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#198 Changing language does not seem to change the title on the "Output" notebook in the lower pane. defect blocker editor
#728 Changing locale crashes Padre defect blocker editor
#670 Check the version enhancement minor editor
#17 Clever TAB (real tab in the beginning, spaces after?) enhancement major editor
#877 Clicking "Advanced" button in Tools > Preferences causes current changes to be lost defect minor Preference System
#300 Clicking inside the "Settings Demo" window will crash padre therek defect minor editor
#394 Close DocBrowser with Escape key azawawi enhancement minor POD based help
#510 Closing DocBrowser crashes Padre defect minor POD based help
#1178 Closing docviewer crashes Padre defect critical POD based help
#63 Code browser enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Outline
#1291 Code folding icons missing defect critical editor
#26 Comment out a section of code enhancement major editor
#579 Commenting/uncommenting comments the last unselected line azawawi defect minor editor
#860 Configurable key bindings dialog azawawi enhancement minor editor
#16 Configure TAB to jump N spaces enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Autoindent
#96 Context sensitive help defect major Context Sensitive Help
#863 Continous warnings or prints kill Padre azawawi defect critical External dependency
#628 Crash on run defect blocker editor
#1182 Crash when enabling plugin defect major plugins
#287 Crashing Padre badly with a simple recipe defect critical editor
#367 Create "Live Support" pages for Padre szabgab task minor website
#211 Create Padre::Wx::DockedPanel pshangov task major editor
#983 Create a setting for turning off blinking within Padres Editor waxhead enhancement critical editor
#382 Create new file fom commandline azawawi defect major editor
#539 Create screenshots and post them on the website szabgab enhancement major website
#790 Ctrl + Caps Lock reduces font size azawawi defect trivial editor
#1316 Ctrl+click do not open Perl module if clicked on full method/sub name defect minor not classified yet
#1093 Ctrl+mouse wheel zoom is inverted defect major editor
#633 Ctrl-Alt-S (Save Session) backgrounds the window defect major Session Management
#1216 Ctrl-F crashes Padre defect blocker Search and Replace
#1218 Ctrl-F now killing X-Windows defect blocker Search and Replace
#598 Ctrl-L kills clipboard azawawi enhancement major editor
#67 Ctrl-P/Ctrl-N autocompletion tsee enhancement minor Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Autocomplete
#165 Ctrl-S is not working in my Win32 any more keedi defect major editor
#1099 Ctrl-Shift-T to get last closed tab enhancement minor editor
#800 Ctrl-f search dialog Combobox disabled defect major editor
#485 Ctrl-keys don't work properly defect major editor
#1150 Current Line Bug defect minor editor
#1329 Current Line Highlighting defect minor editor
#480 Custom style setting fails to load on padre restart defect major Syntax Highlighting
#49 Customisable path to perl enhancement minor editor
#1340 DIE: Error while autoloading Wx Constant at /usr/src/Padre/Padre/lib/Padre/Wx/ line 144 Alias enhancement major development
#1494 Debug-Client-0.24 tests hang bowtie, szabgab defect major Debug::Client
#1427 Debug::Client 0.20 test failures against win32 or not! bowtie enhancement minor Debug::Client
#1469 Debug::Client 0.21_12 hangs on Windows bowtie, szabgab defect major Debug::Client
#1367 Debug::Client tests fail against perl-5.15.6 (1 of n) bowtie defect minor Debug::Client
#1368 Debug::Client tests fail against perl-5.15.6 (2 of n) bowtie defect major Debug::Client
#1370 Debug::Client, @list context request fails against perl-5.15.6 (3 of n) bowtie defect minor Debug::Client
#1416 Debug::Client::set_breakpoint ignores some errors bowtie defect minor Debugger for Perl 5
#1086 Debugger -> Display Value should support any Perl expression enhancement major Debugger for Perl 5
#1508 Debugger Breakpoint list panel not working in Windows defect minor not classified yet
#1415 Debugger stepping into anonymous subs may crash Padre bowtie defect trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#20 Default file type for new unsaved buffers? enhancement major editor
#13 Define API to add more menu options and plugins enhancement major editor
#1179 Delete a file (editor tab) enhancement minor editor
#221 Deleting trailing spaces deletes full window, leading spaces didn't deleting rev. 2716 azawawi defect major editor
#532 Describe how to create and submit a patch szabgab enhancement major website
#472 Developer plugin menu should implement 'uptime' report sewi enhancement trivial plugins
#1100 Dies when hitting F3 defect major editor
#1248 Directory Browser Crash on deleted item defect critical Project Browser
#1249 Directory Browser needs a refresh button for directories enhancement minor Project Browser
#358 Directory Tree Browse behaviour defect trivial Project Browser
#370 Directory Tree state is destroyed on refresh defect critical Project Browser
#966 Directory browser showing nothing or wrong data Alias defect critical editor
#553 Directory browser's "Move to trash" feature is not working on Vista (win32) azawawi defect major editor
#799 DirectoryBrowser jumps to top on doubleclick Sewi defect major editor
#825 Directroy Tree Search locks up Padre when no documents are opened defect major Project Browser
#840 Display Project info and statistics enhancement major Project Management
#1410 Display Value should show value immediately bowtie enhancement minor Debugger for Perl 5
#161 Double-click select should get whole bareword enhancement trivial editor
#1283 Downward scrolling causes every 3rd line to blank, intermittently, but consistently. defect major editor
#42 Drag and drop file open enhancement minor editor
#157 Duplicated keyboard shortcut defect major editor
#824 Dynamic To-do list per document/project enhancement minor TODO List
#1366 ESC crashes padre defect blocker not classified yet
#573 ESC does not close About window azawawi defect major editor
#495 Easy Upgrade of Padre via menu item enhancement minor editor
#471 Ecliptic Quick Module Access should use CPAN::SQLite::Search azawawi defect major plugins
#455 Ecliptic plugin: Quick Menu Access crashes padre when selecting filenames azawawi defect major plugins
#462 Ecliptic: Quick Menu Access items are a bit misleading azawawi defect major plugins
#456 Ecliptic: quick menu access empty filter does not show anything azawawi defect major plugins
#1251 Edit Session Description on Save Session, needs to be applied to trunk bowtie enhancement major Session Management
#1209 Enable MooseX::Declare Method Modifiers in OutLine enhancement minor Outline
#215 Enable user-level configuration options to disable entire features enhancement minor Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#100 Enable/Disable the subs window via View menu enhancement major editor
#1330 Enhanced TODO? enhancement major not classified yet
#214 Error List: double-clicking on an error does not select the necessary line pshangov defect major editor
#855 Error in running script in Padre causes crash... waxhead defect critical editor
#1243 Error message when plugin overrides document class (happens anyway); document classes lose default after plugin deactivation defect major plugins
#118 Error on startup w/Danish settings defect minor editor
#926 Escape key does not work most of the time in the regex editor defect minor Regex Editor
#1412 Evaluate Expression in the debugger bowtie enhancement trivial Debugger for Perl 5
#892 Even with SlaveDriver optimisation turned off there's a problem... defect major editor
#691 Extract subroutined does not work if there is no subroutine in the code already waxhead defect major advanced perl tools
#798 F1 & F2 help behaviour task minor Context Sensitive Help
#1006 F2 help does not know about 'given' defect major Context Sensitive Help
#807 F2 is broken azawawi defect major editor
#687 F2 only works once defect blocker editor
#581 F2 shows incorrect help topic for comparisons azawawi defect minor Context Sensitive Help
#797 F4 Search error defect critical editor
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