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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#62 Var tree enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Outline
#171 FAQ answer szabgab defect major website
#212 Make the Error List available to plugins pshangov defect major editor
#261 When is not available padre crashes on file open defect major editor
#281 TDD using Padre enhancement major Automated Build and Test
#282 Steal from vi enhancement major editor
#451 does not prompt to save document if diff is whitespace only defect major editor
#458 Perl 6 files are not highlighted correctly in UNIX / Win32 format azawawi defect major plugins
#459 Errors are not displayed when Rakudo/PGE colorizer is enabled azawawi defect major plugins
#468 Remember 1000 recent files opened enhancement major editor
#518 Open the config.yml for editing enhancement major editor
#543 gui for grep and ack enhancement major Super Grep
#562 Ruby, PHP, Python highlighting with Parrot szabgab enhancement major plugins
#574 Include the PerlTidy plugin with Padre Standalone enhancement major Perl Tidy
#575 Include the PerlCritic plugin with Padre Standalone enhancement major downstream
#606 Add to Developer plugin "Resize for screenshot" that sets an ideal size enhancement major editor
#658 Functions panel misses functions defect major editor
#716 there is no way to change drive over the "directory" tab on the left defect major editor
#746 regex replace all is overeager zenogantner defect major editor
#805 Command line and gui integration with RAD enhancement major editor
#912 Makefile.PL must remove obsolete files from previous versions (Win32 launcher) dolmen defect major editor
#1013 Special save-all with change track log enhancement major editor
#1021 Find in Files - multiple result sets enhancement major Find in Files
#1079 Presentation in Padre: Vroom support enhancement major plugins
#1174 Skip documentation and/or skip comments when searching enhancement major Search and Replace
#1215 Cannot change the syntax highlighter of Perl 6 defect major Syntax Highlighting
#1227 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder::Perl, patch to add POD to plugin dialogs Alias enhancement major plugins
#251 Disable syntax highlighting after __END__ keyword enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#618 Minimalistic syntax highlighter? enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#636 Filter too strict of Padre CPAN module installer defect minor editor
#651 remove or factor out the @index listing from Padre::HelpProvider::Perl enhancement minor Context Sensitive Help
#876 Typo 3 syntax highlighting azawawi enhancement minor editor
#908 Mouse gestures enhancement minor editor
#936 "use 5.008" does not show up in the outline defect minor Outline
#945 'Functions' tab is (will be) redundant enhancement minor advanced perl tools
#994 PPI syntax highlighter does not highlight some keywords/built-in functions defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#1001 "Save Intuition" should not have a separate menu entry enhancement minor editor
#1277 Folding shortkeys and improvement enhancement minor editor
#288 Close some files menu option enhancement frozen editor
#567 Padre StandAlone uninstall icon enhancement frozen downstream
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