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#1353 warning when accessing context menu azawawi defect major not classified yet
#1361 Find/replace crashes Padre defect major not classified yet
#1368 Debug::Client tests fail against perl-5.15.6 (2 of n) bowtie defect major Debug::Client
#1374 when you open a file that is not in a Padre Session or Perl project adamk defect major editor
#1393 test 14_warnings.t fails under cpanm set's $ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING} true adamk, azawawi defect major installation
#1399 calculation of position of cursor position in status is wrong defect major editor
#1409 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck 1.24 appiers to work with out Text::[Hun|A]spell installed bowtie defect major plugins
#1432 task manager test segfaults with DBI >= 1.619 alias, adamk defect major Automated Build and Test
#1439 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck off by a few characters bowtie defect major plugins
#1441 broken links on the documentation page szabgab defect major website
#1447 Recreation of deleted file defect major editor
#1448 Padre::Plugin::My Right-clicking in Editor window crashes Padre (instead of showing context menu) defect major plugins
#1449 Padre::Plugin::Git crash(es) happen in Padre::PluginManager::on_context_menu ryan52, kaare, chorny enhancement major plugins
#1460 File menu bar disappeared on Preferences Saved adamk, alias, bowtie defect major Preference System
#1461 wxformbuilder in ubuntu is too old defect major not classified yet
#1469 Debug::Client 0.21_12 hangs on Windows bowtie, szabgab defect major Debug::Client
#1483 toggling breakpoints while debugger is running takes no effect SvenDowideit defect major not classified yet
#1485 debugger RAW command does not update state properly bowtie defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1494 Debug-Client-0.24 tests hang bowtie, szabgab defect major Debug::Client
#1504 Padre 0.98 install fails in t/12_mime.t defect major installation
#53 when no file is open and context sensitive help crashes Padre defect critical editor
#75 Not obvious how to start padre under Windows gabor defect critical editor
#147 improve load time when there are many files to open enhancement critical editor
#154 fails to launch on OS X defect critical editor
#156 Padre 0.17 doesn't display anything regarding UTF-8 encoded files. defect critical editor
#160 [PATCH] Save fails under wxMac defect critical editor
#187 padre does not install on strawberry perl with perl 5.10 defect critical editor
#190 Massive GDI object leakages defect critical editor
#200 Status bar gets disabled defect critical editor
#223 padre does not close defect critical editor
#228 preference, settings, etc. *not* saved / restored defect critical editor
#286 Rewrite the code for the right click context menu to care about CONTEXT enhancement critical editor
#287 Crashing Padre badly with a simple recipe defect critical editor
#312 Max one outline job per document at a time defect critical Outline
#370 Directory Tree state is destroyed on refresh defect critical Project Browser
#404 Padre::DocBrowser::POD 0.37 contains syntax that is only available in perl 5.10.0, so will not pass t\00-compile.t defect critical POD based help
#421 crash: no documents, F3/F4 defect critical editor
#426 active/not-active state of hotkeys do not reflect actual situation defect critical editor
#615 Plugin Exception Catching enhancement critical plugins
#624 cannot type in empty document defect critical editor
#710 share/doc/perlopref.pod missing author/license azawawi defect critical downstream
#756 missing output lines defect critical External dependency
#797 F4 Search error defect critical editor
#803 Non-existant default_project_directory path is fatal at startup defect critical editor
#823 padre crashes when highlighting text with shift+right arrow defect critical editor
#845 Padre assumes incorrect location of scripts defect critical editor
#848 [PerlTidy plugin] Tidy plugin leaves blocking grey box defect critical editor
#850 Padre crashes on warning output defect critical editor
#855 Error in running script in Padre causes crash... waxhead defect critical editor
#856 Vista: The Advanced Preferences dialog dings annoyingly azawawi defect critical editor
#863 Continous warnings or prints kill Padre azawawi defect critical External dependency
#888 Padre crashing when looking for bookmark defect critical editor
#948 Padre crashing on ctrl and double click (left up) kthakore enhancement critical editor
#966 Directory browser showing nothing or wrong data Alias defect critical editor
#983 Create a setting for turning off blinking within Padres Editor waxhead enhancement critical editor
#1061 Padre::Plugin::Git crash when doing of file/dir with a working directory that is not under version control by git defect critical plugins
#1068 Padre Task manager fails to run tasks after stress testing it defect critical editor
#1109 PPI Lexer crash when loading file defect critical Syntax Highlighting
#1178 Closing docviewer crashes Padre defect critical POD based help
#1224 LICENCE (LICENSE) waxhead defect critical not classified yet
#1234 Padre::Plugin::My - Not compatible with Padre 0.86 szabgab defect critical plugins
#1248 Directory Browser Crash on deleted item defect critical Project Browser
#1263 Padre::Plugin::Nopaste Loads but don't run!!!! chorny defect critical plugins
#1265 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder can't find wxfb.png, have to make install, so as to access png, why as it only works againt trunk!!! Alias defect critical plugins
#1268 Padre sometimes crashes on right click in editor window defect critical editor
#1291 Code folding icons missing defect critical editor
#1294 Space in text field for pref "editor_right_margin_colum" stops Padre defect critical Preference System
#1296 FindFast: Ctrl+V doesn't paste into search box defect critical Search and Replace
#1301 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder kills Padre on reload :( Alias defect critical plugins
#1317 Padre 0.90 hangs and then segfaults on i .t file defect critical not classified yet
#1363 Miss depend - File::Slurp defect critical External dependency
#1377 Search dialog claims unsuccessful search even though it was successful alias defect critical not classified yet
#1404 ORLite 1.90 and 1.91 breaks Padre adamk defect critical installation
#1405 Reload of more than one file regression defect critical editor
#159 Mac OSX 10.4 crash on launch defect blocker editor
#197 cannot see names in utf8 (see squares) defect blocker editor
#198 Changing language does not seem to change the title on the "Output" notebook in the lower pane. defect blocker editor
#217 Replace icons with some Debian compatible ones defect blocker editor
#259 file not saved defect blocker editor
#460 Artwork needed for Perl::Dist::Padre enhancement blocker External dependency
#591 Save of new file and Padre thinks it has no name yet defect blocker editor
#625 Padre crashes on save-as .pir defect blocker plugins
#628 Crash on run defect blocker editor
#687 F2 only works once defect blocker editor
#728 Changing locale crashes Padre defect blocker editor
#733 Padre crashes on first menu access defect blocker editor
#750 tab / ctrl+tab do not work anymore waxhead defect blocker editor
#796 Padre Stand alone does not start on Windows after installation azawawi defect blocker External dependency
#801 Syntax Checker Crashes Padre on new document that hasn't been saved azawawi defect blocker editor
#819 crashing padre in 4 steps defect blocker editor
#859 Threads/DBI/SlaveDriver problems defect blocker editor
#866 Threading problem with SQLite? adamk defect blocker editor
#964 tests t/21 to t/28 require a DISPLAY defect blocker editor
#965 High memory & CPU usage defect blocker editor
#1015 "Find in Files" directory selector not implemented adamk defect blocker editor
#1216 Ctrl-F crashes Padre defect blocker Search and Replace
#1218 Ctrl-F now killing X-Windows defect blocker Search and Replace
#1222 Padre crashes on fresh install (where-from-dialog) defect blocker editor
#1246 View -> View as -> Text not working defect blocker not classified yet
#1286 Too many newlines pressing ENTER on a blank line defect blocker editor
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