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#803 Non-existant default_project_directory path is fatal at startup defect critical editor
#75 Not obvious how to start padre under Windows gabor defect critical editor
#1404 ORLite 1.90 and 1.91 breaks Padre adamk defect critical installation
#917 ORLite v1.42 don't install defect major editor
#1256 OSX Padre menu keybindings are missing / not clear tome defect minor Basic Editor Features
#1257 OSX Preferences window opens at maximize and cannot be resized defect minor Basic Editor Features
#453 Obscure error when Padre detects a syntax error in a document defect major editor
#357 Odd Directory Tree Behaviour when non perl file active defect major editor
#146 Odd behavoir when copying and pasting. defect major editor
#497 On some MSWin32 platforms 'start' command need 'title' parameter not to be optional defect minor editor
#580 On win32, Perl 5 syntax checker is invoked in strange situations... azawawi defect major editor
#1324 One of our features is missing... Skelton Build or Module::Starter adamk enhancement major Skeleton Generation
#1078 Open Resource should also find things like "Wx:.Dialog" enhancement major editor
#43 Open multiple files from OS "open file" dialog enhancement minor editor
#883 Opening an existing Perl 6 script Hangs Padre on win32 defect major editor
#637 Optimize PPI usage enhancement minor editor
#1155 Outline and Functions don't work with unsaved files defect minor Outline
#1047 Outline becomes empty after fast file switching defect minor Outline
#1023 Outline view creates multiple "main" on Windows azawawi defect major editor
#401 Output Panel should show moose (attributes, methods and method modifiers) enhancement major Outline
#398 PDL Plugin enhancement major plugins
#389 POD error in Padre::Wx::Main: defect trivial editor
#1429 POD typo in Padre::Wx::Progress defect trivial POD based help
#1109 PPI Lexer crash when loading file defect critical Syntax Highlighting
#1206 Package 'main' lost in outline if followed by another package defect major Outline
#939 Padre 'help' depends on POD2-Base on Strawberry Perl on Windows XP. defect major POD based help
#156 Padre 0.17 doesn't display anything regarding UTF-8 encoded files. defect critical editor
#256 Padre 0.25 leaking into CPAN index defect minor downstream
#263 Padre 0.29 die and not start. defect major editor
#252 Padre 0.42 doesn't build on strawberry perl on Vista x64 Business azawawi defect major External dependency
#681 Padre 0.45 MSI installation failure defect major editor
#940 Padre 0.60 crashes when right clicking in code editing area. zenogantner defect major editor
#956 Padre 0.62 crashes if outline Window is active zenog defect major editor
#1059 Padre 0.74 build failure on 5.8.9 defect major editor
#1269 Padre 0.86 on OSX DMG crashes tome defect minor not classified yet
#1317 Padre 0.90 hangs and then segfaults on i .t file defect critical not classified yet
#1504 Padre 0.98 install fails in t/12_mime.t defect major installation
#266 Padre Requires A CMD Window (WinXP) azawawi enhancement minor editor
#796 Padre Stand alone does not start on Windows after installation azawawi defect blocker External dependency
#1068 Padre Task manager fails to run tasks after stress testing it defect critical editor
#1419 Padre and the soon to be Perl 5.16 defect blocker installation
#253 Padre application exits when selecting "Open CPAN Config File" from Perl>Install module... menu hjansen defect major editor
#845 Padre assumes incorrect location of scripts defect critical editor
#536 Padre auto converts EOLs automatically azawawi defect major editor
#314 Padre broken on MS Vista when starting with no file to be opened azawawi defect major editor
#299 Padre crash when closing Perl 6 file during syntax highlighting azawawi defect major editor
#185 Padre crash when closing files defect major editor
#445 Padre crash with Perl 6 plugin when closing file during syntax highlighting defect major plugins
#1272 Padre crashes on Save, OS X 10.6.7 tome defect major not classified yet
#733 Padre crashes on first menu access defect blocker editor
#1222 Padre crashes on fresh install (where-from-dialog) defect blocker editor
#373 Padre crashes on right click defect major editor
#625 Padre crashes on save-as .pir defect blocker plugins
#850 Padre crashes on warning output defect critical editor
