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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1023 Outline view creates multiple "main" on Windows azawawi defect major editor
#1020 Rename variable does not work on dereferenced array slices defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#1019 Rename variable does not give indication it is working adamk defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#1018 Cannot open file from Directory Tree (Project) side panel defect major Project Browser
#1016 make autocomplete_bracket easily configurable defect major editor
#1015 "Find in Files" directory selector not implemented adamk defect blocker editor
#1014 Cannot stop "Find in Files" defect major editor
#1012 TODO list does not support plain text files defect minor TODO List
#1010 Grey out comment toggling in menu instead of confusing users with an error message enhancement minor editor
#1009 Plugin manager does not properly disable plugins zenogantner defect minor plugins
#1007 warn output overwrites file name and other warns in Linux garu defect major editor
#1006 F2 help does not know about 'given' defect major Context Sensitive Help
#1002 "Quick fix" feature on plain text document leads to error output on console defect minor advanced perl tools
#999 clean up and extend preferences dialog task major Preference System
#993 BibTeX files: Scintilla is not shown as highlighter in the status bar defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#990 Interface language Dutch (Belgium) does not work defect minor editor
#988 Recent files menu should not contain currently opened files defect minor editor
#984 Pluginmanager blindly calls plugin->preferences defect minor editor
#983 Create a setting for turning off blinking within Padres Editor waxhead enhancement critical editor
#982 "open file" from directory windows has no effect defect major editor
#976 content of function lists remains after document switch defect trivial editor
#973 Find in Files: search by file type is in UI, but not supported defect major Find in Files
#971 Ack always finds something in .padre/config.db defect minor editor
#970 Switching language removes plugin menus zenogantner defect major editor
#969 crash when switching language after using Ack defect major editor
#967 Reset focus defect minor editor
#966 Directory browser showing nothing or wrong data Alias defect critical editor
#965 High memory & CPU usage defect blocker editor
#964 tests t/21 to t/28 require a DISPLAY defect blocker editor
#963 Filename disappears from status defect major Title and Status Bar Personalization
#957 Syntax Check should use perl interpreter given in Preferences defect major editor
#956 Padre 0.62 crashes if outline Window is active zenog defect major editor
#954 (wishlist) Syntax highlighting (and maybe a plug-in) for R enhancement minor plugins
#953 Hyppolit should report changes to the trac wiki szabgab enhancement minor admin
#950 Switching to file does not work correctly szabgab defect major editor
#948 Padre crashing on ctrl and double click (left up) kthakore enhancement critical editor
#947 [XML plugin] toggle comment only works 50% defect minor plugins
#944 About Box takes long time to load the first time defect minor editor
#943 XML plug-in crashes Padre defect minor plugins
#940 Padre 0.60 crashes when right clicking in code editing area. zenogantner defect major editor
#939 Padre 'help' depends on POD2-Base on Strawberry Perl on Windows XP. defect major POD based help
#935 [PerlTidy plugin] Can't install Padre::Plugin::PerlTidy because of missing "default_plugin_dir" field in Padre::Config defect minor Perl Tidy
#927 Autocomplete dialog should not open if there is only one option. Variable should be autocompleted immediately Mutant enhancement minor editor
#926 Escape key does not work most of the time in the regex editor defect minor Regex Editor
#923 (wishlist) special (tab) characters should be also available in regex editor enhancement minor Regex Editor
#922 Regex editor keeps first language after language change. defect minor Regex Editor
#921 regex syntax error defect minor Regex Editor
#918 "Reload files" dialog will constantly reopen and nag if there is a deleted file defect major editor
#917 ORLite v1.42 don't install defect major editor
#916 Perl syntax highlighting: highlight interpolated variables and special characters in strings enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#915 Syntax highlighting for Java, C# zenogantner enhancement minor editor
#913 almost no syntax highlighting for C code defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#911 Syntax check results should be shown by underlining enhancement minor Syntax Checking
#906 Padre installation fails (and all plugins using Locale::Msgfmt) defect major plugins
#904 Win32 taskbar icon is only 16x16 (Windows 7 may uses 48x48) enhancement major editor
#903 Test Failure - xt/compile.t defect major editor
#902 Test Failure - xt/badcode.t defect major editor
#900 opening binary files may crash Padre defect major editor
#898 "Find in Files" dialog: buttons too small on Ubuntu 9.10 defect minor editor
#896 search term is not remembered by the text input field defect minor editor
#894 Search for special (non-ascii) characters is strange defect minor editor
#892 Even with SlaveDriver optimisation turned off there's a problem... defect major editor
#891 Bottom right status field too small defect minor editor
#889 Padre saves non-ASCII characters as \x{XXXX} defect major editor
#888 Padre crashing when looking for bookmark defect critical editor
#887 config.t test fails karl.forner defect major editor
#885 Padre just plain crashed - was open and was causing a few problems. defect major editor
#884 View Document As doesn't refresh when changing tabs waxhead defect major editor
#883 Opening an existing Perl 6 script Hangs Padre on win32 defect major editor
#881 "Find In Files" results window should be prettier enhancement major editor
#878 Tabs like 'Outline', 'Functions'... should have a close button, just like the documents tabs enhancement minor editor
#877 Clicking "Advanced" button in Tools > Preferences causes current changes to be lost defect minor Preference System
#875 Case insensitive checkbox not taken into account in "Find in Files" dialog defect major editor
#871 Shortcut Open Selection dialog is there is only one option enhancement minor editor
#867 Padre dies when hitting Ctrl-. defect major editor
#866 Threading problem with SQLite? adamk defect blocker editor
#865 Selection is wrong in Menu View->View Documenta As...-> XXX defect minor editor
#863 Continous warnings or prints kill Padre azawawi defect critical External dependency
#860 Configurable key bindings dialog azawawi enhancement minor editor
#859 Threads/DBI/SlaveDriver problems defect blocker editor
#858 Recent files does not display anything on Padre startup defect major editor
#856 Vista: The Advanced Preferences dialog dings annoyingly azawawi defect critical editor
#855 Error in running script in Padre causes crash... waxhead defect critical editor
#853 z-axis problem: dialog freeze defect major editor
#850 Padre crashes on warning output defect critical editor
#849 file type recognition enhancement major editor
#848 [PerlTidy plugin] Tidy plugin leaves blocking grey box defect critical editor
#847 Implement Mozilla-style about:config for Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#846 padre fails t/14-warnings.t with "Can't locate object method "ide" via package "Padre"" under AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 defect major editor
#845 Padre assumes incorrect location of scripts defect critical editor
#843 Padre dies when saving file in same dir defect major editor
#842 Window Menu is not refreshing. defect major editor
#841 Quick Menu Access should show the location of the menu item on the menu system azawawi enhancement major editor
#840 Display Project info and statistics enhancement major Project Management
#838 Author tests should all check RELEASE_TESTING and/or AUTOMATED_TESTING rhebus defect minor editor
#837 padre.exe should be able to be placed in c:\strawberry\perl\site\bin azawawi enhancement trivial editor
#835 Function list not populated on initial panel showing defect major editor
#834 Preferences dialog should NOT explicit'ify defaults defect major Preference System
#833 Syntax error crash padre when trying to debug szabgab defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#831 CPAN Install, test failing caused by Term::Readline szabgab defect minor Debug::Client
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