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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 Improve load time somebody defect minor editor
#3 In "open file" show filenames without extension as well defect major editor
#4 allow anonymous svn checkout szabgab defect major website
#5 Allow for changing font size enhancement major editor
#7 setup mailing lists szabgab enhancement major website
#9 reuse empty unsaved buffer enhancement major editor
#13 Define API to add more menu options and plugins enhancement major editor
#14 Move between the editor and the output window with some hot-key enhancement major editor
#17 Clever TAB (real tab in the beginning, spaces after?) enhancement major editor
#18 vi-mode enhancement major editor
#20 Default file type for new unsaved buffers? enhancement major editor
#21 Menu options to create various specialized new files - file templates enhancement major editor
#24 Always save full path in opened-files history defect major editor
#25 Saving files when closing the application enhancement major editor
#26 Comment out a section of code enhancement major editor
#27 Keep the size of the output window defect major editor
#29 Add autocompletion enhancement major editor
#30 Allow comment out as a right-click on the mouse enhancement major editor
#33 Make it compile nicely on Fedora task major downstream
#35 no image handler for type 9 defined defect major editor
#36 Add hex view mode enhancement major editor
#37 Pod::Simple should be listed in META.yml in requires defect major POD based help
#38 pastebin or perlmonks or mailing list integration enhancement major editor
#39 File::Copy::Recursive Dependency defect major editor
#42 Drag and drop file open enhancement minor editor
#43 Open multiple files from OS "open file" dialog enhancement minor editor
#44 Auto-indent enhancement minor editor
#46 Tab reordering enhancement minor editor
#47 Tab close buttons enhancement trivial editor
#48 Logo ideas task minor editor
#49 Customisable path to perl enhancement minor editor
#53 when no file is open and context sensitive help crashes Padre defect critical editor
#54 Refreshing the function list on save enhancement minor editor
#55 recognize when file is changed on disk enhancement major editor
#65 Add capability to run the unit tests of a project enhancement major Automated Build and Test
#66 Add support for plugins loaded from within PAR files enhancement minor plugins
#68 Move the plugin code to its own class defect major editor
#69 Automatically chdir to the perl script enhancement major editor
#72 Sub name navigation and text searching broken for UTF8-containing files defect major editor
#74 Padre pretends to save read-only files szabgab defect major editor
#76 Run Script ends in failure(padre0.12) defect major editor
#77 Cannot open with Padre defect minor editor
#79 padre --index dies defect major editor
#83 Hangs install on OSX from CPAN defect major editor
#84 save as should update document type and syntax highlighting defect major editor
#85 fix a bug (open many window for 1 file) defect major editor
#86 possibility to wrap a paragraph intelligently defect major editor
#87 Small patch for enhancing the tabs enhancement major editor
#92 Localization patch and german translation enhancement major editor
#93 wxNotebook/wxAuiNotebook incompatibility defect major editor
#94 Allow execution of extensionless files enhancement major editor
#95 Add directory and filesystem browser enhancement major Project Browser
#96 Context sensitive help defect major Context Sensitive Help
#98 line-wrapping enhancement major editor
#99 Allow user to configure toolbar enhancement major editor
#100 Enable/Disable the subs window via View menu enhancement major editor
#102 More gettext corrections defect major editor
#103 MIME type patch for enhancement major editor
#104 padre crashes when running ack defect major editor
#106 preference "use tabs" is not saved defect minor editor
#107 Find dialog does not account for localized texts defect major Wx::Perl::Dialog
#108 indent goodness enhancement major editor
#109 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck Integrate spell checker enhancement major plugins
#114 Show/hide the list of subs window enhancement major editor
#118 Error on startup w/Danish settings defect minor editor
#121 if the subs window is closed Edit/Subs or Alt-S should open it enhancement major editor
#122 Alt-n mechnism gives warnings defect major editor
#123 Save Session / Load Session jquelin enhancement major editor
#125 Menu: Open all recent files enhancement minor editor
#126 Menu: clean recent file list enhancement minor editor
#128 Join Lines Ctrl-J enhancement major editor
#129 Menu: Copy current file path|file name|dir path to clipboard enhancement major editor
#131 Toggle full screen mode F11 enhancement major editor
#132 Show white space and tab enhancement major editor
#133 search during selection enhancement major editor
#134 refine selection enhancement major editor
#135 list of subs should be incemental searchable enhancement major editor
#136 Menu option: Tools/Reload MY plugin enhancement major editor
#137 jumpt to document last seen enhancement major editor
#138 upgrade Scintilla in wxWidgets azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#141 shift+tab changes tab defect major editor
#143 open should allow me to type in a module name and it should look for that module enhancement major editor
#145 after save-as filename in the Windows/ menu isnt updated defect major editor
#146 Odd behavoir when copying and pasting. defect major editor
#147 improve load time when there are many files to open enhancement critical editor
#148 Use consistent coding style in padre sources jquelin task minor editor
#149 the snippets should be aware of the file-type enhancement major editor
#153 Change plugin to defect minor editor
#154 fails to launch on OS X defect critical editor
#155 error if passed a non-existent filename defect minor editor
#156 Padre 0.17 doesn't display anything regarding UTF-8 encoded files. defect critical editor
#157 Duplicated keyboard shortcut defect major editor
#158 fix locale support defect major editor
#159 Mac OSX 10.4 crash on launch defect blocker editor
#160 [PATCH] Save fails under wxMac defect critical editor
#161 Double-click select should get whole bareword enhancement trivial editor
#162 CGContextRestoreGState: invalid context defect major editor
#163 function list is sorted reversely defect major editor
#164 Plugin manager problem? defect major editor
#165 Ctrl-S is not working in my Win32 any more keedi defect major editor
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