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#380 jump between opening and closing tags in XML/HTML new enhancement editor
#376 jump to last edit location new enhancement editor
#1358 make status bar interactive new enhancement not classified yet
#508 make sure the ppm builder of ActiveState can handle Padre new enhancement downstream
#515 offsite reports of Jonathan Scott Duff new defect editor
#244 open file, remember path new enhancement Basic Editor Features
#1105 opening non-existing file - strange warning message new defect editor
#1284 osx Wx::Scintilla .21_04 causes Padre to scroll poorly assigned azawawi defect Syntax Highlighting
#1450 padre not on path after build in Mac OS X 10.8.1 assigned tome, bennie defect OSX
#1346 patch/diff dialog should be resizable new defect not classified yet
#454 poor UI in save prompt dialog reopened defect editor
#1066 problems with Japanese encodings on Windows new defect editor
#818 project detection is done in multiple places, refactor needed new enhancement Project Management
#548 provide help on $_[0] (in Perl 5) assigned azawawi enhancement Context Sensitive Help
#1354 put a README.txt file in the .padre directory new enhancement not classified yet
#725 remember folding state when reopening files. new enhancement Visual Editor Effects
#413 remove beginner mode new task editor
#991 rename project-wide variable/function name new enhancement Refactoring Perl 5
#1027 save file with .pl extension by default? reopened waxhead enhancement Basic Editor Features
#1217 save session automatically new enhancement Session Management
#1046 script-based generation of binary packages new szabgab enhancement admin
#71 search within a function new enhancement Search and Replace
#1347 separate patch and diff functionality new enhancement not classified yet
#313 single_instance_start: please bind on UNIX domain socket on systems that support them accepted ryan52 defect Single Instance
#683 steal ideas from TextWrangler new enhancement editor
#1053 strange behavior of syntax check assigned azawawi defect Syntax Checking
#1057 support GVFS on Linux and *BSD new enhancement editor
#1026 synchronized horizontal split new enhancement Split View
#1310 unable to compile with strawberry perl 5.12.3 assigned szabgab defect installation
#308 variable name completition new enhancement Autocomplete
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