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#911 Syntax check results should be shown by underlining enhancement minor Syntax Checking
#913 almost no syntax highlighting for C code defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#915 Syntax highlighting for Java, C# zenogantner enhancement minor editor
#916 Perl syntax highlighting: highlight interpolated variables and special characters in strings enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#921 regex syntax error defect minor Regex Editor
#922 Regex editor keeps first language after language change. defect minor Regex Editor
#923 (wishlist) special (tab) characters should be also available in regex editor enhancement minor Regex Editor
#926 Escape key does not work most of the time in the regex editor defect minor Regex Editor
#927 Autocomplete dialog should not open if there is only one option. Variable should be autocompleted immediately Mutant enhancement minor editor
#928 debugger: ability to remove watch items enhancement minor Debugger for Perl 5
#929 debugger: add watch under cursor enhancement minor Debugger for Perl 5
#930 debugger: watch non-scalar variables enhancement minor Debugger for Perl 5
#935 [PerlTidy plugin] Can't install Padre::Plugin::PerlTidy because of missing "default_plugin_dir" field in Padre::Config defect minor Perl Tidy
#936 "use 5.008" does not show up in the outline defect minor Outline
#943 XML plug-in crashes Padre defect minor plugins
#944 About Box takes long time to load the first time defect minor editor
#945 'Functions' tab is (will be) redundant enhancement minor advanced perl tools
#947 [XML plugin] toggle comment only works 50% defect minor plugins
#953 Hyppolit should report changes to the trac wiki szabgab enhancement minor admin
#954 (wishlist) Syntax highlighting (and maybe a plug-in) for R enhancement minor plugins
#967 Reset focus defect minor editor
#971 Ack always finds something in .padre/config.db defect minor editor
#977 Printing gives many warnings when printing on Ubuntu defect minor editor
#984 Pluginmanager blindly calls plugin->preferences defect minor editor
#985 "Help" (C-H) or "Search Help" (F1) problem defect minor Context Sensitive Help
#988 Recent files menu should not contain currently opened files defect minor editor
#990 Interface language Dutch (Belgium) does not work defect minor editor
#993 BibTeX files: Scintilla is not shown as highlighter in the status bar defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#994 PPI syntax highlighter does not highlight some keywords/built-in functions defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#1001 "Save Intuition" should not have a separate menu entry enhancement minor editor
#1002 "Quick fix" feature on plain text document leads to error output on console defect minor advanced perl tools
#1003 Undo and redo's shortcuts do not show up in the menu defect minor editor
#1005 Uninitialized values when starting debugger on a file with errors defect minor Debugger for Perl 5
#1008 "Perl" menu does not vanish when switching to plain text file defect minor editor
#1009 Plugin manager does not properly disable plugins zenogantner defect minor plugins
#1010 Grey out comment toggling in menu instead of confusing users with an error message enhancement minor editor
#1012 TODO list does not support plain text files defect minor TODO List
#1028 Syntax highlighting in Padre using Colorer enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#1029 "delete trailing spaces" puts the cursor to the start of the document defect minor editor
#1032 Regex Editor: Escape sequences don't work in "Result from replace" defect minor Regex Editor
#1033 preferences dialog: setting description makes no sense defect minor Preference System
#1037 calling the project view "Directory Tree" is confusing defect minor Project Browser
#1038 crash when activating plug-in as user 'root' defect minor plugins
#1044 use integrated CPAN installer for Plug-in installation enhancement minor CPAN Module Installer
#1047 Outline becomes empty after fast file switching defect minor Outline
#1050 Window menu is confusing defect minor editor
#1067 Open Resource dialog incomplete defect minor editor
#1070 WindowList: strange characters in German locale defect minor editor
#1081 font encoding in output window defect minor editor
