1431 Open URL does not validate URL scheme; fails silently. new defect minor
#1443 Printing Source Code from Padre new enhancement minor
#1444 I now have "add", "delete", "commit", "revert" and "status" working for hg and svn in the version control sidebar. assigned azawawi tobyink enhancement minor
#1477 default color scheme is too flickering new enhancement minor
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