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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#238 Add tools to improve the programmers enhancement minor editor
#246 limit find and replace (and maybe also search) garu enhancement major Search and Replace
#254 Allow plugins to define keyboard shortcuts for menu claudio enhancement major plugins
#257 Backport Scintilla Perl lexer for wxWidgets 2.8.10? azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#266 Padre Requires A CMD Window (WinXP) azawawi enhancement minor editor
#270 The Edit>Preference menu leads to a "Settings" window enhancement trivial editor
#283 Add prove command to test files when edition a .t file rhebus enhancement major editor
#286 Rewrite the code for the right click context menu to care about CONTEXT enhancement critical editor
#311 catch errors and warnings given by ppi enhancement major editor
#316 Reuse Outline information to quickly jump to declarations enhancement major editor
#320 search for current word enhancement major editor
#321 API for adding entries to right click menu enhancement major Debugger for Perl 5
#342 * No 'replace all' available that acts on ALL open files enhancement major Find in Files
#361 Spanish translation for Catalyst plugin garu enhancement major plugins
#362 Spanish translation for Mojolicious plugin garu enhancement major plugins
#363 Spanish translation files for Vi, SpellCheck and PerlCritic plugins garu enhancement major plugins
#364 Spanish translation files for Autoformat, ClassSniff, CommandLine and DataWalker plugins garu enhancement major plugins
#365 Spanish translation files for Alarm, CSS, Encode, PAR, PerlTidy plugins garu enhancement major plugins
#366 Spanish translation files for Perl6, AcmePlayCode garu enhancement major plugins
#368 Add Live Support links to Help menu enhancement major editor
#369 Add icons for the files in the directory tree enhancement minor editor
#379 window to list all menu options and search for them enhancement major editor
#391 Allow renaming a file enhancement major Project Browser
#394 Close DocBrowser with Escape key azawawi enhancement minor POD based help
#398 PDL Plugin enhancement major plugins
#401 Output Panel should show moose (attributes, methods and method modifiers) enhancement major Outline
#409 generic text filter Sewi enhancement major Super Grep
#411 configurable key bindings enhancement major editor
#412 find/replace dialog should autocomplete enhancement major Search and Replace
#419 find variable declaration does not work at the end of a variable patrickas enhancement minor editor
#430 add splash page or progress bar on startup enhancement major editor
#431 Install the examples and add a menu option to reach them enhancement major editor
#439 add line range to goto line window enhancement major editor
#440 Select full var name enhancement major editor
#443 enable folding for multi-line constructs with () enhancement minor editor
#446 docbrowser: search field too small, too far right enhancement trivial editor
#447 auto completion is not very auto enhancement major editor
#460 Artwork needed for Perl::Dist::Padre enhancement blocker External dependency
#467 allow customization of run-time environment via preferences (eg. set environment vars, etc.) enhancement major Run
#472 Developer plugin menu should implement 'uptime' report sewi enhancement trivial plugins
#477 Make the new web site live szabgab enhancement major website
#482 option to force line endings format enhancement major editor
#484 Select a complete block from one brace to another enhancement major editor
#488 allow script to recognize when executed by Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#495 Easy Upgrade of Padre via menu item enhancement minor editor
#517 allow the customization of the title bar enhancement major editor
#523 Unclear Perl errror enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#528 Recognize some bad practices and warn about them - package DB; enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#529 Suggestion: Toolbar buttons for 'Run' and 'Stop' enhancement trivial editor
#531 extract subroutine rhebus enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Refactoring Perl 5
#532 Describe how to create and submit a patch szabgab enhancement major website
#539 Create screenshots and post them on the website szabgab enhancement major website
#542 regex editor enhancement major Regex Editor
#547 context sensitive help for perl 5 - "what is $. ?" No help found azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#559 IRC robot for trac updates szabgab enhancement major admin
#566 remove the Padre planet (blogs) szabgab enhancement major admin
#585 Implement a Perl Critic test script enhancement major development
#590 Beginner mode: catch else if enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#592 Beginner mode: catch print chomp enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#598 Ctrl-L kills clipboard azawawi enhancement major editor
#615 Plugin Exception Catching enhancement critical plugins
#627 Suggestion: Make it possible to copy 'Syntax Check' messages azawawi enhancement minor editor
#634 Parrot: add menu option to open examples szabgab enhancement major plugins
#637 Optimize PPI usage enhancement minor editor
#638 Make Perl usage configurable enhancement minor editor
#649 What is the license of the Padre (Standalone) executable? enhancement major editor
#660 Padre's Menu should now Include Refactor enhancement minor editor
#663 Rewritten Win32 launcher Sewi enhancement major editor
#666 catch error and source enhancement minor editor
#667 checks the config enhancement minor editor
#669 default change enhancement minor editor
#670 Check the version enhancement minor editor
#673 handle collisions enhancement minor editor
#674 multi mimetypes enhancement minor editor
#677 Win32 launcher: embed Perl azawawi enhancement minor editor
#678 VACUUM the configuration database at shutdown enhancement minor editor
#679 Trac Component additions szabgab enhancement minor trac
#692 use modules installed with local::lib (if available) nferraz enhancement minor editor
#709 Show editor window listed by project, then project-relative path azawawi enhancement minor editor
#720 the default copyright year isnt dynamic for a perl module enhancement trivial External dependency
#721 Allow turning off the individual "beginner mode" checks one-by one enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#724 auto-format whitespaces and newlines enhancement major editor
#740 Add "Find All" to Padre Search Dialog code4pay enhancement major editor
#761 Make cutoff size for PPI Experimental lexer user-configurable enhancement minor editor
#770 make .padre syncable and backupable enhancement major editor
#774 Register Perl extensions for Padre on install enhancement major editor
#786 File Monitoring 2.0 enhancement major editor
#787 Add a badcode enhancement or new xt test to watch for $DB::single enhancement major editor
#794 Moving marked lines up and down azawawi enhancement major editor
#814 Find-in-files result window, clicking on filename does not do anything enhancement major editor
#824 Dynamic To-do list per document/project enhancement minor TODO List
#826 Allow changing the FunctionList sort order by right click enhancement minor Outline
#837 padre.exe should be able to be placed in c:\strawberry\perl\site\bin azawawi enhancement trivial editor
#840 Display Project info and statistics enhancement major Project Management
#841 Quick Menu Access should show the location of the menu item on the menu system azawawi enhancement major editor
#847 Implement Mozilla-style about:config for Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#849 file type recognition enhancement major editor
#860 Configurable key bindings dialog azawawi enhancement minor editor
#871 Shortcut Open Selection dialog is there is only one option enhancement minor editor
#878 Tabs like 'Outline', 'Functions'... should have a close button, just like the documents tabs enhancement minor editor
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