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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#289 scrolling at preference tab does not work defect minor editor
#291 test 10-copyright.t fails on defect minor editor
#293 Install problems OpenSuse 11.0 defect minor editor
#296 Status bar in doesn't have enough room to show CHAR location defect minor editor
#300 Clicking inside the "Settings Demo" window will crash padre therek defect minor editor
#309 Wx::StaticText does not support style characteristics enhancement minor Wx::Perl::Dialog
#354 When I click into the "search terms..." box, the words "search terms..." don't go away submersible_toaster defect minor POD based help
#367 Create "Live Support" pages for Padre szabgab task minor website
#369 Add icons for the files in the directory tree enhancement minor editor
#394 Close DocBrowser with Escape key azawawi enhancement minor POD based help
#419 find variable declaration does not work at the end of a variable patrickas enhancement minor editor
#420 weblink of »view all open bugs« is wrong defect minor editor
#429 Word highlighting boundaries enhancement minor editor
#437 Save As doesn't accept path from dialog waxhead defect minor editor
#443 enable folding for multi-line constructs with () enhancement minor editor
#452 focus order in »Find and Replace« dialog is buggered zenogantner defect minor editor
#457 Store Perl 6 temporary folders in a persistent temporary directory azawawi defect minor plugins
#475 Autocomp throws "Use of uninitialized value" warnings for tag files created by Perl::Tags defect minor editor
#478 Mouse is being locked on popup while selecting defect minor editor
#483 font size change bug defect minor editor
#495 Easy Upgrade of Padre via menu item enhancement minor editor
#497 On some MSWin32 platforms 'start' command need 'title' parameter not to be optional defect minor editor
#498 Style wxSTC_PL_DEFAULT affects too many things defect minor editor
#506 can't run program in 'regular' dos window - VISTA azawawi defect minor editor
#510 Closing DocBrowser crashes Padre defect minor POD based help
#530 Can't run a script with zero arguments defect minor editor
#538 outline view info takes too long to refresh defect minor Outline
#549 Padre::Pod2HTML double anchors defect minor editor
#552 outline view nests stigmata and packages wrongly defect minor Outline
#557 The instructions for setting up the environemnt to work on the Padre site are not detailed enough szabgab task minor website
#558 Need instructions of how to submitt a fix Joshua Weiss task minor website
#579 Commenting/uncommenting comments the last unselected line azawawi defect minor editor
#581 F2 shows incorrect help topic for comparisons azawawi defect minor Context Sensitive Help
#596 Platform dropdown for the trac szabgab enhancement minor admin
#597 Merge duplicate code for OS-constants task minor editor
#599 Add a "x" for closing output & others zenog defect minor editor
#600 Auto-scrolling defect minor editor
#602 For tab-indented files, add comment characters after the tabs azawawi defect minor editor
#607 Unable to make a selection when editing 'My Plugin' ( defect minor editor
#609 Inappropiate "Call tip" defect minor editor
#614 Case Insensitive search checkbox is backwards Sewi defect minor editor
#618 Minimalistic syntax highlighter? enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#620 Suggestion: Hotkey to indent/unindent selection enhancement minor editor
#621 Did you know? Startup - notes Sewi enhancement minor editor
#626 use lib '.' not handled properly by syntax checker defect minor editor
#627 Suggestion: Make it possible to copy 'Syntax Check' messages azawawi enhancement minor editor
#636 Filter too strict of Padre CPAN module installer defect minor editor
#637 Optimize PPI usage enhancement minor editor
#638 Make Perl usage configurable enhancement minor editor
#640 Find and Find/Replace dialogs change focus to the editor panel after "No Matches Found" defect minor Search and Replace
#644 Revert the CCNC'ing of the logo defect minor editor
#651 remove or factor out the @index listing from Padre::HelpProvider::Perl enhancement minor Context Sensitive Help
#660 Padre's Menu should now Include Refactor enhancement minor editor
#666 catch error and source enhancement minor editor
#667 checks the config enhancement minor editor
#669 default change enhancement minor editor
#670 Check the version enhancement minor editor
#673 handle collisions enhancement minor editor
#674 multi mimetypes enhancement minor editor
#676 various things enhancement minor editor
#677 Win32 launcher: embed Perl azawawi enhancement minor editor
#678 VACUUM the configuration database at shutdown enhancement minor editor
#679 Trac Component additions szabgab enhancement minor trac
#686 Help > Current Document should not load/select POD submersible_toaster defect minor POD based help
#692 use modules installed with local::lib (if available) nferraz enhancement minor editor
#693 Clean up and tidy of padre laucher script nferraz enhancement minor editor
#700 File::Slurp is an undeclared prerequisite defect minor editor
#703 Focus does not return to search dialog after error messages defect minor Search and Replace
#704 Segfault when closing documentation dialog defect minor POD based help
#705 Can't extract sub when no other subs are defined defect minor editor
#709 Show editor window listed by project, then project-relative path azawawi enhancement minor editor
#713 write constructor enhancement minor editor
#741 Expected language settings in the Preferences, not under "View" task minor editor
#742 Line numbers are shown at startup, but not shown as "enabled" in View menu Sewi defect minor editor
#759 Flicker when typing in Padre defect minor editor
#761 Make cutoff size for PPI Experimental lexer user-configurable enhancement minor editor
#773 Cannot Close Outline Window defect minor Outline
#775 Patch: Add Syntax Check to Padre::Plugin::JavaScript enhancement minor plugins
#776 PerlTidy needs -nse and -nst options defect minor Perl Tidy
#777 Method Auto Complete doesn't work when lines between cursor and EOF waxhead defect minor editor
#782 warning when no locale found on Windows defect minor editor
#793 The nice butterfly logo is missing on the "Padre Documentation" page szabgab defect minor website
#798 F1 & F2 help behaviour task minor Context Sensitive Help
#824 Dynamic To-do list per document/project enhancement minor TODO List
#826 Allow changing the FunctionList sort order by right click enhancement minor Outline
#831 CPAN Install, test failing caused by Term::Readline szabgab defect minor Debug::Client
#838 Author tests should all check RELEASE_TESTING and/or AUTOMATED_TESTING rhebus defect minor editor
#854 Plugin localisation not showing up defect minor plugins
#860 Configurable key bindings dialog azawawi enhancement minor editor
#865 Selection is wrong in Menu View->View Documenta As...-> XXX defect minor editor
#871 Shortcut Open Selection dialog is there is only one option enhancement minor editor
#874 got squiggly and black backgroundcolor on all lines defect minor plugins
#876 Typo 3 syntax highlighting azawawi enhancement minor editor
#877 Clicking "Advanced" button in Tools > Preferences causes current changes to be lost defect minor Preference System
#878 Tabs like 'Outline', 'Functions'... should have a close button, just like the documents tabs enhancement minor editor
#891 Bottom right status field too small defect minor editor
#894 Search for special (non-ascii) characters is strange defect minor editor
#896 search term is not remembered by the text input field defect minor editor
#898 "Find in Files" dialog: buttons too small on Ubuntu 9.10 defect minor editor
#908 Mouse gestures enhancement minor editor
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