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#690 F2 on push - no example assigned azawawi enhancement Context Sensitive Help
#795 Ctrl-Tab is using tab display order rather than last-used order assigned Sewi enhancement editor
#802 Embed a web browser in Padre assigned azawawi enhancement editor
#820 autocompletion triggered on ctrl+tab assigned Sewi defect Autocomplete
#852 Add preference options to Quick Menu Access assigned azawawi enhancement Quick Menu Access
#861 [REPL plugin] does not pass tests. assigned ryan52 defect REPL
#864 [REPL plugin] Devel::REPL::Plugin::MultiLine::PPI does not work with Padre::Plugin::REPL assigned ryan52 defect REPL
#880 allow the Project (directory tree) window to be linked with the editor assigned adamk enhancement Project Browser
#949 [REPL plugin] The REPL window keeps coming up open even though the plugin is not loaded assigned ryan52 defect REPL
#968 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst crash assigned garu defect plugins
#1053 strange behavior of syntax check assigned azawawi defect Syntax Checking
#1075 Padre::Plugin::HG error messages and warnings assigned code4pay defect plugins
#1139 Type of new document assigned azawawi defect editor
#1200 Refactoring tool: replace indirect calls by direct calls assigned azawawi enhancement Refactoring Perl 5
#1284 osx Wx::Scintilla .21_04 causes Padre to scroll poorly assigned azawawi defect Syntax Highlighting
#1309 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst Crash after pressing "New Catalyst Application" assigned garu, azawawi defect plugins
#1310 unable to compile with strawberry perl 5.12.3 assigned szabgab defect installation
#1384 Padre::Plugin::Autoformat not compatible with recent padre assigned jquelin, azawawi defect plugins
#1385 'execute in external window' doesn't work assigned szabgab defect DWIM Perl
#1390 Syntax checking disturbs autocomplete assigned azawawi defect Syntax Checking
#1430 Padre::Plugin::Moose Undefined Subroutine Error on launching Moose Assistant assigned azawawi defect plugins
#1438 DWIMPerl Unable to run Scripts assigned szabgab defect DWIM Perl
#1450 padre not on path after build in Mac OS X 10.8.1 assigned tome, bennie defect OSX
#1457 Not able to install, Padre on Win7 with Active perl 5.14.2 from CPAN assigned defect installation
#57 Show only modules with POD in them accepted submersible_toaster enhancement Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks POD based help
#59 Indexing PODs accepted submersible_toaster enhancement Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks POD based help
#110 Interactive shell accepted ryan52 enhancement Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks REPL
#313 single_instance_start: please bind on UNIX domain socket on systems that support them accepted ryan52 defect Single Instance
#435 Docbrowsers should indicate the source of the file currently displayed accepted waxhead enhancement POD based help
#664 Integrate POD2::FR, POD2::IT and in general any POD2::8 module accepted submersible_toaster enhancement POD based help
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