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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#140 reordering tabs does not change their order with ctrl+tab (none) defect minor External dependency
#191 could not find encoding on OS X 10.5, fails tests tome, bennie defect major editor
#255 Ctrl for hotkeys should be disabled on OS X tome defect major editor
#273 Plugin cache needs to be invalidated when a new (version of a) plugin has been installed szabgab defect major editor
#390 Copy and Paste onto highlighted text defect critical editor
#399 Stand-alone executabel of Padre for Linux Alias defect major downstream
#646 the prereq Test::NoWarnings hides warnings in Makefile.PL szabgab defect frozen editor
#745 [Perl 5 syntax highlighting] delimiter used in extended regular expressions displays wrong azawawi defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#820 autocompletion triggered on ctrl+tab Sewi defect major Autocomplete
#861 [REPL plugin] does not pass tests. ryan52 defect major REPL
#862 Padre::Plugin::REPL Can't locate object method "menu_actions" ryan52 defect minor plugins
#864 [REPL plugin] Devel::REPL::Plugin::MultiLine::PPI does not work with Padre::Plugin::REPL ryan52 defect major REPL
#949 [REPL plugin] The REPL window keeps coming up open even though the plugin is not loaded ryan52 defect major REPL
#968 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst crash garu defect major plugins
#1053 strange behavior of syntax check azawawi defect major Syntax Checking
#1075 Padre::Plugin::HG error messages and warnings code4pay defect major plugins
#1125 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst warning when closing Catalyst panel garu defect minor plugins
#1139 Type of new document azawawi defect major editor
#1175 padre goes crazy and does not allow saving file after a few seconds azawawi defect critical editor
#1191 Disable highligher during mass open azawawi defect trivial Syntax Highlighting
#1236 test expects directory Documents in home directory azawawi defect minor Syntax Checking
#1259 osx Padre icon toolbar default should be same as linux (default to true) tome defect minor Basic Editor Features
#1279 OSX Unsupported window created of class: NSNavOpenPanel tome defect minor OSX
#1281 [osx] Could not find system(darwin) default encoding tome defect minor OSX
#1284 osx Wx::Scintilla .21_04 causes Padre to scroll poorly azawawi defect major Syntax Highlighting
#1289 Default Project Folder option non-operational on Windows 7 szabgab defect minor Preference System
#1304 unnecessary horizontal scrollbar azawawi defect minor not classified yet
#1309 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst Crash after pressing "New Catalyst Application" garu, azawawi defect major plugins
#1310 unable to compile with strawberry perl 5.12.3 szabgab defect major installation
#1364 Padre::Plugin::Vi - Crashed while loading szabgab defect critical plugins
#1381 Preferences dialog: "Indentation" is confusing alias, adamk defect minor Preference System
#1384 Padre::Plugin::Autoformat not compatible with recent padre jquelin, azawawi defect major plugins
#1385 'execute in external window' doesn't work szabgab defect major DWIM Perl
#1390 Syntax checking disturbs autocomplete azawawi defect major Syntax Checking
#1392 76_preferences.t fails on Windows szabgab defect minor DWIM Perl
#1417 Debugger hangs with 'Show Local Variables' and very deep data-structures bowtie defect minor Debugger for Perl 5
#1422 missing perl58.dl szabgab defect trivial DWIM Perl
#1430 Padre::Plugin::Moose Undefined Subroutine Error on launching Moose Assistant azawawi defect major plugins
#1438 DWIMPerl Unable to run Scripts szabgab defect major DWIM Perl
#1450 padre not on path after build in Mac OS X 10.8.1 tome, bennie defect major OSX
#1457 Not able to install, Padre on Win7 with Active perl 5.14.2 from CPAN defect major installation
#1488 CPAN-Explorer Search - always stays empty azawawi defect minor CPAN Module Installer
#52 catch common errors by beginners azawawi enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Identify Common Errors
#81 diffs! azawawi enhancement major editor
#90 Just an idea: integrate Dist::Zilla for project management azawawi enhancement trivial editor
#183 change font size in other windows as well azawawi enhancement major editor
#306 Cycle through tabs (ctrl-tab) in most-recently-used order Sewi enhancement minor editor
#319 highlight # TODO azawawi enhancement minor TODO List
#383 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck Add to dictionary bowtie enhancement minor plugins
#384 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck allow replacing a word by typing in a new word bowtie enhancement minor plugins
#496 Show list of available functions and methods azawawi enhancement major editor
#502 code analyzis: find code not in subs, rearrange code azawawi enhancement major Refactoring Perl 5
#526 Explain idomatic perl what is !! (in Perl 5) azawawi enhancement minor Context Sensitive Help
#534 Make beginner-error checks cool azawawi enhancement major Identify Common Errors
#548 provide help on $_[0] (in Perl 5) azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#577 F2 should be able to explain what is a scalar variable azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#622 Padre::Plugin::Catalyst feature garu enhancement minor plugins
#652 Autocomplete: Make Pos1 & End work azawawi enhancement major Autocomplete
#680 Make readonly files visually distinct via different background alias, adamk enhancement major editor
#689 F2 help on foreach is missing azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#690 F2 on push - no example azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#707 Don't show unncecessary windows adamk enhancement minor editor
#743 No option for hooking up <STDIN> in Padre szabgab enhancement critical Run
#795 Ctrl-Tab is using tab display order rather than last-used order Sewi enhancement major editor
#802 Embed a web browser in Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#829 Switch if-Syntax azawawi enhancement minor editor
#852 Add preference options to Quick Menu Access azawawi enhancement major Quick Menu Access
#880 allow the Project (directory tree) window to be linked with the editor adamk enhancement major Project Browser
#893 Proper plural handling with Wx::gettext() zenogantner enhancement minor External dependency
#899 (wishlist) Preferences: Use regex editor for the TODO regex azawawi enhancement minor Regex Editor
#992 refactoring: list conversions azawawi enhancement minor Refactoring Perl 5
#1000 Run Parameters: Possible extensions SvenDowideit enhancement minor editor
#1200 Refactoring tool: replace indirect calls by direct calls azawawi enhancement major Refactoring Perl 5
#1271 Padre::Plugin::Plack, fix for missing version, api change submersible_toaster enhancement minor plugins
#1411 Remove value from display bowtie enhancement trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#1444 I now have "add", "delete", "commit", "revert" and "status" working for hg and svn in the version control sidebar. azawawi tobyink enhancement minor Integrated Version Control
#685 Fix TDD flow in Padre Testing azawawi task critical plugins
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