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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#587 crash defect major editor
#634 Parrot: add menu option to open examples szabgab enhancement major plugins
#589 Pasting in a UNIX document in win32 corrupts it to MIXEd azawawi defect major editor
#584 Pasting over the top of a selection no longer works defect major editor
#392 Perl 6: prompt() is not highlighted azawawi defect major plugins
#393 Perl 6: switching to Parrot based highlighting does not work defect major plugins
#1184 Perl help browser suppresses linebreaks defect major editor
#267 Perl syntax checker tries to check syntax of PHP file defect major editor
#916 Perl syntax highlighting: highlight interpolated variables and special characters in strings enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#285 Perl.exe crashes when quitting Padre. defect major editor
#776 PerlTidy needs -nse and -nst options defect minor Perl Tidy
#615 Plugin Exception Catching enhancement critical plugins
#203 Plugin Manager/Preferences buttons do now show Arabic/Hebrew defect major editor
#1009 Plugin manager does not properly disable plugins zenogantner defect minor plugins
#164 Plugin manager problem? defect major editor
#1207 PluginHooks not removed after plugin reload/disable Alias, szabgab, Sewi, waxhead defect major plugins
#984 Pluginmanager blindly calls plugin->preferences defect minor editor
#37 Pod::Simple should be listed in META.yml in requires defect major POD based help
#1198 Preferences 2.0 Default/Reset button enhancement minor Preference System
#1176 Preferences 2.0. Screen is to big Alias defect minor Preference System
#1238 Preferences dialog does not react to Esc key defect major not classified yet
#834 Preferences dialog should NOT explicit'ify defaults defect major Preference System
#1382 Preferences dialog: empty pull-down menu alias, adamk defect trivial Preference System
#612 Prevent loading the same file twice Sewi defect major editor
#1434 Programs tested with "run" should open in on Osx; not xterm. bennie enhancement minor Run
#10 Project Management enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Project Management
#841 Quick Menu Access should show the location of the menu item on the menu system azawawi enhancement major editor
#1073 R language support enhancement major plugins
#1143 Recent file list is late by one file defect major editor
#858 Recent files does not display anything on Padre startup defect major editor
#988 Recent files menu should not contain currently opened files defect minor editor
#528 Recognize some bad practices and warn about them - package DB; enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#1447 Recreation of deleted file defect major editor
#167 Rectangular editing azawawi enhancement major Rectangular Editing
#205 Refreshing the error window rhebus defect major editor
#54 Refreshing the function list on save enhancement minor editor
#1032 Regex Editor: Escape sequences don't work in "Result from replace" defect minor Regex Editor
#922 Regex editor keeps first language after language change. defect minor Regex Editor
#1140 Regex editor reverses flags on insert defect minor Regex Editor
#774 Register Perl extensions for Padre on install enhancement major editor
#1405 Reload of more than one file regression defect critical editor
#1102 Remove menu item Perl/Automatic Bracket Completion defect minor editor
#1019 Rename variable does not give indication it is working adamk defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#1020 Rename variable does not work on dereferenced array slices defect major Refactoring Perl 5
#556 Replace Wx::Perl::ProcessStream or fix it defect major editor
#217 Replace icons with some Debian compatible ones defect blocker editor
#152 Reset My Plugin enhancement minor Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#967 Reset focus defect minor editor
#316 Reuse Outline information to quickly jump to declarations enhancement major editor
#644 Revert the CCNC'ing of the logo defect minor editor
#286 Rewrite the code for the right click context menu to care about CONTEXT enhancement critical editor
#663 Rewritten Win32 launcher Sewi enhancement major editor
#1241 Right margin setting is not respected defect minor Preference System
#76 Run Script ends in failure(padre0.12) defect major editor
#1187 Run This Test szabgab defect minor Automated Build and Test
#1287 Running find in files crashes Padre defect blocker Find in Files
#295 SVN Plugin doesn't check for a defined path defect trivial Integrated Version Control
#783 SVN plugin can't find SVN directory defect major Integrated Version Control
#437 Save As doesn't accept path from dialog waxhead defect minor editor
#123 Save Session / Load Session jquelin enhancement major editor
#1095 Save file without extension waxhead defect minor editor
#1122 Save intuition should recognize more test scripts enhancement major editor
#591 Save of new file and Padre thinks it has no name yet defect blocker editor
#25 Saving files when closing the application enhancement major editor
#1107 Saving perl file without extension forgets its mime-type defect major editor
#470 Scalable "Find in files..." dialog task major editor
#204 Scalars leaked: 1 tsee defect major editor
#1377 Search dialog claims unsuccessful search even though it was successful alias defect critical not classified yet
#240 Search dialog loses focus when reopened claudio defect trivial editor
#894 Search for special (non-ascii) characters is strange defect minor editor
#1313 Search previous button acts as next defect major not classified yet
#704 Segfault when closing documentation dialog defect minor POD based help
#484 Select a complete block from one brace to another enhancement major editor
#440 Select full var name enhancement major editor
#865 Selection is wrong in Menu View->View Documenta As...-> XXX defect minor editor
#1124 Session Manager: "Description" column not displayed when all descriptions empty defect trivial editor
#1160 Session name refered to as Project name in title bar defect trivial editor
#871 Shortcut Open Selection dialog is there is only one option enhancement minor editor
#709 Show editor window listed by project, then project-relative path azawawi enhancement minor editor
#1104 Show the name of the current subroutine in the status bar enhancement major Title and Status Bar Personalization
#132 Show white space and tab enhancement major editor
#114 Show/hide the list of subs window enhancement major editor
#371 Signficant loss of responsiveness when the directory tree is open defect major editor
#117 Single Padre running, open file in already running Padre adamk enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre Single Instance
#194 Slow Perl6 syntax highlighting azawawi defect major External dependency
#192 Small GDI leak for every undo/redo pair [win32] szabgab defect major editor
#87 Small patch for enhancing the tabs enhancement major editor
#1167 Some @INC manipulation seems to be incorrect in Padre defect major editor
#1294 Space in text field for pref "editor_right_margin_colum" stops Padre defect critical Preference System
#365 Spanish translation files for Alarm, CSS, Encode, PAR, PerlTidy plugins garu enhancement major plugins
#364 Spanish translation files for Autoformat, ClassSniff, CommandLine and DataWalker plugins garu enhancement major plugins
#366 Spanish translation files for Perl6, AcmePlayCode garu enhancement major plugins
#363 Spanish translation files for Vi, SpellCheck and PerlCritic plugins garu enhancement major plugins
#361 Spanish translation for Catalyst plugin garu enhancement major plugins
#362 Spanish translation for Mojolicious plugin garu enhancement major plugins
#505 SpecialValue is written without a space defect trivial editor
#64 Split view enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Split View
#1420 Start Padre with Debugger Panel active ... bowtie defect minor Debugger for Perl 5
#200 Status bar gets disabled defect critical editor
#296 Status bar in doesn't have enough room to show CHAR location defect minor editor
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