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#685 Fix TDD flow in Padre Testing assigned azawawi task critical
#116 Collect usage statistics new enhancement major
#308 variable name completition new enhancement major
#610 Create and distribute Win32 sample scripts new enhancement major
#613 Copy Ultraedit's "file dissapeared" semantics new enhancement major
#616 Recognize and explain when user mixes $x, %x and @x new enhancement major
#635 Parrot: F2 help new szabgab enhancement major
#648 beginner error: do not use $a and $b outside of sort new enhancement major
#650 Parrot: make it work with installed parrot as well new szabgab enhancement major
#652 Autocomplete: Make Pos1 & End work assigned azawawi enhancement major
#657 add level of difficulty field to tickets on trac new szabgab enhancement major
#662 Toggle view of POD documentation new enhancement major
#664 Integrate POD2::FR, POD2::IT and in general any POD2::8 module accepted submersible_toaster enhancement major
#665 include pod translations in Stand Alone Padre new enhancement major
#680 Make readonly files visually distinct via different background assigned alias, adamk enhancement major
#683 steal ideas from TextWrangler new enhancement major
#689 F2 help on foreach is missing assigned azawawi enhancement major
#690 F2 on push - no example assigned azawawi enhancement major
#622 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst feature assigned garu enhancement minor
#641 Escape doesn't search or search/replace dialog when focused on editor new defect minor
#645 Lexically rename variable changes the screen position dramatically (and shouldn't have to) new defect minor
#684 Need explanation about this code. new enhancement minor
#646 the prereq Test::NoWarnings hides warnings in Makefile.PL assigned szabgab defect frozen
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