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#32 Include a setup that will make it easy to develop Web 2.0 applications enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks plugins
#80 Plugin or core functionality for editing the contents of ZIP files enhancement minor plugins
#177 plugin for html::template enhancement minor plugins
#196 Padre::Plugin::Parrot plugin paths into config file szabgab, azawawi, Alias defect trivial plugins
#463 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck crashing after finsihing defect major plugins
#738 Use Parrot for PHP highlighting, if possible defect major plugins
#828 Padre::Plugin editor_disable plugin hook missing? defect major plugins
#854 Plugin localisation not showing up defect minor plugins
#874 got squiggly and black backgroundcolor on all lines defect minor plugins
#1038 crash when activating plug-in as user 'root' defect minor plugins
#1076 Padre::Plugin::Alarm cannot play alarm sound under Ubuntu fayland, azawawi defect major plugins
#1213 Make sure the docs in Padre::Plugin match the example in Padre::Plugin::My szabgab defect major plugins
#1270 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck, fix for missing version jquelin, azawawi enhancement minor plugins
#1308 Padre-Plugin-FormBuilder has a really minor test failure when run on linux Alias defect trivial plugins
#1386 Padre::Plugin::Vi cannot locate Padre/Wx/ defect trivial plugins
#527 Move part of the text from the trac to the real web site szabgab enhancement major website
#623 list of plugins szabgab enhancement major website
#682 Add a list of actions to the website szabgab enhancement major website
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