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#396 Comparing revisions of files new enhancement editor
#1481 Command Line window menu item shown without experimental feature enabled new tome, bennie defect OSX
#116 Collect usage statistics new enhancement editor
#760 Clone and Substitution mode of txt2re new enhancement Regex Editor
#815 Clickable filenames in Console new enhancement editor
#1471 Can I see a call stack? reopened SvenDowideit defect Debugger for Perl 5
#1413 Broken commenting in HTML and CSS in 0.94 new defect editor
#652 Autocomplete: Make Pos1 & End work assigned azawawi enhancement Autocomplete
#1090 Autocomplete bracket with indentation new enhancement Brackets
#722 Allow turning off the individual call-tips one-by one new enhancement Context Sensitive Help
#469 Allow the user to change highlighting for a specific file new enhancement editor
#544 Allow the creation of TOC on some of the web pages new szabgab enhancement website
#1170 Add undo to the regex editor new enhancement Regex Editor
#779 Add support for Template Toolkit files new enhancement Syntax Highlighting
#406 Add searching of 'local' document in docbrowser new enhancement POD based help
#852 Add preference options to Quick Menu Access assigned azawawi enhancement Quick Menu Access
#605 Add cross reference functionality to Padre new enhancement Source Navigation
#933 Add command key equivalent to save "command-S" new enhancement editor
#546 Add a link to documentation on the main web site new szabgab enhancement website
#1464 Add a Debug Launch dialogue new SvenDowideit enhancement Debugger for Perl 5
#563 Add Sample perl scripts + tutorial that comes with Padre new szabgab enhancement Context Sensitive Help
#561 Add SVN post commit hook to generate docs in HTML format new szabgab enhancement website
#1054 Add BioPerl templates to Padre new enhancement editor
#503 Action Toolbar vanishes in fullscreen mode. new defect editor
#1437 100% CPU when idling new adamk defect performance
#1506 0.98 is broken new defect installation
#1133 ./dev can not be run on the branch new defect development
#1385 'execute in external window' doesn't work assigned szabgab defect DWIM Perl
#1087 "Show Value Now" should be displayed in a read-only text box new enhancement editor
#1192 "Fold all" does not fold all new defect Visual Editor Effects
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