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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1126 TODO list: does not immediately show items defect trivial TODO List
#1144 TODO list may jump to the wrong line defect minor TODO List
#1145 TODO List Bug - Closing padre defect minor TODO List
#1369 ToDo Panel Crashes Padre alias defect blocker TODO List
#963 Filename disappears from status defect major Title and Status Bar Personalization
#1104 Show the name of the current subroutine in the status bar enhancement major Title and Status Bar Personalization
#1153 title bar $version defect minor Title and Status Bar Personalization
#61 Add code folding enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Visual Editor Effects
#1189 Add "fold all" and "unfold all" menu options enhancement major Visual Editor Effects
#1190 Add "fold this" and "unfold this" menu options enhancement minor Visual Editor Effects
#107 Find dialog does not account for localized texts defect major Wx::Perl::Dialog
#298 Padre crashs with language changes and Plugin Manager opened defect major Wx::Perl::Dialog
#559 IRC robot for trac updates szabgab enhancement major admin
#566 remove the Padre planet (blogs) szabgab enhancement major admin
#714 [Windows] Have a script to make binary. azawawi task major admin
#953 Hyppolit should report changes to the trac wiki szabgab enhancement minor admin
#1196 New wiki Component required. szabgab enhancement minor admin
#691 Extract subroutined does not work if there is no subroutine in the code already waxhead defect major advanced perl tools
#1002 "Quick fix" feature on plain text document leads to error output on console defect minor advanced perl tools
#1156 syntax check strangeness azawawi defect minor advanced perl tools
#585 Implement a Perl Critic test script enhancement major development
#1267 dummy package to negate warning: DIE: Can't locate Wx/Loader/ in @INC szabgab enhancement minor development
#1340 DIE: Error while autoloading Wx Constant at /usr/src/Padre/Padre/lib/Padre/Wx/ line 144 Alias enhancement major development
#33 Make it compile nicely on Fedora task major downstream
#170 unset DISPLAY defect minor downstream
#248 timeline-*.pl scripts need no #!/usr/bin/perl defect trivial downstream
#249 gnome icons copyright defect major downstream
#250 eg/hangman.p6 distributed without permission defect minor downstream
#256 Padre 0.25 leaking into CPAN index defect minor downstream
#271 padre 0.22 leaking into cpan index task minor downstream
#294 Linux binary fails to start with 0.33 defect major downstream
#493 splash image license not suitable for Debian defect major downstream
#570 pwhich is broken in Padre standalone adamk defect major downstream
#572 Padre standalone: Eliminate the black console window from when running Padre. defect major downstream
#659 Failed to run CPAN installed Padre - " cannot open shared object file" defect major downstream
#710 share/doc/perlopref.pod missing author/license azawawi defect critical downstream
#1 Improve load time somebody defect minor editor
#2 Improve search szabgab enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#3 In "open file" show filenames without extension as well defect major editor
#5 Allow for changing font size enhancement major editor
#9 reuse empty unsaved buffer enhancement major editor
#13 Define API to add more menu options and plugins enhancement major editor
#14 Move between the editor and the output window with some hot-key enhancement major editor
#17 Clever TAB (real tab in the beginning, spaces after?) enhancement major editor
#18 vi-mode enhancement major editor
#20 Default file type for new unsaved buffers? enhancement major editor
#21 Menu options to create various specialized new files - file templates enhancement major editor
#24 Always save full path in opened-files history defect major editor
#25 Saving files when closing the application enhancement major editor
#26 Comment out a section of code enhancement major editor
#27 Keep the size of the output window defect major editor
#29 Add autocompletion enhancement major editor
#30 Allow comment out as a right-click on the mouse enhancement major editor
#35 no image handler for type 9 defined defect major editor
#36 Add hex view mode enhancement major editor
#38 pastebin or perlmonks or mailing list integration enhancement major editor
#39 File::Copy::Recursive Dependency defect major editor
#40 jump to function definition enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#41 line endings szabgab enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#42 Drag and drop file open enhancement minor editor
#43 Open multiple files from OS "open file" dialog enhancement minor editor
#44 Auto-indent enhancement minor editor
#46 Tab reordering enhancement minor editor
#47 Tab close buttons enhancement trivial editor
#48 Logo ideas task minor editor
#49 Customisable path to perl enhancement minor editor
#53 when no file is open and context sensitive help crashes Padre defect critical editor
#54 Refreshing the function list on save enhancement minor editor
#55 recognize when file is changed on disk enhancement major editor
#68 Move the plugin code to its own class defect major editor
#69 Automatically chdir to the perl script enhancement major editor
#72 Sub name navigation and text searching broken for UTF8-containing files defect major editor
#74 Padre pretends to save read-only files szabgab defect major editor
#75 Not obvious how to start padre under Windows gabor defect critical editor
#76 Run Script ends in failure(padre0.12) defect major editor
#77 Cannot open with Padre defect minor editor
#79 padre --index dies defect major editor
#83 Hangs install on OSX from CPAN defect major editor
#84 save as should update document type and syntax highlighting defect major editor
#85 fix a bug (open many window for 1 file) defect major editor
#86 possibility to wrap a paragraph intelligently defect major editor
#87 Small patch for enhancing the tabs enhancement major editor
#92 Localization patch and german translation enhancement major editor
#93 wxNotebook/wxAuiNotebook incompatibility defect major editor
#94 Allow execution of extensionless files enhancement major editor
#98 line-wrapping enhancement major editor
#99 Allow user to configure toolbar enhancement major editor
#100 Enable/Disable the subs window via View menu enhancement major editor
#102 More gettext corrections defect major editor
#103 MIME type patch for enhancement major editor
#104 padre crashes when running ack defect major editor
#106 preference "use tabs" is not saved defect minor editor
#108 indent goodness enhancement major editor
#112 HTML export enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks editor
#114 Show/hide the list of subs window enhancement major editor
#118 Error on startup w/Danish settings defect minor editor
#121 if the subs window is closed Edit/Subs or Alt-S should open it enhancement major editor
#122 Alt-n mechnism gives warnings defect major editor
#123 Save Session / Load Session jquelin enhancement major editor
#125 Menu: Open all recent files enhancement minor editor
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