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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#288 Close some files menu option enhancement frozen editor
#567 Padre StandAlone uninstall icon enhancement frozen downstream
#748 Padre 0.50 can not be installed if 0.45 is installed CSJewell defect frozen editor
#47 Tab close buttons enhancement trivial editor
#161 Double-click select should get whole bareword enhancement trivial editor
#196 Padre::Plugin::Parrot plugin paths into config file szabgab, azawawi, Alias defect trivial plugins
#206 Storing the cursor position enhancement trivial editor
#207 Help window - "Back" and "Forward" buttons defect trivial editor
#230 Add "Comment toggle" for source editing claudio enhancement trivial editor
#240 Search dialog loses focus when reopened claudio defect trivial editor
#248 timeline-*.pl scripts need no #!/usr/bin/perl defect trivial downstream
#270 The Edit>Preference menu leads to a "Settings" window enhancement trivial editor
#295 SVN Plugin doesn't check for a defined path defect trivial Integrated Version Control
#358 Directory Tree Browse behaviour defect trivial Project Browser
#389 POD error in Padre::Wx::Main: defect trivial editor
#407 developer garbage on STDOUT submersible_toaster defect trivial editor
#408 --version option therek defect trivial editor
#446 docbrowser: search field too small, too far right enhancement trivial editor
#472 Developer plugin menu should implement 'uptime' report sewi enhancement trivial plugins
#505 SpecialValue is written without a space defect trivial editor
#529 Suggestion: Toolbar buttons for 'Run' and 'Stop' enhancement trivial editor
#593 Padre handles directory seperator different in the recent files dialog getty defect trivial editor
#594 I cant hit F1 on Windows defect trivial editor
#595 F6 (Stop Executing of script) doesnt work with Output window in Windows defect trivial editor
#643 t/03-wx.t Sometimes fails for unknown reasons defect trivial editor
#711 menu code enhancement trivial editor
#718 highlighting bug on qw( first element if its a classname. defect trivial editor
#720 the default copyright year isnt dynamic for a perl module enhancement trivial External dependency
#765 "Run"->"Run Script" on C<print 0;> does not get captured in the Output window defect trivial External dependency
#788 Experimental Stand-alone Padre for Linux archive file name szabgab enhancement trivial editor
#790 Ctrl + Caps Lock reduces font size azawawi defect trivial editor
#837 padre.exe should be able to be placed in c:\strawberry\perl\site\bin azawawi enhancement trivial editor
#976 content of function lists remains after document switch defect trivial editor
#1116 Filter through Perl: use ellipsis in menu entry '...' defect trivial editor
#1124 Session Manager: "Description" column not displayed when all descriptions empty defect trivial editor
#1126 TODO list: does not immediately show items defect trivial TODO List
#1160 Session name refered to as Project name in title bar defect trivial editor
#1164 Useless warning at startup claudio defect trivial editor
#1181 web site mod szabgab enhancement trivial website
#1202 Add separation bar enhancement trivial Automated Build and Test
#1231 Add scroll bar to xterm enhancement trivial editor
#1244 The menu "recent files" is not updated on history updates, only with 1 file delay Sewi defect trivial editor
#1245 Info missing for Wx::Scintilla in Padre System About azawawi defect trivial editor
#1308 Padre-Plugin-FormBuilder has a really minor test failure when run on linux Alias defect trivial plugins
#1322 Fix use of UNIVERSAL in t/collection/Config-Tiny/t/02_main.t defect trivial Basic Editor Features
#1342 new info/about box should have a "Close" button enhancement trivial not classified yet
#1357 "Debugger" menu is shown for non-Perl files alias, adamk defect trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#1382 Preferences dialog: empty pull-down menu alias, adamk defect trivial Preference System
#1386 Padre::Plugin::Vi cannot locate Padre/Wx/ defect trivial plugins
#1389 Breakpoints visual indicators aren't restored on Padre restart bowtie defect trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#1391 Hit unfixed bug in directory browser, disabling it adamk defect trivial Project Browser
#1406 Padre::Plugin::Moose 0.08 cretique as requested azawawi enhancement trivial plugins
#1412 Evaluate Expression in the debugger bowtie enhancement trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#1415 Debugger stepping into anonymous subs may crash Padre bowtie defect trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#1429 POD typo in Padre::Wx::Progress defect trivial POD based help
#1435 outline entries can become padded (too high) when typing 'has' bowtie defect trivial Outline
#1474 UNABLE TO RUN THE PERL SCRIPT THE IN THE PADRE PERL IDE defect trivial Basic Editor Features
#1482 OS X debugger xterm and tome, bennie enhancement trivial OSX
#1487 Padre::Plugin::SSH Unit Test Fails defect trivial plugins
#1 Improve load time somebody defect minor editor
#15 Plugin idea: timestamp files enhancement minor plugins
#42 Drag and drop file open enhancement minor editor
#43 Open multiple files from OS "open file" dialog enhancement minor editor
#44 Auto-indent enhancement minor editor
#45 Find and Replace enhancement minor editor
#46 Tab reordering enhancement minor editor
#48 Logo ideas task minor editor
#49 Customisable path to perl enhancement minor editor
#54 Refreshing the function list on save enhancement minor editor
#66 Add support for plugins loaded from within PAR files enhancement minor plugins
#67 Ctrl-P/Ctrl-N autocompletion tsee enhancement minor Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Autocomplete
#77 Cannot open with Padre defect minor editor
#80 Plugin or core functionality for editing the contents of ZIP files enhancement minor plugins
#106 preference "use tabs" is not saved defect minor editor
#118 Error on startup w/Danish settings defect minor editor
#125 Menu: Open all recent files enhancement minor editor
#126 Menu: clean recent file list enhancement minor editor
#144 Double-click to open new tag enhancement minor editor
#148 Use consistent coding style in padre sources jquelin task minor editor
#152 Reset My Plugin enhancement minor Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#153 Change plugin to defect minor editor
#155 error if passed a non-existent filename defect minor editor
#170 unset DISPLAY defect minor downstream
#177 plugin for html::template enhancement minor plugins
#178 Remove trailing (end-of-line) whitespace and trailing empty lines on saving enhancement minor editor
#181 choose syntax highlighting dynamically enhancement minor editor
#184 GUI for find enhancement minor Super Grep
#188 style night don't see the cursor azawawi defect minor editor
#202 status line on the wrong location azawawi defect minor editor
#215 Enable user-level configuration options to disable entire features enhancement minor Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#216 padre uses lots of memory defect minor editor
#218 Padre failed to start on Czech MS WinXP Pro SP3 defect minor editor
#236 Add auto completitions of brackets when first bracket is typed claudio enhancement minor Brackets
#238 Add tools to improve the programmers enhancement minor editor
#247 bad/missing whatis entries of some man pages defect minor editor
#250 eg/hangman.p6 distributed without permission defect minor downstream
#251 Disable syntax highlighting after __END__ keyword enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#256 Padre 0.25 leaking into CPAN index defect minor downstream
#264 Ctrl-F4 Functionialy Requested enhancement minor editor
#266 Padre Requires A CMD Window (WinXP) azawawi enhancement minor editor
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