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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#904 Win32 taskbar icon is only 16x16 (Windows 7 may uses 48x48) enhancement major editor
#906 Padre installation fails (and all plugins using Locale::Msgfmt) defect major plugins
#912 Makefile.PL must remove obsolete files from previous versions (Win32 launcher) dolmen defect major editor
#917 ORLite v1.42 don't install defect major editor
#918 "Reload files" dialog will constantly reopen and nag if there is a deleted file defect major editor
#931 debugger: show watch values immediately after adding defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#932 Cannot adjust font setting defect major editor
#934 to much output blocks Padre defect major editor
#939 Padre 'help' depends on POD2-Base on Strawberry Perl on Windows XP. defect major POD based help
#940 Padre 0.60 crashes when right clicking in code editing area. zenogantner defect major editor
#941 Help is improperly formatted/displayed defect major Context Sensitive Help
#950 Switching to file does not work correctly szabgab defect major editor
#956 Padre 0.62 crashes if outline Window is active zenog defect major editor
#957 Syntax Check should use perl interpreter given in Preferences defect major editor
#958 show as hex maxes out a core defect major editor
#959 why did Padre allow me to quietly slip a wide char into a plain ascii .pm file defect major editor
#962 Execution of Wx script is broken on Windows azawawi defect major editor
#963 Filename disappears from status defect major Title and Status Bar Personalization
#969 crash when switching language after using Ack defect major editor
#970 Switching language removes plugin menus zenogantner defect major editor
#973 Find in Files: search by file type is in UI, but not supported defect major Find in Files
#974 Connection lost to data source due to driver defect major editor
#979 Reload/Refresh Files dialog only ever gives you the option to close the selected file. sewi defect major editor
#981 updated russian translation enhancement major editor
#982 "open file" from directory windows has no effect defect major editor
#999 clean up and extend preferences dialog task major Preference System
#1006 F2 help does not know about 'given' defect major Context Sensitive Help
#1007 warn output overwrites file name and other warns in Linux garu defect major editor
#1013 Special save-all with change track log enhancement major editor
#1014 Cannot stop "Find in Files" defect major editor
#1016 make autocomplete_bracket easily configurable defect major editor
#1017 [Windows/MSI] systems strawberry folder gets cleared on padre uninstall defect major downstream
#1018 Cannot open file from Directory Tree (Project) side panel defect major Project Browser
#1019 Rename variable does not give indication it is working adamk defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#1020 Rename variable does not work on dereferenced array slices defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#1021 Find in Files - multiple result sets enhancement major Find in Files
#1023 Outline view creates multiple "main" on Windows azawawi defect major editor
#1031 Padre crashes when clicking "Install CPAN modules" defect major CPAN Module Installer
#1034 New tab opened when debugging script with errors szabgab defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1045 CPAN installer is incomplete defect major CPAN Module Installer
#1049 Padre without menu defect major editor
#1051 Syntax checker does not return the correct error message defect major editor
#1059 Padre 0.74 build failure on 5.8.9 defect major editor
#1060 Add "Open project in git" (or "Open project in version control") enhancement major plugins
#1063 [PerlTidy plugin] 0.15 lacks translation sources (.po) defect major Perl Tidy
#1064 Build failures on Padre 0.74 Perl 5.8.9 defect major editor
#1065 external run console does not properly support utf8 output on Ubuntu defect major editor
#1073 R language support enhancement major plugins
#1076 Padre::Plugin::Alarm cannot play alarm sound under Ubuntu fayland, azawawi defect major plugins
#1078 Open Resource should also find things like "Wx:.Dialog" enhancement major editor
#1079 Presentation in Padre: Vroom support enhancement major plugins
#1080 Memory leak when switching tabs between projects alias defect major editor
#1082 Run -> Run Command: I-bar isn't where it should be defect major Run
#1085 "Debug -> Evaluate expression" doesn't display its output defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1086 Debugger -> Display Value should support any Perl expression enhancement major Debugger for Perl 5
#1093 Ctrl+mouse wheel zoom is inverted defect major editor
#1094 Find in file crashes Padre trunk defect major Find in Files
#1100 Dies when hitting F3 defect major editor
#1104 Show the name of the current subroutine in the status bar enhancement major Title and Status Bar Personalization
#1107 Saving perl file without extension forgets its mime-type defect major editor
#1110 Find dialog should not be a modal window defect major Search and Replace
#1117 Filter through Perl: strange behavior defect major editor
#1121 module starter should have defaults for e-mail address and author name enhancement major editor
#1122 Save intuition should recognize more test scripts enhancement major editor
#1132 missing strings in 'messages.pot' defect major editor
#1137 Translation of programming languages may break preferences in the same language defect major editor
#1138 Padre single instance server not working defect major Single Instance
#1143 Recent file list is late by one file defect major editor
#1147 windows 7 dual style, import style problem defect major editor
#1148 Padre crashes when trying to open a file via File/Recent Files defect major editor
#1149 Goto (Edit/ Go To) accepts non numeric values defect major editor
#1151 Tab order and Ctrl-Up/Down defect major editor
#1161 Move the View/Style menu option to Preferences enhancement major editor
#1162 Moving View/Language to Preferences enhancement major Preference System
#1163 Migrate Style from View Menu to Preferences claudio enhancement major editor
#1165 Preferences - Files and Colors - Description and Content-Type show as ARRAY defect major Preference System
#1166 Project/Directory Browser doesn't recognize new top level directories defect major Project Browser
#1167 Some @INC manipulation seems to be incorrect in Padre defect major editor
#1168 Allow plugins to hook into the on_save method enhancement major editor
#1173 Padre homepage navigation needs refactoring szabgab defect major website
#1174 Skip documentation and/or skip comments when searching enhancement major Search and Replace
#1180 corrupt stash.yml conflicts with YAML::Tiny szabgab defect major website
#1182 Crash when enabling plugin defect major plugins
#1184 Perl help browser suppresses linebreaks defect major editor
#1189 Add "fold all" and "unfold all" menu options enhancement major Visual Editor Effects
#1195 Padre scroll up file to start on save(Ctrl+S) event defect major Source Navigation
#1199 WinXP - Arabic and Hebrew interface - the text in "About" is displayed mirrored (horizontally flipped) defect major not classified yet
#1203 CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser) hides errors defect major Syntax Checking
#1204 use lib not followed defect major Syntax Checking
#1206 Package 'main' lost in outline if followed by another package defect major Outline
#1207 PluginHooks not removed after plugin reload/disable Alias, szabgab, Sewi, waxhead defect major plugins
#1208 Directory/Project browser: File deletion does not trigger rescan defect major Project Browser
#1210 76-preferences.t fails while passing all the tests szabgab defect major Automated Build and Test
#1211 Hot keys for Debug do not work defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1212 Replace by expression in selected region enhancement major not classified yet
#1213 Make sure the docs in Padre::Plugin match the example in Padre::Plugin::My szabgab defect major plugins
#1214 highlight variables interpolated into strings enhancement major Syntax Highlighting
#1215 Cannot change the syntax highlighter of Perl 6 defect major Syntax Highlighting
#1227 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder::Perl, patch to add POD to plugin dialogs Alias enhancement major plugins
#1237 [Wx::Scintilla] does not always update line/column numbers in the status bar defect major not classified yet
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