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#1085 "Debug -> Evaluate expression" doesn't display its output defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1357 "Debugger" menu is shown for non-Perl files alias, adamk defect trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#881 "Find In Files" results window should be prettier enhancement major editor
#898 "Find in Files" dialog: buttons too small on Ubuntu 9.10 defect minor editor
#1015 "Find in Files" directory selector not implemented adamk defect blocker editor
#601 "Newline same column" does not work as advertised with tabs azawawi defect major editor
#1002 "Quick fix" feature on plain text document leads to error output on console defect minor advanced perl tools
#1407 "Reload My Plugin" crashes Padre szabgab defect minor plugins
#918 "Reload files" dialog will constantly reopen and nag if there is a deleted file defect major editor
#582 "Run this test" in broken on win32 when there is a space in the test file name azawawi defect major External dependency
#765 "Run"->"Run Script" on C<print 0;> does not get captured in the Output window defect trivial External dependency
#292 "Split window" command does not work azawawi defect major editor
#608 "beginner mode" error Sewi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#1029 "delete trailing spaces" puts the cursor to the start of the document defect minor editor
#982 "open file" from directory windows has no effect defect major editor
#954 (wishlist) Syntax highlighting (and maybe a plug-in) for R enhancement minor plugins
#923 (wishlist) special (tab) characters should be also available in regex editor enhancement minor Regex Editor
#341 * Common elements missing from toolbar (closeall, saveall) waxhead defect major editor
#347 * NewFile and OpenFile icons different from File dropdown. defect major editor
#342 * No 'replace all' available that acts on ALL open files enhancement major Find in Files
#331 * saveall doesn't update tabs (ie asterisk still there until you click tab) waxhead defect major editor
#408 --version option therek defect trivial editor
#348 2 menu entries for find / replace therek defect major editor
#1210 76-preferences.t fails while passing all the tests szabgab defect major Automated Build and Test
#321 API for adding entries to right click menu enhancement major Debugger for Perl 5
#944 About Box takes long time to load the first time defect minor editor
#571 About window does not show the path to the config file any more azawawi defect major editor
#971 Ack always finds something in .padre/config.db defect minor editor
#230 Add "Comment toggle" for source editing claudio enhancement trivial editor
#740 Add "Find All" to Padre Search Dialog code4pay enhancement major editor
#1060 Add "Open project in git" (or "Open project in version control") enhancement major plugins
#1189 Add "fold all" and "unfold all" menu options enhancement major Visual Editor Effects
#1190 Add "fold this" and "unfold this" menu options enhancement minor Visual Editor Effects
#60 Add Incremental search jquelin enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Incremental Search
#368 Add Live Support links to Help menu enhancement major editor
#599 Add a "x" for closing output & others zenog defect minor editor
#787 Add a badcode enhancement or new xt test to watch for $DB::single enhancement major editor
#236 Add auto completitions of brackets when first bracket is typed claudio enhancement minor Brackets
#29 Add autocompletion enhancement major editor
#65 Add capability to run the unit tests of a project enhancement major Automated Build and Test
#61 Add code folding enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Visual Editor Effects
#11 Add debugger from within the editor szabgab enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Debugger for Perl 5
#95 Add directory and filesystem browser enhancement major Project Browser
#36 Add hex view mode enhancement major editor
#369 Add icons for the files in the directory tree enhancement minor editor
#283 Add prove command to test files when edition a .t file rhebus enhancement major editor
#1231 Add scroll bar to xterm enhancement trivial editor
#1202 Add separation bar enhancement trivial Automated Build and Test
#66 Add support for plugins loaded from within PAR files enhancement minor plugins
#238 Add tools to improve the programmers enhancement minor editor
#175 Advanced snippets enhancement major Code Snippets
#826 Allow changing the FunctionList sort order by right click enhancement minor Outline
#30 Allow comment out as a right-click on the mouse enhancement major editor
#94 Allow execution of extensionless files enhancement major editor
#5 Allow for changing font size enhancement major editor
#254 Allow plugins to define keyboard shortcuts for menu claudio enhancement major plugins
#1168 Allow plugins to hook into the on_save method enhancement major editor
#391 Allow renaming a file enhancement major Project Browser
#721 Allow turning off the individual "beginner mode" checks one-by one enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#99 Allow user to configure toolbar enhancement major editor
#122 Alt-n mechnism gives warnings defect major editor
#24 Always save full path in opened-files history defect major editor
#460 Artwork needed for Perl::Dist::Padre enhancement blocker External dependency
#838 Author tests should all check RELEASE_TESTING and/or AUTOMATED_TESTING rhebus defect minor editor
#806 Auto complete tooltips won't "go away" defect major Autocomplete
#44 Auto-indent enhancement minor editor
#600 Auto-scrolling defect minor editor
#475 Autocomp throws "Use of uninitialized value" warnings for tag files created by Perl::Tags defect minor editor
#927 Autocomplete dialog should not open if there is only one option. Variable should be autocompleted immediately Mutant enhancement minor editor
#1242 Autoindent broken when using Wx::Scintilla defect major not classified yet
#69 Automatically chdir to the perl script enhancement major editor
#603 Background tasks fail to work under wperl (win32) azawawi defect major editor
#257 Backport Scintilla Perl lexer for wxWidgets 2.8.10? azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#1387 Bad Query/Potential SQL injection in Padre/ bowtie defect minor Debugger for Perl 5
#592 Beginner mode: catch print chomp enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#590 Beginner mode: catch else if enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#993 BibTeX files: Scintilla is not shown as highlighter in the status bar defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#891 Bottom right status field too small defect minor editor
#1389 Breakpoints visual indicators aren't restored on Padre restart bowtie defect trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#1064 Build failures on Padre 0.74 Perl 5.8.9 defect major editor
#162 CGContextRestoreGState: invalid context defect major editor
#1203 CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser) hides errors defect major Syntax Checking
#831 CPAN Install, test failing caused by Term::Readline szabgab defect minor Debug::Client
#70 CPAN integration enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks CPAN Module Installer
#387 Can't locate object method "on_tree_item_activated" via package "Padre::Wx::Outline" defect major editor
#530 Can't run a script with zero arguments defect minor editor
#268 Can't upgrade to version 0.29 from cpan without "force install Padre" defect major External dependency
#773 Cannot Close Outline Window defect minor Outline
#219 Cannot enable Padre::Plugin::Perl6 defect major plugins
#554 Cannot install Padre v0.45 on Vista without force install Wx::Perl::ProcessStream defect major External dependency
#77 Cannot open with Padre defect minor editor
#1018 Cannot open file from Directory Tree (Project) side panel defect major Project Browser
#1014 Cannot stop "Find in Files" defect major editor
#1223 Cascading complexity for find dialogs (maybe others) Sewi enhancement minor Find in Files
#614 Case Insensitive search checkbox is backwards Sewi defect minor editor
#875 Case insensitive checkbox not taken into account in "Find in Files" dialog defect major editor
#153 Change plugin to defect minor editor
#182 Change autocomplete behaviour to more closely match vim enhancement major editor
#1240 Changed preferences are lost when advanced is clicked claudio defect major Preference System
#1298 Changing font in preferences is not applied to existing editors defect blocker Preference System
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