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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1048 file/directory browser new enhancement major
#1054 Add BioPerl templates to Padre new enhancement major
#1055 Expand the notion of a "project" in Padre new enhancement major
#1056 Open URL dialog should show which URL types are supported new enhancement major
#1057 support GVFS on Linux and *BSD new enhancement major
#1062 add a search function to the website new szabgab enhancement major
#1066 problems with Japanese encodings on Windows new defect major
#1071 Padre::Plugin::Dancer plugin new enhancement major
#1072 Regex editor: help button new enhancement major
#1074 Org-Mode new enhancement major
#1040 Padre::Plugin::Vi Crash on activating and de-activating plugin new defect minor
#1043 odd behavior of regex Find new defect minor
#1052 color picker plugin new enhancement minor
#1058 Open file via SFTP new enhancement minor
#1069 add an option to ignore commented out regions in document statistics new enhancement minor
#1077 Padre::Plugin::Alarm does not show set alarms new enhancement minor
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