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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#139 Improve the speed of PPI (none) enhancement major External dependency
#115 simple GUI designer Alias enhancement major editor
#966 Directory browser showing nothing or wrong data Alias defect critical editor
#1176 Preferences 2.0. Screen is to big Alias defect minor Preference System
#1227 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder::Perl, patch to add POD to plugin dialogs Alias enhancement major plugins
#1260 fix for :- This violates encapsulation Alias enhancement minor editor
#1265 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder can't find wxfb.png, have to make install, so as to access png, why as it only works againt trunk!!! Alias defect critical plugins
#1301 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder kills Padre on reload :( Alias defect critical plugins
#1308 Padre-Plugin-FormBuilder has a really minor test failure when run on linux Alias defect trivial plugins
#1326 Padre-Plugin-PerlTidy and the /a modifier with tools/perltidyrc Alias defect minor Perl Tidy
#1340 DIE: Error while autoloading Wx Constant at /usr/src/Padre/Padre/lib/Padre/Wx/ line 144 Alias enhancement major development
#1337 Tools -> Preferences kills Padre Alias azawawi defect blocker Preference System
#1207 PluginHooks not removed after plugin reload/disable Alias, szabgab, Sewi, waxhead defect major plugins
#748 Padre 0.50 can not be installed if 0.45 is installed CSJewell defect frozen editor
#629 open ticktes for TODO items (and fix them) Chelsea enhancement major editor
#558 Need instructions of how to submitt a fix Joshua Weiss task minor website
#521 Unable to connect to Perl Irc using IE7 JoshuaW defect major website
#927 Autocomplete dialog should not open if there is only one option. Variable should be autocompleted immediately Mutant enhancement minor editor
#409 generic text filter Sewi enhancement major Super Grep
#481 FAIL t/82-plugin-manager.t in trunk@6933 Sewi defect major editor
#608 "beginner mode" error Sewi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#612 Prevent loading the same file twice Sewi defect major editor
#614 Case Insensitive search checkbox is backwards Sewi defect minor editor
#621 Did you know? Startup - notes Sewi enhancement minor editor
#663 Rewritten Win32 launcher Sewi enhancement major editor
#742 Line numbers are shown at startup, but not shown as "enabled" in View menu Sewi defect minor editor
#799 DirectoryBrowser jumps to top on doubleclick Sewi defect major editor
#804 CRTL-Tab Last seen order not quite right Sewi defect major editor
#821 autocompletion triggered even on blank line Sewi defect major Autocomplete
#1223 Cascading complexity for find dialogs (maybe others) Sewi enhancement minor Find in Files
#1244 The menu "recent files" is not updated on history updates, only with 1 file delay Sewi defect trivial editor
#1219 Non-ASCII Character (SPACE) unrecognizeable Supersede defect minor Run
#1483 toggling breakpoints while debugger is running takes no effect SvenDowideit defect major not classified yet
#117 Single Padre running, open file in already running Padre adamk enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre Single Instance
#245 find&replace / *$/ --> <nothing> does not work adamk defect major editor
#533 Alias wants a "rescan plugins" option in the plugin manager adamk enhancement major editor
#570 pwhich is broken in Padre standalone adamk defect major downstream
#778 Prevent accidental spammy Ack/Output processes killing Padre adamk defect major Find in Files
#866 Threading problem with SQLite? adamk defect blocker editor
#1015 "Find in Files" directory selector not implemented adamk defect blocker editor
#1019 Rename variable does not give indication it is working adamk defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#1324 One of our features is missing... Skelton Build or Module::Starter adamk enhancement major Skeleton Generation
#1374 when you open a file that is not in a Padre Session or Perl project adamk defect major editor
#1391 Hit unfixed bug in directory browser, disabling it adamk defect trivial Project Browser
#1404 ORLite 1.90 and 1.91 breaks Padre adamk defect critical installation
#1460 File menu bar disappeared on Preferences Saved adamk, alias, bowtie defect major Preference System
#1393 test 14_warnings.t fails under cpanm set's $ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING} true adamk, azawawi defect major installation
#1080 Memory leak when switching tabs between projects alias defect major editor
#1369 ToDo Panel Crashes Padre alias defect blocker TODO List
