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#1110 Find dialog should not be a modal window defect major Search and Replace
#1122 Save intuition should recognize more test scripts enhancement major editor
#1132 missing strings in 'messages.pot' defect major editor
#1137 Translation of programming languages may break preferences in the same language defect major editor
#1138 Padre single instance server not working defect major Single Instance
#1143 Recent file list is late by one file defect major editor
#1147 windows 7 dual style, import style problem defect major editor
#1148 Padre crashes when trying to open a file via File/Recent Files defect major editor
#1149 Goto (Edit/ Go To) accepts non numeric values defect major editor
#1163 Migrate Style from View Menu to Preferences claudio enhancement major editor
#1167 Some @INC manipulation seems to be incorrect in Padre defect major editor
#1168 Allow plugins to hook into the on_save method enhancement major editor
#1173 Padre homepage navigation needs refactoring szabgab defect major website
#1180 corrupt stash.yml conflicts with YAML::Tiny szabgab defect major website
#1182 Crash when enabling plugin defect major plugins
#1184 Perl help browser suppresses linebreaks defect major editor
#1189 Add "fold all" and "unfold all" menu options enhancement major Visual Editor Effects
#1195 Padre scroll up file to start on save(Ctrl+S) event defect major Source Navigation
#1199 WinXP - Arabic and Hebrew interface - the text in "About" is displayed mirrored (horizontally flipped) defect major not classified yet
#1203 CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser) hides errors defect major Syntax Checking
#1206 Package 'main' lost in outline if followed by another package defect major Outline
#1207 PluginHooks not removed after plugin reload/disable Alias, szabgab, Sewi, waxhead defect major plugins
#1210 76-preferences.t fails while passing all the tests szabgab defect major Automated Build and Test
#1237 [Wx::Scintilla] does not always update line/column numbers in the status bar defect major not classified yet
#1238 Preferences dialog does not react to Esc key defect major not classified yet
#1239 Padre::Plugin::PerlTidy, patch for using perltidyrc from trunk/tools when in dev azawawi enhancement major plugins
#1240 Changed preferences are lost when advanced is clicked claudio defect major Preference System
#1242 Autoindent broken when using Wx::Scintilla defect major not classified yet
#1243 Error message when plugin overrides document class (happens anyway); document classes lose default after plugin deactivation defect major plugins
#1251 Edit Session Description on Save Session, needs to be applied to trunk bowtie enhancement major Session Management
#1253 Update Plugin Version in Config.DB for enabled plugins only, please add to trunk :) bowtie enhancement major plugins
#1264 Padre::Plugin::Swarm missing dependency does not run!!! submersible_toaster defect major plugins
#1266 Padre::Plugin::PerlCritic, fix for missing version azawawi enhancement major plugins
#1272 Padre crashes on Save, OS X 10.6.7 tome defect major not classified yet
#1278 Padre::Plugin::LaTeX, fix for missing version & some :) zenog defect major plugins
#1283 Downward scrolling causes every 3rd line to blank, intermittently, but consistently. defect major editor
#1285 osx test failure - xt/mimetype.t fails on osx Lion tome defect major not classified yet
#1297 Ubuntu Natty: default font is not monospaced defect major not classified yet
#1313 Search previous button acts as next defect major not classified yet
#1314 syntax checker cannot deal with abs_path($0) ? defect major Syntax Checking
#1323 Wx::Scintilla missing methods defect major not classified yet
#1324 One of our features is missing... Skelton Build or Module::Starter adamk enhancement major Skeleton Generation
#1330 Enhanced TODO? enhancement major not classified yet
#1340 DIE: Error while autoloading Wx Constant at /usr/src/Padre/Padre/lib/Padre/Wx/ line 144 Alias enhancement major development
#1341 Wx-Scintilla build fails on wxWidgets 2.8.10 defect major not classified yet
#1353 warning when accessing context menu azawawi defect major not classified yet
#1361 Find/replace crashes Padre defect major not classified yet
#1368 Debug::Client tests fail against perl-5.15.6 (2 of n) bowtie defect major Debug::Client
#1374 when you open a file that is not in a Padre Session or Perl project adamk defect major editor
#1393 test 14_warnings.t fails under cpanm set's $ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING} true adamk, azawawi defect major installation
#1399 calculation of position of cursor position in status is wrong defect major editor
#1409 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck 1.24 appiers to work with out Text::[Hun|A]spell installed bowtie defect major plugins
#1432 task manager test segfaults with DBI >= 1.619 alias, adamk defect major Automated Build and Test
#1439 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck off by a few characters bowtie defect major plugins
#1441 broken links on the documentation page szabgab defect major website
#1447 Recreation of deleted file defect major editor
#1448 Padre::Plugin::My Right-clicking in Editor window crashes Padre (instead of showing context menu) defect major plugins
#1449 Padre::Plugin::Git crash(es) happen in Padre::PluginManager::on_context_menu ryan52, kaare, chorny enhancement major plugins
#1460 File menu bar disappeared on Preferences Saved adamk, alias, bowtie defect major Preference System
#1461 wxformbuilder in ubuntu is too old defect major not classified yet
#1469 Debug::Client 0.21_12 hangs on Windows bowtie, szabgab defect major Debug::Client
#1483 toggling breakpoints while debugger is running takes no effect SvenDowideit defect major not classified yet
#1485 debugger RAW command does not update state properly bowtie defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1494 Debug-Client-0.24 tests hang bowtie, szabgab defect major Debug::Client
#1504 Padre 0.98 install fails in t/12_mime.t defect major installation
#1 Improve load time somebody defect minor editor
#42 Drag and drop file open enhancement minor editor
#43 Open multiple files from OS "open file" dialog enhancement minor editor
#44 Auto-indent enhancement minor editor
#46 Tab reordering enhancement minor editor
#48 Logo ideas task minor editor
#49 Customisable path to perl enhancement minor editor
#54 Refreshing the function list on save enhancement minor editor
#66 Add support for plugins loaded from within PAR files enhancement minor plugins
#67 Ctrl-P/Ctrl-N autocompletion tsee enhancement minor Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Autocomplete
#77 Cannot open with Padre defect minor editor
#106 preference "use tabs" is not saved defect minor editor
#118 Error on startup w/Danish settings defect minor editor
#125 Menu: Open all recent files enhancement minor editor
#126 Menu: clean recent file list enhancement minor editor
#148 Use consistent coding style in padre sources jquelin task minor editor
#152 Reset My Plugin enhancement minor Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#153 Change plugin to defect minor editor
#155 error if passed a non-existent filename defect minor editor
#170 unset DISPLAY defect minor downstream
#181 choose syntax highlighting dynamically enhancement minor editor
#184 GUI for find enhancement minor Super Grep
#188 style night don't see the cursor azawawi defect minor editor
#202 status line on the wrong location azawawi defect minor editor
#215 Enable user-level configuration options to disable entire features enhancement minor Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#216 padre uses lots of memory defect minor editor
#218 Padre failed to start on Czech MS WinXP Pro SP3 defect minor editor
#236 Add auto completitions of brackets when first bracket is typed claudio enhancement minor Brackets
#238 Add tools to improve the programmers enhancement minor editor
#247 bad/missing whatis entries of some man pages defect minor editor
#250 eg/hangman.p6 distributed without permission defect minor downstream
#256 Padre 0.25 leaking into CPAN index defect minor downstream
#266 Padre Requires A CMD Window (WinXP) azawawi enhancement minor editor
#271 padre 0.22 leaking into cpan index task minor downstream
#274 no document open => run any kind of Padre::Task::PPI::* => die() tsee defect minor editor
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