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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#456 Ecliptic: quick menu access empty filter does not show anything azawawi defect major plugins
#458 Perl 6 files are not highlighted correctly in UNIX / Win32 format azawawi defect major plugins
#459 Errors are not displayed when Rakudo/PGE colorizer is enabled azawawi defect major plugins
#461 Syntax check hanging with perl6 infix & regex azawawi defect major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks editor
#462 Ecliptic: Quick Menu Access items are a bit misleading azawawi defect major plugins
#463 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck crashing after finsihing defect major plugins
#464 can't paste much text defect major editor
#467 allow customization of run-time environment via preferences (eg. set environment vars, etc.) enhancement major Run
#468 Remember 1000 recent files opened enhancement major editor
#470 Scalable "Find in files..." dialog task major editor
#471 Ecliptic Quick Module Access should use CPAN::SQLite::Search azawawi defect major plugins
#474 Syntax checker ignores included dirs defect major Syntax Checking
#476 Force setting of document (MIME) type when using New->Perl 5 test (and maybe others) defect major editor
#477 Make the new web site live szabgab enhancement major website
#479 Keep file permissions when doing "Save as..." defect major editor
#480 Custom style setting fails to load on padre restart defect major Syntax Highlighting
#481 FAIL t/82-plugin-manager.t in trunk@6933 Sewi defect major editor
#482 option to force line endings format enhancement major editor
#484 Select a complete block from one brace to another enhancement major editor
#485 Ctrl-keys don't work properly defect major editor
#487 call tips not working when syntax check is on defect major editor
#488 allow script to recognize when executed by Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#489 dist-zilla projects not taken into account defect major Project Browser
#490 quick access to open files azawawi defect major editor
#491 context help of Perl 5 (F2) duplicate entries, missing entries azawawi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#492 Refactoring: Extract method enhancement major editor
#493 splash image license not suitable for Debian defect major downstream
#500 add usage notes (README) to zip distributions enhancement major editor
#501 Padre crashes when installing CPAN Module defect major CPAN Module Installer
#504 Lexically Rename Variable azawawi defect major editor
#514 Create a package for Padre using Shipwright enhancement major downstream
#516 offsite reports on the blog of wala lang defect major editor
#517 allow the customization of the title bar enhancement major editor
#518 Open the config.yml for editing enhancement major editor
#520 Almost six improvements azawawi enhancement major downstream
#521 Unable to connect to Perl Irc using IE7 JoshuaW defect major website
#523 Unclear Perl errror enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#524 Goto URL crashing Padre on FreeBSD defect major editor
#527 Move part of the text from the trac to the real web site szabgab enhancement major website
#528 Recognize some bad practices and warn about them - package DB; enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#531 extract subroutine rhebus enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Refactoring Perl 5
#532 Describe how to create and submit a patch szabgab enhancement major website
#533 Alias wants a "rescan plugins" option in the plugin manager adamk enhancement major editor
#536 Padre auto converts EOLs automatically azawawi defect major editor
#539 Create screenshots and post them on the website szabgab enhancement major website
#541 wrong outline can get displayed for a document zenogantner defect major Outline
#542 regex editor enhancement major Regex Editor
#543 gui for grep and ack enhancement major Super Grep
#545 upgrading using Vista azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#547 context sensitive help for perl 5 - "what is $. ?" No help found azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#550 Factor out the Perl 5 call tips enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#553 Directory browser's "Move to trash" feature is not working on Vista (win32) azawawi defect major editor
#554 Cannot install Padre v0.45 on Vista without force install Wx::Perl::ProcessStream defect major External dependency
#555 make Wx::Perl::Dialog work better and move it to its own package enhancement major editor
#556 Replace Wx::Perl::ProcessStream or fix it defect major editor
#559 IRC robot for trac updates szabgab enhancement major admin
#560 Continuous testing szabgab enhancement major admin
#562 Ruby, PHP, Python highlighting with Parrot szabgab enhancement major plugins
#565 Lexically replace variable does not work on outer variable azawawi defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#566 remove the Padre planet (blogs) szabgab enhancement major admin
#570 pwhich is broken in Padre standalone adamk defect major downstream
#571 About window does not show the path to the config file any more azawawi defect major editor
#572 Padre standalone: Eliminate the black console window from when running Padre. defect major downstream
#573 ESC does not close About window azawawi defect major editor
#574 Include the PerlTidy plugin with Padre Standalone enhancement major Perl Tidy
#575 Include the PerlCritic plugin with Padre Standalone enhancement major downstream
#576 common (beginner) error check has no feedback if no errors found azawawi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#578 Padre's Splash screen should not get in the way defect major editor
#580 On win32, Perl 5 syntax checker is invoked in strange situations... azawawi defect major editor
#582 "Run this test" in broken on win32 when there is a space in the test file name azawawi defect major External dependency
#584 Pasting over the top of a selection no longer works defect major editor
#585 Implement a Perl Critic test script enhancement major development
#586 Lexical variable replace doesn't work if you have the original declaration selected azawawi defect major editor
#587 crash defect major editor
#588 Toggle comment fails to work with \s+# in the first line azawawi defect major editor
#589 Pasting in a UNIX document in win32 corrupts it to MIXEd azawawi defect major editor
#590 Beginner mode: catch else if enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#592 Beginner mode: catch print chomp enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#598 Ctrl-L kills clipboard azawawi enhancement major editor
#601 "Newline same column" does not work as advertised with tabs azawawi defect major editor
#603 Background tasks fail to work under wperl (win32) azawawi defect major editor
#606 Add to Developer plugin "Resize for screenshot" that sets an ideal size enhancement major editor
#608 "beginner mode" error Sewi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#611 File | Open does not support UNC path azawawi defect major editor
#612 Prevent loading the same file twice Sewi defect major editor
#617 Random crashes while editing (syntax highlighting suggestion) azawawi defect major editor
#619 Multiple files open, editor switches between tabs by itself defect major editor
#623 list of plugins szabgab enhancement major website
#629 open ticktes for TODO items (and fix them) Chelsea enhancement major editor
#630 Filehandle STDOUT reopened as $fh only for input azawawi defect major editor
#631 launching padre comes up empty defect major editor
#632 File /Save Session defect major editor
#633 Ctrl-Alt-S (Save Session) backgrounds the window defect major Session Management
#634 Parrot: add menu option to open examples szabgab enhancement major plugins
#642 ProcessSteam: Run missing defect major editor
#647 indicate if the file is read-only on the status bar enhancement major editor
#649 What is the license of the Padre (Standalone) executable? enhancement major editor
#653 Lexically Rename Variable doesn't work when clicking on declaration of variable patrickas defect major editor
#654 Lexical Rename of Variable - Can't hightlight the whole variable. patrickas defect major editor
#655 Lexical Rename of Variable - Can't rename to a variable iwth an underscore in it patrickas defect major editor
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