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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#1054 Add BioPerl templates to Padre new major editor
#1055 Expand the notion of a "project" in Padre new major Project Management
#1056 Open URL dialog should show which URL types are supported new major Remote Editing
#1057 support GVFS on Linux and *BSD new major editor
#1062 add a search function to the website new szabgab major website
#1071 Padre::Plugin::Dancer plugin new major plugins
#1072 Regex editor: help button new major Regex Editor
#1074 Org-Mode new major plugins
#1087 "Show Value Now" should be displayed in a read-only text box new major editor
#1090 Autocomplete bracket with indentation new major Brackets
#1092 force save file when file is read only new major editor
#1098 common configuration setting "ignore directories" for Find in Files, Open Resource, Project Browser new major editor
#1103 Jump to the beginning and the end of the current subroutine new major editor
#1108 Rectangular editing / column mode / vertical selection / box selection new major editor
#1112 Remember manually selected mime-type - "View Document As" new major Basic Editor Features
#1113 Padre defaults for students (beginners in general?) new major downstream
#1114 Open Selection: create non-existing files reopened major Open Selection
#1115 Filter through Perl: use Padre's editor component new major Super Grep
#1128 Filter through Perl: improvements new major Super Grep
#1146 help system with example (reference with autoitscript) new major editor
#1170 Add undo to the regex editor new major Regex Editor
#1172 Integrate the Recent File feature with the command line window new major Command Line Window
#1200 Refactoring tool: replace indirect calls by direct calls assigned azawawi major Refactoring Perl 5
#1201 Refactoring tool for Perl::Critic rules new major Refactoring Perl 5
#1217 save session automatically new major Session Management
#1252 Show various Perl related environment information new major not classified yet
#1311 Use additional mouse buttons new major editor
#1331 Specially Handle Escaped characters new major Syntax Highlighting
#1332 Go to Prev/Next Cursor Position new major editor
#1347 separate patch and diff functionality new major not classified yet
#1350 Function list: support "private functions last" for all programming languages new major not classified yet
#1354 put a README.txt file in the .padre directory new major not classified yet
#1356 gray out "Open All/Clear Recent Files" if the list is empty new major not classified yet
#1358 make status bar interactive new major not classified yet
#1442 Perl-Arguments : startup options per file new major Debugger for Perl 5
#1463 context help could be a tiny bit more brilliant new major Context Sensitive Help
#1464 Add a Debug Launch dialogue new SvenDowideit major Debugger for Perl 5
#105 recover files when padre has crashed new critical editor
#522 Make it easy for newcomers to join the project new szabgab critical website
#743 No option for hooking up <STDIN> in Padre assigned szabgab critical Run
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