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#1121 module starter should have defaults for e-mail address and author name enhancement major editor
#150 more flexible (project aware?) recent files enhancement major editor
#516 offsite reports on the blog of wala lang defect major editor
#334 open selection misnamed defect major Open Selection
#538 outline view info takes too long to refresh defect minor Outline
#177 plugin for html::template enhancement minor plugins
#28 plugin idea: write plugin in Python or Ruby or Javascript task major plugins
#811 possibly copyrighted work without a license (share/languages/perl5/perlapi_current.yml) dam defect major downstream
#272 print option does not work defect major editor
#400 profile view should allow user to create "sections" enhancement major editor
#958 show as hex maxes out a core defect major editor
#115 simple GUI designer Alias enhancement major editor
#643 t/03-wx.t Sometimes fails for unknown reasons defect trivial editor
#1204 use lib not followed defect major Syntax Checking
#676 various things enhancement minor editor
#782 warning when no locale found on Windows defect minor editor
#959 why did Padre allow me to quietly slip a wide char into a plain ascii .pm file defect major editor
#713 write constructor enhancement minor editor
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