#1377 Search dialog claims unsuccessful search even though it was successful alias defect critical not classified yet
#1352 improvement suggestions for the new About box alias, adamk defect blocker editor
#1357 "Debugger" menu is shown for non-Perl files alias, adamk defect trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#1382 Preferences dialog: empty pull-down menu alias, adamk defect trivial Preference System
#1432 task manager test segfaults with DBI >= 1.619 alias, adamk defect major Automated Build and Test
#1379 Tried to add BASH to theme and killed Padre alias, adamk, azawawi enhancement minor editor
#1292 File New Perl 5 Script/template/test crashing in trunk asafiss defect major not classified yet
#101 syntax highlighting gone wrong: dor (//) not understood azawawi defect major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Syntax Highlighting
#138 upgrade Scintilla in wxWidgets azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#167 Rectangular editing azawawi enhancement major Rectangular Editing
#188 style night don't see the cursor azawawi defect minor editor
#189 pod viewer crashes when pressing forward button azawawi defect major POD based help
#193 warnings printed on console by Perl6 parser azawawi defect major plugins
#194 Slow Perl6 syntax highlighting azawawi defect major External dependency
#202 status line on the wrong location azawawi defect minor editor
#208 perl6 .t files are not highlighted by the STD highlighter azawawi defect major editor
#221 Deleting trailing spaces deletes full window, leading spaces didn't deleting rev. 2716 azawawi defect major editor
#233 padre 0.26 does not install on strawberry perl 5.10 azawawi defect major editor
#234 improve the automatic syntax highlighting of Perl6 azawawi enhancement major Perl 6
#237 Make the Perl 6 documentation available azawawi enhancement major Perl 6
#252 Padre 0.42 doesn't build on strawberry perl on Vista x64 Business azawawi defect major External dependency
#257 Backport Scintilla Perl lexer for wxWidgets 2.8.10? azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#266 Padre Requires A CMD Window (WinXP) azawawi enhancement minor editor
#292 "Split window" command does not work azawawi defect major editor
#299 Padre crash when closing Perl 6 file during syntax highlighting azawawi defect major editor
#302 perl6 syntax highlighting and outline not active on vista using wperl.exe azawawi defect major editor
#310 vertical alignment is a bit broken azawawi defect major editor
#314 Padre broken on MS Vista when starting with no file to be opened azawawi defect major editor
#333 too much debug information azawawi defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#372 window list should be sorted alphabetically azawawi defect major editor
#382 Create new file fom commandline azawawi defect major editor
#392 Perl 6: prompt() is not highlighted azawawi defect major plugins
#394 Close DocBrowser with Escape key azawawi enhancement minor POD based help
#455 Ecliptic plugin: Quick Menu Access crashes padre when selecting filenames azawawi defect major plugins
#456 Ecliptic: quick menu access empty filter does not show anything azawawi defect major plugins
#457 Store Perl 6 temporary folders in a persistent temporary directory azawawi defect minor plugins
#458 Perl 6 files are not highlighted correctly in UNIX / Win32 format azawawi defect major plugins
#459 Errors are not displayed when Rakudo/PGE colorizer is enabled azawawi defect major plugins
#461 Syntax check hanging with perl6 infix & regex azawawi defect major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks editor
#462 Ecliptic: Quick Menu Access items are a bit misleading azawawi defect major plugins
#471 Ecliptic Quick Module Access should use CPAN::SQLite::Search azawawi defect major plugins
#488 allow script to recognize when executed by Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#490 quick access to open files azawawi defect major editor
#491 context help of Perl 5 (F2) duplicate entries, missing entries azawawi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#504 Lexically Rename Variable azawawi defect major editor
#506 can't run program in 'regular' dos window - VISTA azawawi defect minor editor
#520 Almost six improvements azawawi enhancement major downstream
#536 Padre auto converts EOLs automatically azawawi defect major editor
#545 upgrading using Vista azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#547 context sensitive help for perl 5 - "what is $. ?" No help found azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#553 Directory browser's "Move to trash" feature is not working on Vista (win32) azawawi defect major editor
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