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#487 call tips not working when syntax check is on defect major editor
#1399 calculation of position of cursor position in status is wrong defect major editor
#1441 broken links on the documentation page szabgab defect major website
#247 bad/missing whatis entries of some man pages defect minor editor
#767 bad ui: padre prompts one by one for files changed on disk defect major editor
#239 automatic indentation does not let me set the indentation width defect major editor
#726 autofold POD is not working (as expected) defect major editor
#821 autocompletion triggered even on blank line Sewi defect major Autocomplete
#757 autocompletion should not remember words smaller than 3 or 4 letters defect major editor
#758 autocompletion should also work with backspace defect major editor
#724 auto-format whitespaces and newlines enhancement major editor
#447 auto completion is not very auto enhancement major editor
#402 aui manager should retain its geometry defect major editor
#913 almost no syntax highlighting for C code defect minor Syntax Highlighting
#517 allow the customization of the title bar enhancement major editor
#488 allow script to recognize when executed by Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#467 allow customization of run-time environment via preferences (eg. set environment vars, etc.) enhancement major Run
#4 allow anonymous svn checkout szabgab defect major website
#145 after save-as filename in the Windows/ menu isnt updated defect major editor
#430 add splash page or progress bar on startup enhancement major editor
#439 add line range to goto line window enhancement major editor
#426 active/not-active state of hotkeys do not reflect actual situation defect critical editor
#344 ack not known outside of few elite perl hackers defect major editor
#947 [XML plugin] toggle comment only works 50% defect minor plugins
#1237 [Wx::Scintilla] does not always update line/column numbers in the status bar defect major not classified yet
#1232 [Wx::Scintilla] "modified" display ("*") is not updated with Wx::Scintilla defect minor not classified yet
#714 [Windows] Have a script to make binary. azawawi task major admin
#848 [PerlTidy plugin] Tidy plugin leaves blocking grey box defect critical editor
#935 [PerlTidy plugin] Can't install Padre::Plugin::PerlTidy because of missing "default_plugin_dir" field in Padre::Config defect minor Perl Tidy
#1063 [PerlTidy plugin] 0.15 lacks translation sources (.po) defect major Perl Tidy
#160 [PATCH] Save fails under wxMac defect critical editor
#1371 [0.92 osx] checkmarks for case sensitivity, etc. cannot be toggled in Replace window tome defect minor Search and Replace
#754 XS/perlapi calltips should depend on perl version defect major editor
#755 XS API calltips should include PPPort defect major editor
#943 XML plug-in crashes Padre defect minor plugins
#1323 Wx::Scintilla missing methods defect major not classified yet
#1341 Wx-Scintilla build fails on wxWidgets 2.8.10 defect major not classified yet
#1070 WindowList: strange characters in German locale defect minor editor
#1050 Window menu is confusing defect minor editor
#417 Window menu entries not disabled with no document loaded defect major editor
#842 Window Menu is not refreshing. defect major editor
#1199 WinXP - Arabic and Hebrew interface - the text in "About" is displayed mirrored (horizontally flipped) defect major not classified yet
#904 Win32 taskbar icon is only 16x16 (Windows 7 may uses 48x48) enhancement major editor
#677 Win32 launcher: embed Perl azawawi enhancement minor editor
#432 When switching sessions padre is stuck for a while defect major editor
#354 When I click into the "search terms..." box, the words "search terms..." don't go away submersible_toaster defect minor POD based help
#649 What is the license of the Padre (Standalone) executable? enhancement major editor
#1154 Warnings from the Advanced Preference Editor defect minor Preference System
#856 Vista: The Advanced Preferences dialog dings annoyingly azawawi defect critical editor
#884 View Document As doesn't refresh when changing tabs waxhead defect major editor
#1246 View -> View as -> Text not working defect blocker not classified yet
#278 Variable magic (lexical replace, declaration finding, etc) doesn't work well for arrays, hashes, array and hash accesses, and slices thereof defect major editor
#678 VACUUM the configuration database at shutdown enhancement minor editor
#1388 Using breakpoints toolbar item on un-named file causes crash bowtie defect minor Debugger for Perl 5
#1164 Useless warning at startup claudio defect trivial editor
#148 Use consistent coding style in padre sources jquelin task minor editor
#1253 Update Plugin Version in Config.DB for enabled plugins only, please add to trunk :) bowtie enhancement major plugins
#781 Unicode should not be used for accessing file system on Win32 defect major editor
#523 Unclear Perl errror enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#607 Unable to make a selection when editing 'My Plugin' ( defect minor editor
#521 Unable to connect to Perl Irc using IE7 JoshuaW defect major website
#1297 Ubuntu Natty: default font is not monospaced defect major not classified yet
#1221 Ubuntu Natty, getting white lines across the code when I scroll down, defect minor editor
#1379 Tried to add BASH to theme and killed Padre alias, adamk, azawawi enhancement minor editor
#1137 Translation of programming languages may break preferences in the same language defect major editor
#679 Trac Component additions szabgab enhancement minor trac
#1337 Tools -> Preferences kills Padre Alias azawawi defect blocker Preference System
#1286 Too many newlines pressing ENTER on a blank line defect blocker editor
#131 Toggle full screen mode F11 enhancement major editor
#588 Toggle comment fails to work with \s+# in the first line azawawi defect major editor
#1369 ToDo Panel Crashes Padre alias defect blocker TODO List
#859 Threads/DBI/SlaveDriver problems defect blocker editor
#866 Threading problem with SQLite? adamk defect blocker editor
#275 Thread indicator remains yellow defect major editor
#1136 The syntax checker often marks the wrong line in a package defect minor editor
#793 The nice butterfly logo is missing on the "Padre Documentation" page szabgab defect minor website
#1244 The menu "recent files" is not updated on history updates, only with 1 file delay Sewi defect trivial editor
#557 The instructions for setting up the environemnt to work on the Padre site are not detailed enough szabgab task minor website
#270 The Edit>Preference menu leads to a "Settings" window enhancement trivial editor
#209 Text wrapping in diagnostics window from Error List pshangov defect major editor
#210 Text formatting in the diagnostics error message pshangov defect major editor
#166 Testing $^O for 'win' on Darwin (i.e. Mac OS X) is not sufficient defect major editor
#1459 Test t/11_svn.t and t/12_mime.t fail tome, bennie defect minor OSX
#903 Test Failure - xt/compile.t defect major editor
#902 Test Failure - xt/badcode.t defect major editor
#1295 Taskbar icon is blurry on Ubuntu with Unity desktop defect minor not classified yet
#878 Tabs like 'Outline', 'Functions'... should have a close button, just like the documents tabs enhancement minor editor
#46 Tab reordering enhancement minor editor
#47 Tab close buttons enhancement trivial editor
#1126 TODO list: does not immediately show items defect trivial TODO List
#1144 TODO list may jump to the wrong line defect minor TODO List
#1012 TODO list does not support plain text files defect minor TODO List
#1145 TODO List Bug - Closing padre defect minor TODO List
#915 Syntax highlighting for Java, C# zenogantner enhancement minor editor
#833 Syntax error crash padre when trying to debug szabgab defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1051 Syntax checker does not return the correct error message defect major editor
#911 Syntax check results should be shown by underlining enhancement minor Syntax Checking
#461 Syntax check hanging with perl6 infix & regex azawawi defect major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks editor
#801 Syntax Checker Crashes Padre on new document that hasn't been saved azawawi defect blocker editor
#957 Syntax Check should use perl interpreter given in Preferences defect major editor
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