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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#130 key binding and menu option for rectangular select enhancement major editor
#131 Toggle full screen mode F11 enhancement major editor
#132 Show white space and tab enhancement major editor
#133 search during selection enhancement major editor
#134 refine selection enhancement major editor
#135 list of subs should be incemental searchable enhancement major editor
#136 Menu option: Tools/Reload MY plugin enhancement major editor
#137 jumpt to document last seen enhancement major editor
#138 upgrade Scintilla in wxWidgets azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#139 Improve the speed of PPI (none) enhancement major External dependency
#141 shift+tab changes tab defect major editor
#142 Padre should support invocation -> open conversion enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#143 open should allow me to type in a module name and it should look for that module enhancement major editor
#145 after save-as filename in the Windows/ menu isnt updated defect major editor
#146 Odd behavoir when copying and pasting. defect major editor
#149 the snippets should be aware of the file-type enhancement major editor
#150 more flexible (project aware?) recent files enhancement major editor
#151 Allow the selection of a snippet with keyboard only enhancement major Code Snippets
#157 Duplicated keyboard shortcut defect major editor
#158 fix locale support defect major editor
#162 CGContextRestoreGState: invalid context defect major editor
#163 function list is sorted reversely defect major editor
#164 Plugin manager problem? defect major editor
#165 Ctrl-S is not working in my Win32 any more keedi defect major editor
#166 Testing $^O for 'win' on Darwin (i.e. Mac OS X) is not sufficient defect major editor
#167 Rectangular editing azawawi enhancement major Rectangular Editing
#168 columns in the Syntax check window should keep their size enhancement major Syntax Checking
#169 Provide translation of error messages enhancement major editor
#171 FAQ answer szabgab defect major website
#172 selecting a bookmark crashes padre defect major editor
#173 editor pane loses focus if the syntax checker is selected defect major editor
#174 Can't edit file defect major editor
#175 Advanced snippets enhancement major Code Snippets
#176 Padre crashes when the list of recent files is cleared defect major editor
#179 ppi syntax highlighting does not work for <<EOF defect major editor
#180 new file is failing defect major editor
#182 Change autocomplete behaviour to more closely match vim enhancement major editor
#185 Padre crash when closing files defect major editor
#186 deal with large files defect major editor
#189 pod viewer crashes when pressing forward button azawawi defect major POD based help
#192 Small GDI leak for every undo/redo pair [win32] szabgab defect major editor
#193 warnings printed on console by Perl6 parser azawawi defect major plugins
#194 Slow Perl6 syntax highlighting azawawi defect major External dependency
#195 Give plugin access to results panel enhancement major plugins
#201 Incompatible plugins enhancement major editor
#203 Plugin Manager/Preferences buttons do now show Arabic/Hebrew defect major editor
#204 Scalars leaked: 1 tsee defect major editor
#205 Refreshing the error window rhebus defect major editor
#208 perl6 .t files are not highlighted by the STD highlighter azawawi defect major editor
#209 Text wrapping in diagnostics window from Error List pshangov defect major editor
#210 Text formatting in the diagnostics error message pshangov defect major editor
#211 Create Padre::Wx::DockedPanel pshangov task major editor
#212 Make the Error List available to plugins pshangov defect major editor
#213 Show if error is warning or fatal in error list pshangov enhancement major editor
#214 Error List: double-clicking on an error does not select the necessary line pshangov defect major editor
#219 Cannot enable Padre::Plugin::Perl6 defect major plugins
#220 reloading file should move cursor to where it was defect major editor
#221 Deleting trailing spaces deletes full window, leading spaces didn't deleting rev. 2716 azawawi defect major editor
#222 doc browser does not find documentation submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#224 padre chokes on files containing NULL byte (^@) jquelin defect major editor
#229 Gui Output pane overlaps the editor pane defect major editor
#231 Installation with cpan may create root owned files under .padre in users home dir defect major External dependency
#232 no Padre on OpenBSD as cannot build WxWidgets 2.8.7 defect major External dependency
#233 padre 0.26 does not install on strawberry perl 5.10 azawawi defect major editor
#234 improve the automatic syntax highlighting of Perl6 azawawi enhancement major Perl 6
#235 Many tests fail when "make test" defect major editor
#237 Make the Perl 6 documentation available azawawi enhancement major Perl 6
#239 automatic indentation does not let me set the indentation width defect major editor
#241 Is possible replace the brace "{" in the end of function declaration with three points? enhancement major editor
#242 perl does not close defect major editor
#243 padre alerts about errors in commented code defect major editor
#245 find&replace / *$/ --> <nothing> does not work adamk defect major editor
#246 limit find and replace (and maybe also search) garu enhancement major Search and Replace
#249 gnome icons copyright defect major downstream
#252 Padre 0.42 doesn't build on strawberry perl on Vista x64 Business azawawi defect major External dependency
#253 Padre application exits when selecting "Open CPAN Config File" from Perl>Install module... menu hjansen defect major editor
#254 Allow plugins to define keyboard shortcuts for menu claudio enhancement major plugins
#257 Backport Scintilla Perl lexer for wxWidgets 2.8.10? azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#258 Installing Padre from CPAN doen't install Thread::Queue making Padre crash defect major editor
#260 memory leak refreshing the plugin menu szabgab defect major editor
#261 When is not available padre crashes on file open defect major editor
#262 Padre crashes on exit defect major editor
#263 Padre 0.29 die and not start. defect major editor
#265 Alt-F4 Closes Application Without Saving (WinXP) defect major editor
#267 Perl syntax checker tries to check syntax of PHP file defect major editor
#268 Can't upgrade to version 0.29 from cpan without "force install Padre" defect major External dependency
#269 Padre always starts in minimized window defect major editor
#272 print option does not work defect major editor
#275 Thread indicator remains yellow defect major editor
#276 improve the run dialog therek defect major Run
#278 Variable magic (lexical replace, declaration finding, etc) doesn't work well for arrays, hashes, array and hash accesses, and slices thereof defect major editor
#281 TDD using Padre enhancement major Automated Build and Test
#282 Steal from vi enhancement major editor
#283 Add prove command to test files when edition a .t file rhebus enhancement major editor
#284 Perl.exe crashes when quitting Padre. defect major editor
#285 Perl.exe crashes when quitting Padre. defect major editor
#290 install did not work defect major editor
#292 "Split window" command does not work azawawi defect major editor
#294 Linux binary fails to start with 0.33 defect major downstream
#297 Padre::Plugin::PAR - Not compatible with the Padre::Plugin API. defect major plugins
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