#1083 It should be possible to set breakpoints before starting the debugger szabgab enhancement minor Debugger for Perl 5
#1089 Text::FindIndent warning defect minor External dependency
#1095 Save file without extension waxhead defect minor editor
#1099 Ctrl-Shift-T to get last closed tab enhancement minor editor
#1102 Remove menu item Perl/Automatic Bracket Completion defect minor editor
#1127 Function list empty when enabled at startup + file is opened defect minor advanced perl tools
#1136 The syntax checker often marks the wrong line in a package defect minor editor
#1140 Regex editor reverses flags on insert defect minor Regex Editor
#1144 TODO list may jump to the wrong line defect minor TODO List
#1145 TODO List Bug - Closing padre defect minor TODO List
#1150 Current Line Bug defect minor editor
#1153 title bar $version defect minor Title and Status Bar Personalization
#1154 Warnings from the Advanced Preference Editor defect minor Preference System
#1155 Outline and Functions don't work with unsaved files defect minor Outline
#1156 syntax check strangeness azawawi defect minor advanced perl tools
#1176 Preferences 2.0. Screen is to big Alias defect minor Preference System
#1179 Delete a file (editor tab) enhancement minor editor
#1183 Before_save_tidy task minor editor
#1187 Run This Test szabgab defect minor Automated Build and Test
#1190 Add "fold this" and "unfold this" menu options enhancement minor Visual Editor Effects
#1194 PPI Experimental & Skeleton Build defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#1196 New wiki Component required. szabgab enhancement minor admin
#1197 highlighting and file type bug, at Preferences 2.0 defect minor Preference System
#1198 Preferences 2.0 Default/Reset button enhancement minor Preference System
#1209 Enable MooseX::Declare Method Modifiers in OutLine enhancement minor Outline
#1219 Non-ASCII Character (SPACE) unrecognizeable Supersede defect minor Run
#1220 more tests for PPIx::EditorTools enhancement minor not classified yet
#1221 Ubuntu Natty, getting white lines across the code when I scroll down, defect minor editor
#1223 Cascading complexity for find dialogs (maybe others) Sewi enhancement minor Find in Files
#1232 [Wx::Scintilla] "modified" display ("*") is not updated with Wx::Scintilla defect minor not classified yet
#1235 customizable external terminal enhancement minor not classified yet
#1241 Right margin setting is not respected defect minor Preference System
#1249 Directory Browser needs a refresh button for directories enhancement minor Project Browser
#1254 editor colapse button visible but expand button not defect minor not classified yet
#1256 OSX Padre menu keybindings are missing / not clear tome defect minor Basic Editor Features
#1257 OSX Preferences window opens at maximize and cannot be resized defect minor Basic Editor Features
#1258 [osx] opening the plugin manager results in a wxWidgets Debug Alert defect minor Basic Editor Features
#1260 fix for :- This violates encapsulation Alias enhancement minor editor
#1267 dummy package to negate warning: DIE: Can't locate Wx/Loader/ in @INC szabgab enhancement minor development
#1269 Padre 0.86 on OSX DMG crashes tome defect minor not classified yet
#1270 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck, fix for missing version jquelin, azawawi enhancement minor plugins
#1273 Padre::Plugin::Swarm patch for reloading submersible_toaster defect minor plugins
#1274 --die Plugin-Manager & Pod::Abstract::Path bleeding into Padre $SIG defect minor not classified yet
#1277 Folding shortkeys and improvement enhancement minor editor
#1295 Taskbar icon is blurry on Ubuntu with Unity desktop defect minor not classified yet
#1306 Locale: move 'fr-fr' to just 'fr' dolmen defect minor installation
#1307 Preferences->External tools diff tool dialog has a *.* filter that doesn't work on linux defect minor Preference System
#1316 Ctrl+click do not open Perl module if clicked on full method/sub name defect minor not classified yet
#1321 Repeated reloads in Padre locks keyboard and mouse. defect minor not classified yet
#1326 Padre-Plugin-PerlTidy and the /a modifier with tools/perltidyrc Alias defect minor Perl Tidy
#1329 Current Line Highlighting defect minor editor
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