#501 Padre crashes when installing CPAN Module defect major CPAN Module Installer
#176 Padre crashes when the list of recent files is cleared defect major editor
#1148 Padre crashes when trying to open a file via File/Recent Files defect major editor
#948 Padre crashing on ctrl and double click (left up) kthakore enhancement critical editor
#888 Padre crashing when looking for bookmark defect critical editor
#298 Padre crashs with language changes and Plugin Manager opened defect major Wx::Perl::Dialog
#867 Padre dies when hitting Ctrl-. defect major editor
#843 Padre dies when saving file in same dir defect major editor
#218 Padre failed to start on Czech MS WinXP Pro SP3 defect minor editor
#1318 Padre freeze(?) defect blocker not classified yet
#441 Padre freezes with gtk+ 2.17.x (linux / wxgtk) defect major editor
#593 Padre handles directory seperator different in the recent files dialog getty defect trivial editor
#1173 Padre homepage navigation needs refactoring szabgab defect major website
#450 Padre install failure -- [frankg@fedora11 ~]$ sudo PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 perl -MCPAN -e defect major editor
#906 Padre installation fails (and all plugins using Locale::Msgfmt) defect major plugins
#433 Padre is unresponsive while closing it (on Ubuntu) defect major editor
#885 Padre just plain crashed - was open and was causing a few problems. defect major editor
#74 Padre pretends to save read-only files szabgab defect major editor
#889 Padre saves non-ASCII characters as \x{XXXX} defect major editor
#1195 Padre scroll up file to start on save(Ctrl+S) event defect major Source Navigation
#1138 Padre single instance server not working defect major Single Instance
#1268 Padre sometimes crashes on right click in editor window defect critical editor
#572 Padre standalone: Eliminate the black console window from when running Padre. defect major downstream
#660 Padre's Menu should now Include Refactor enhancement minor editor
#578 Padre's Splash screen should not get in the way defect major editor
#1326 Padre-Plugin-PerlTidy and the /a modifier with tools/perltidyrc Alias defect minor Perl Tidy
#404 Padre::DocBrowser::POD 0.37 contains syntax that is only available in perl 5.10.0, so will not pass t\00-compile.t defect critical POD based help
#1265 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder can't find wxfb.png, have to make install, so as to access png, why as it only works againt trunk!!! Alias defect critical plugins
#1301 Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder kills Padre on reload :( Alias defect critical plugins
#1061 Padre::Plugin::Git crash when doing of file/dir with a working directory that is not under version control by git defect critical plugins
#1449 Padre::Plugin::Git crash(es) happen in Padre::PluginManager::on_context_menu ryan52, kaare, chorny enhancement major plugins
#1278 Padre::Plugin::LaTeX, fix for missing version & some :) zenog defect major plugins
#1406 Padre::Plugin::Moose 0.08 cretique as requested azawawi enhancement trivial plugins
#1234 Padre::Plugin::My - Not compatible with Padre 0.86 szabgab defect critical plugins
#1448 Padre::Plugin::My Right-clicking in Editor window crashes Padre (instead of showing context menu) defect major plugins
#1263 Padre::Plugin::Nopaste Loads but don't run!!!! chorny defect critical plugins
#297 Padre::Plugin::PAR - Not compatible with the Padre::Plugin API. defect major plugins
#1266 Padre::Plugin::PerlCritic, fix for missing version azawawi enhancement major plugins
#1239 Padre::Plugin::PerlTidy, patch for using perltidyrc from trunk/tools when in dev azawawi enhancement major plugins
#1487 Padre::Plugin::SSH Unit Test Fails defect trivial plugins
#1409 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck 1.24 appiers to work with out Text::[Hun|A]spell installed bowtie defect major plugins
#109 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck Integrate spell checker enhancement major plugins
#1439 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck off by a few characters bowtie defect major plugins
#1273 Padre::Plugin::Swarm patch for reloading submersible_toaster defect minor plugins
#1264 Padre::Plugin::Swarm missing dependency does not run!!! submersible_toaster defect major plugins
#549 Padre::Pod2HTML double anchors defect minor editor
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