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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#658 Functions panel misses functions defect major editor
#659 Failed to run CPAN installed Padre - " cannot open shared object file" defect major downstream
#661 segfault when closing the document browser using x defect major POD based help
#663 Rewritten Win32 launcher Sewi enhancement major editor
#681 Padre 0.45 MSI installation failure defect major editor
#682 Add a list of actions to the website szabgab enhancement major website
#691 Extract subroutined does not work if there is no subroutine in the code already waxhead defect major advanced perl tools
#698 syntax check leaks files in /tmp defect major editor
#701 Printing on Win(7) doesn't work defect major editor
#708 Mark a document read-only enhancement major editor
#714 [Windows] Have a script to make binary. azawawi task major admin
#715 Mark external files as read-only as default enhancement major editor
#716 there is no way to change drive over the "directory" tab on the left defect major editor
#717 i cant create directories inside the directory tab defect major editor
#719 TreeCtrl is a mess - renaming of file doesnt work (windows) defect major editor
#721 Allow turning off the individual "beginner mode" checks one-by one enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#723 next-tab and prev-tab functionality defect major editor
#724 auto-format whitespaces and newlines enhancement major editor
#726 autofold POD is not working (as expected) defect major editor
#727 do not run test that requires networking without the permission of the user defect major editor
#729 install of padre0.49 does not work on windows defect major editor
#732 Weird padre Close bug on 0.49 defect major editor
#735 Functions panel differs from Highlighting and Perl defect major Outline
#736 Function list is incorrect defect major editor
#737 File::HomeDIr->my_documents can be empty list defect major External dependency
#738 Use Parrot for PHP highlighting, if possible defect major plugins
#739 Old Gnome themes will cause Padre tests to fail defect major External dependency
#740 Add "Find All" to Padre Search Dialog code4pay enhancement major editor
#744 Padre fails on WinXP 64 defect major editor
#746 regex replace all is overeager zenogantner defect major editor
#747 undo not undoing enough defect major editor
#749 padre should take shebang line into account for syntax highlighting defect major editor
#754 XS/perlapi calltips should depend on perl version defect major editor
#755 XS API calltips should include PPPort defect major editor
#757 autocompletion should not remember words smaller than 3 or 4 letters defect major editor
#758 autocompletion should also work with backspace defect major editor
#762 checkboxes in view menu aren't updated on padre startup defect major editor
#763 folding doesn't work anymore defect major editor
#764 window menu doesn't provide list of opened files defect major editor
#767 bad ui: padre prompts one by one for files changed on disk defect major editor
#768 help does not work on windows defect major editor
#770 make .padre syncable and backupable enhancement major editor
#771 when plugin is enabled in Plugin Manager it does not show up in menu defect major editor
#774 Register Perl extensions for Padre on install enhancement major editor
#778 Prevent accidental spammy Ack/Output processes killing Padre adamk defect major Find in Files
#780 Windows sysadmin help: tail -f on log files enhancement major editor
#781 Unicode should not be used for accessing file system on Win32 defect major editor
#783 SVN plugin can't find SVN directory defect major Integrated Version Control
#784 GTK CRITICAL error locks down Padre and X defect major editor
#785 Installation problems on Ubuntu 9.10 and then a Crash after manual install defect major editor
#786 File Monitoring 2.0 enhancement major editor
#787 Add a badcode enhancement or new xt test to watch for $DB::single enhancement major editor
#789 Experimental Stand-alone Padre for Linux wrong perl paths szabgab defect major editor
#791 Padre Won't Open on Leopard defect major editor
#794 Moving marked lines up and down azawawi enhancement major editor
#799 DirectoryBrowser jumps to top on doubleclick Sewi defect major editor
#800 Ctrl-f search dialog Combobox disabled defect major editor
#804 CRTL-Tab Last seen order not quite right Sewi defect major editor
#805 Command line and gui integration with RAD enhancement major editor
#806 Auto complete tooltips won't "go away" defect major Autocomplete
#807 F2 is broken azawawi defect major editor
#808 warning in Makefile.PL on perl 5.11.3 defect major editor
#809 5.11.3 prereq of Padre and of some plugins defect major External dependency
#811 possibly copyrighted work without a license (share/languages/perl5/perlapi_current.yml) dam defect major downstream
#812 Win32::GUI programs require 'external window' option azawawi defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#813 Find in files cannot find $self waxhead defect major editor
#814 Find-in-files result window, clicking on filename does not do anything enhancement major editor
#821 autocompletion triggered even on blank line Sewi defect major Autocomplete
#822 main window positioned off-screen on startup defect major editor
#825 Directroy Tree Search locks up Padre when no documents are opened defect major Project Browser
#828 Padre::Plugin editor_disable plugin hook missing? defect major plugins
#832 GetOptions( spawns unsavedX tab and crash Padre in StepOver Debugging szabgab defect major Debug::Client
#833 Syntax error crash padre when trying to debug szabgab defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#834 Preferences dialog should NOT explicit'ify defaults defect major Preference System
#835 Function list not populated on initial panel showing defect major editor
#840 Display Project info and statistics enhancement major Project Management
#841 Quick Menu Access should show the location of the menu item on the menu system azawawi enhancement major editor
#842 Window Menu is not refreshing. defect major editor
#843 Padre dies when saving file in same dir defect major editor
#846 padre fails t/14-warnings.t with "Can't locate object method "ide" via package "Padre"" under AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 defect major editor
#847 Implement Mozilla-style about:config for Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#849 file type recognition enhancement major editor
#851 can't go to parent directory in directory view defect major Project Browser
#853 z-axis problem: dialog freeze defect major editor
#858 Recent files does not display anything on Padre startup defect major editor
#867 Padre dies when hitting Ctrl-. defect major editor
#870 Padre crashs when closing "Open Resource" with the 'x' button from window manager defect major Wx::Perl::Dialog
#872 F2 context search freezes Padre when opening it for the first time azawawi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#875 Case insensitive checkbox not taken into account in "Find in Files" dialog defect major editor
#881 "Find In Files" results window should be prettier enhancement major editor
#882 debugging for Wx-scripts doesn't work bowtie defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#883 Opening an existing Perl 6 script Hangs Padre on win32 defect major editor
#884 View Document As doesn't refresh when changing tabs waxhead defect major editor
#885 Padre just plain crashed - was open and was causing a few problems. defect major editor
#887 config.t test fails karl.forner defect major editor
#889 Padre saves non-ASCII characters as \x{XXXX} defect major editor
#892 Even with SlaveDriver optimisation turned off there's a problem... defect major editor
#900 opening binary files may crash Padre defect major editor
#902 Test Failure - xt/badcode.t defect major editor
#903 Test Failure - xt/compile.t defect major editor
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