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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#422 does not backup unsaved work enhancement critical editor
#697 put plugins in sandbox so they cannot take down padre enhancement critical plugins
#857 Vista: The Ack window dings annoyingly azawawi defect critical editor
#1255 The directory browser got an undef object and may stop working now. Please save your work and restart Padre szabgab defect critical editor
#1401 crash: Can't call method "get_h_var" on an undefined value at …/Padre/Wx/Panel/ line 904. defect critical Debugger for Perl 5
#56 indexing pods from within Padre enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks POD based help
#142 Padre should support invocation -> open conversion enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#284 Perl.exe crashes when quitting Padre. defect major editor
#340 * User can't add elements to toolbar menu defect major editor
#345 fixed width on popup dialog buttons defect major editor
#346 possibility to change shortcuts defect major editor
#414 configurable tool bars enhancement major editor
#415 configurable tool bars enhancement major editor
#492 Refactoring: Extract method enhancement major editor
#701 Printing on Win(7) doesn't work defect major editor
#708 Mark a document read-only enhancement major editor
#723 next-tab and prev-tab functionality defect major editor
#1161 Move the View/Style menu option to Preferences enhancement major editor
#1166 Project/Directory Browser doesn't recognize new top level directories defect major Project Browser
#1208 Directory/Project browser: File deletion does not trigger rescan defect major Project Browser
#1212 Replace by expression in selected region enhancement major not classified yet
#1214 highlight variables interpolated into strings enhancement major Syntax Highlighting
#1261 grey lines when scrolling in Ubuntu 11.04 defect major not classified yet
#1288 Enter inserts two blank lines defect major not classified yet
#1338 Opening a File not in Project kills Padre defect major Project Browser
#45 Find and Replace enhancement minor editor
#558 Need instructions of how to submitt a fix Joshua Weiss task minor website
#626 use lib '.' not handled properly by syntax checker defect minor editor
#705 Can't extract sub when no other subs are defined defect minor editor
#1003 Undo and redo's shortcuts do not show up in the menu defect minor editor
#1235 customizable external terminal enhancement minor not classified yet
#1396 xterm is hardcoded bowtie defect minor editor
#1476 intermittent failure - clipboard content is destroyed if you do another selection defect minor editor
#1391 Hit unfixed bug in directory browser, disabling it adamk defect trivial Project Browser
#1482 OS X debugger xterm and tome, bennie enhancement trivial OSX
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