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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1098 common configuration setting "ignore directories" for Find in Files, Open Resource, Project Browser new enhancement major
#1103 Jump to the beginning and the end of the current subroutine new enhancement major
#1105 opening non-existing file - strange warning message new defect major
#1106 Perl/Create Projects Tagfile cause Padre to freeze new defect major
#1108 Rectangular editing / column mode / vertical selection / box selection new enhancement major
#1112 Remember manually selected mime-type - "View Document As" new enhancement major
#1113 Padre defaults for students (beginners in general?) new enhancement major
#1097 syntax highlighting/plugin for INI files new enhancement minor
#1111 edit color scheme new enhancement minor
#1118 "Stop Execution" should be available in the Output pane's context menu new enhancement minor
#1120 project browser should update itself via polling new enhancement minor
#1123 "Stop Execution" and "Run" should somehow indicate in the Output window how the script terminated new enhancement minor
#1134 refactoring: reference/dereference new enhancement minor
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