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#595 F6 (Stop Executing of script) doesnt work with Output window in Windows defect trivial editor
#481 FAIL t/82-plugin-manager.t in trunk@6933 Sewi defect major editor
#659 Failed to run CPAN installed Padre - " cannot open shared object file" defect major downstream
#301 Failing wx assertion in the new PluginManager dialog defect major editor
#632 File /Save Session defect major editor
#786 File Monitoring 2.0 enhancement major editor
#1460 File menu bar disappeared on Preferences Saved adamk, alias, bowtie defect major Preference System
#611 File | Open does not support UNC path azawawi defect major editor
#39 File::Copy::Recursive Dependency defect major editor
#737 File::HomeDIr->my_documents can be empty list defect major External dependency
#700 File::Slurp is an undeclared prerequisite defect minor editor
#630 Filehandle STDOUT reopened as $fh only for input azawawi defect major editor
#963 Filename disappears from status defect major Title and Status Bar Personalization
#1116 Filter through Perl: use ellipsis in menu entry '...' defect trivial editor
#640 Find and Find/Replace dialogs change focus to the editor panel after "No Matches Found" defect minor Search and Replace
#107 Find dialog does not account for localized texts defect major Wx::Perl::Dialog
#1110 Find dialog should not be a modal window defect major Search and Replace
#973 Find in Files: search by file type is in UI, but not supported defect major Find in Files
#813 Find in files cannot find $self waxhead defect major editor
#814 Find-in-files result window, clicking on filename does not do anything enhancement major editor
#1361 Find/replace crashes Padre defect major not classified yet
#1296 FindFast: Ctrl+V doesn't paste into search box defect critical Search and Replace
#703 Focus does not return to search dialog after error messages defect minor Search and Replace
#602 For tab-indented files, add comment characters after the tabs azawawi defect minor editor
#476 Force setting of document (MIME) type when using New->Perl 5 test (and maybe others) defect major editor
#736 Function list is incorrect defect major editor
#835 Function list not populated on initial panel showing defect major editor
#735 Functions panel differs from Highlighting and Perl defect major Outline
#784 GTK CRITICAL error locks down Padre and X defect major editor
#184 GUI for find enhancement minor Super Grep
#195 Give plugin access to results panel enhancement major plugins
#1149 Goto (Edit/ Go To) accepts non numeric values defect major editor
#524 Goto URL crashing Padre on FreeBSD defect major editor
#1010 Grey out comment toggling in menu instead of confusing users with an error message enhancement minor editor
#112 HTML export enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks editor
#83 Hangs install on OSX from CPAN defect major editor
#1433 Has Tools -> Module Tools been deperacted for Feature CPAN? azawawi defect minor CPAN Module Installer
#686 Help > Current Document should not load/select POD submersible_toaster defect minor POD based help
#436 Help/Current Document does not reload file waxhead defect major editor
#965 High memory & CPU usage defect blocker editor
#953 Hyppolit should report changes to the trac wiki szabgab enhancement minor admin
#594 I cant hit F1 on Windows defect trivial editor
#559 IRC robot for trac updates szabgab enhancement major admin
#847 Implement Mozilla-style about:config for Padre azawawi enhancement major editor
#585 Implement a Perl Critic test script enhancement major development
#1 Improve load time somebody defect minor editor
#2 Improve search szabgab enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#3 In "open file" show filenames without extension as well defect major editor
#609 Inappropiate "Call tip" defect minor editor
#201 Incompatible plugins enhancement major editor
#1245 Info missing for Wx::Scintilla in Padre System About azawawi defect trivial editor
#97 Insert code snippets enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Code Snippets
#431 Install the examples and add a menu option to reach them enhancement major editor
#231 Installation with cpan may create root owned files under .padre in users home dir defect major External dependency
#258 Installing Padre from CPAN doen't install Thread::Queue making Padre crash defect major editor
#990 Interface language Dutch (Belgium) does not work defect minor editor
#1083 It should be possible to set breakpoints before starting the debugger szabgab enhancement minor Debugger for Perl 5
#128 Join Lines Ctrl-J enhancement major editor
#479 Keep file permissions when doing "Save as..." defect major editor
#27 Keep the size of the output window defect major editor
#1224 LICENCE (LICENSE) waxhead defect critical not classified yet
#654 Lexical Rename of Variable - Can't hightlight the whole variable. patrickas defect major editor
#655 Lexical Rename of Variable - Can't rename to a variable iwth an underscore in it patrickas defect major editor
#277 Lexical variable replace doesn't work for "foreach my $foo (...) {}" defect minor editor
#586 Lexical variable replace doesn't work if you have the original declaration selected azawawi defect major editor
#504 Lexically Rename Variable azawawi defect major editor
#653 Lexically Rename Variable doesn't work when clicking on declaration of variable patrickas defect major editor
#742 Line numbers are shown at startup, but not shown as "enabled" in View menu Sewi defect minor editor
#294 Linux binary fails to start with 0.33 defect major downstream
#1306 Locale: move 'fr-fr' to just 'fr' dolmen defect minor installation
#92 Localization patch and german translation enhancement major editor
#48 Logo ideas task minor editor
#103 MIME type patch for enhancement major editor
#159 Mac OSX 10.4 crash on launch defect blocker editor
#638 Make Perl usage configurable enhancement minor editor
#761 Make cutoff size for PPI Experimental lexer user-configurable enhancement minor editor
#33 Make it compile nicely on Fedora task major downstream
#237 Make the Perl 6 documentation available azawawi enhancement major Perl 6
#477 Make the new web site live szabgab enhancement major website
#235 Many tests fail when "make test" defect major editor
#1472 Margin Markers and SVN 1.7 bowtie defect minor Integrated Version Control
#190 Massive GDI object leakages defect critical editor
#312 Max one outline job per document at a time defect critical Outline
#1080 Memory leak when switching tabs between projects alias defect major editor
#136 Menu option: Tools/Reload MY plugin enhancement major editor
#21 Menu options to create various specialized new files - file templates enhancement major editor
#129 Menu: Copy current file path|file name|dir path to clipboard enhancement major editor
#125 Menu: Open all recent files enhancement minor editor
#126 Menu: clean recent file list enhancement minor editor
#597 Merge duplicate code for OS-constants task minor editor
#777 Method Auto Complete doesn't work when lines between cursor and EOF waxhead defect minor editor
#1163 Migrate Style from View Menu to Preferences claudio enhancement major editor
#1363 Miss depend - File::Slurp defect critical External dependency
#102 More gettext corrections defect major editor
#14 Move between the editor and the output window with some hot-key enhancement major editor
#68 Move the plugin code to its own class defect major editor
#794 Moving marked lines up and down azawawi enhancement major editor
#1034 New tab opened when debugging script with errors szabgab defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1196 New wiki Component required. szabgab enhancement minor admin
#1219 Non-ASCII Character (SPACE) unrecognizeable Supersede defect minor Run
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