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#1354 put a README.txt file in the .padre directory new enhancement not classified yet
#1355 Padre should either remember per-tab search terms, or support search for the last search term new defect not classified yet
#1356 gray out "Open All/Clear Recent Files" if the list is empty new enhancement not classified yet
#1358 make status bar interactive new enhancement not classified yet
#1372 Setting indent option zaps main menu new defect not classified yet
#1511 Project Skeleton Generation not working in Win32 new defect not classified yet
#1437 100% CPU when idling new adamk defect performance
#225 Padre::Plugin::Vi No Difference Between the Cursors Of Normal Mode and Insert Mode new defect plugins
#227 Padre::Plugin::Vi Not all movements work with "d" new defect plugins
#395 DBI or SQL Plugin new enhancement plugins
#635 Parrot: F2 help new szabgab enhancement plugins
#650 Parrot: make it work with installed parrot as well new szabgab enhancement plugins
#730 PopularityContest: Collect more detailed data new enhancement plugins
#731 PopularityContest: Transmit collected data new enhancement plugins
#968 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst crash assigned garu defect plugins
#1071 Padre::Plugin::Dancer plugin new enhancement plugins
#1074 Org-Mode new enhancement plugins
#1075 Padre::Plugin::HG error messages and warnings assigned code4pay defect plugins
#1309 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst Crash after pressing "New Catalyst Application" assigned garu, azawawi defect plugins
#1384 Padre::Plugin::Autoformat not compatible with recent padre assigned jquelin, azawawi defect plugins
#1430 Padre::Plugin::Moose Undefined Subroutine Error on launching Moose Assistant assigned azawawi defect plugins
#1451 cant activate plugins as root user new defect plugins
#509 Create howto articles new szabgab enhancement website
#519 Create a page listing the features of Padre new szabgab task website
#540 external bugtracking systems and contacts new szabgab enhancement website
#544 Allow the creation of TOC on some of the web pages new szabgab enhancement website
#546 Add a link to documentation on the main web site new szabgab enhancement website
#561 Add SVN post commit hook to generate docs in HTML format new szabgab enhancement website
#827 Fix the web site generation code new szabgab defect website
#1062 add a search function to the website new szabgab enhancement website
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