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#1293 task signal test failed during CPAN Upgrade (0.86 to 0.88) defect blocker not classified yet
#1294 Space in text field for pref "editor_right_margin_colum" stops Padre defect critical Preference System
#1295 Taskbar icon is blurry on Ubuntu with Unity desktop defect minor not classified yet
#1296 FindFast: Ctrl+V doesn't paste into search box defect critical Search and Replace
#1297 Ubuntu Natty: default font is not monospaced defect major not classified yet
#1298 Changing font in preferences is not applied to existing editors defect blocker Preference System
#1313 Search previous button acts as next defect major not classified yet
#1314 syntax checker cannot deal with abs_path($0) ? defect major Syntax Checking
#1316 Ctrl+click do not open Perl module if clicked on full method/sub name defect minor not classified yet
#1317 Padre 0.90 hangs and then segfaults on i .t file defect critical not classified yet
#1318 Padre freeze(?) defect blocker not classified yet
#1323 Wx::Scintilla missing methods defect major not classified yet
#1329 Current Line Highlighting defect minor editor
#1330 Enhanced TODO? enhancement major not classified yet
#1341 Wx-Scintilla build fails on wxWidgets 2.8.10 defect major not classified yet
#1342 new info/about box should have a "Close" button enhancement trivial not classified yet
#1361 Find/replace crashes Padre defect major not classified yet
#1363 Miss depend - File::Slurp defect critical External dependency
#1366 ESC crashes padre defect blocker not classified yet
#1397 unable to figure out what the status says defect minor editor
#1399 calculation of position of cursor position in status is wrong defect major editor
#1405 Reload of more than one file regression defect critical editor
#1419 Padre and the soon to be Perl 5.16 defect blocker installation
#1429 POD typo in Padre::Wx::Progress defect trivial POD based help
#1447 Recreation of deleted file defect major editor
#1448 Padre::Plugin::My Right-clicking in Editor window crashes Padre (instead of showing context menu) defect major plugins
#1461 wxformbuilder in ubuntu is too old defect major not classified yet
#1487 Padre::Plugin::SSH Unit Test Fails defect trivial plugins
#1504 Padre 0.98 install fails in t/12_mime.t defect major installation
#1508 Debugger Breakpoint list panel not working in Windows defect minor not classified yet
#33 Make it compile nicely on Fedora task major downstream
#452 focus order in »Find and Replace« dialog is buggered zenogantner defect minor editor
#541 wrong outline can get displayed for a document zenogantner defect major Outline
#915 Syntax highlighting for Java, C# zenogantner enhancement minor editor
#940 Padre 0.60 crashes when right clicking in code editing area. zenogantner defect major editor
#970 Switching language removes plugin menus zenogantner defect major editor
#1009 Plugin manager does not properly disable plugins zenogantner defect minor plugins
#599 Add a "x" for closing output & others zenog defect minor editor
#956 Padre 0.62 crashes if outline Window is active zenog defect major editor
#1278 Padre::Plugin::LaTeX, fix for missing version & some :) zenog defect major plugins
#324 ctrl+w should close current doc opened waxhead defect major POD based help
#331 * saveall doesn't update tabs (ie asterisk still there until you click tab) waxhead defect major editor
#341 * Common elements missing from toolbar (closeall, saveall) waxhead defect major editor
#436 Help/Current Document does not reload file waxhead defect major editor
#437 Save As doesn't accept path from dialog waxhead defect minor editor
#691 Extract subroutined does not work if there is no subroutine in the code already waxhead defect major advanced perl tools
#750 tab / ctrl+tab do not work anymore waxhead defect blocker editor
#777 Method Auto Complete doesn't work when lines between cursor and EOF waxhead defect minor editor
#813 Find in files cannot find $self waxhead defect major editor
#855 Error in running script in Padre causes crash... waxhead defect critical editor
#884 View Document As doesn't refresh when changing tabs waxhead defect major editor
#983 Create a setting for turning off blinking within Padres Editor waxhead enhancement critical editor
#1095 Save file without extension waxhead defect minor editor
#1224 LICENCE (LICENSE) waxhead defect critical not classified yet
#67 Ctrl-P/Ctrl-N autocompletion tsee enhancement minor Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Autocomplete
#204 Scalars leaked: 1 tsee defect major editor
#274 no document open => run any kind of Padre::Task::PPI::* => die() tsee defect minor editor
#1459 Test t/11_svn.t and t/12_mime.t fail tome, bennie defect minor OSX
#1256 OSX Padre menu keybindings are missing / not clear tome defect minor Basic Editor Features
#1269 Padre 0.86 on OSX DMG crashes tome defect minor not classified yet
#1272 Padre crashes on Save, OS X 10.6.7 tome defect major not classified yet
#1285 osx test failure - xt/mimetype.t fails on osx Lion tome defect major not classified yet
#1371 [0.92 osx] checkmarks for case sensitivity, etc. cannot be toggled in Replace window tome defect minor Search and Replace
#276 improve the run dialog therek defect major Run
#300 Clicking inside the "Settings Demo" window will crash padre therek defect minor editor
#343 filter on filetype when opening a file therek defect major editor
#348 2 menu entries for find / replace therek defect major editor
#359 Style won't saved therek defect major editor
#408 --version option therek defect trivial editor
#2 Improve search szabgab enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#4 allow anonymous svn checkout szabgab defect major website
#7 setup mailing lists szabgab enhancement major website
#11 Add debugger from within the editor szabgab enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Debugger for Perl 5
#41 line endings szabgab enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#74 Padre pretends to save read-only files szabgab defect major editor
#192 Small GDI leak for every undo/redo pair [win32] szabgab defect major editor
#367 Create "Live Support" pages for Padre szabgab task minor website
#477 Make the new web site live szabgab enhancement major website
#532 Describe how to create and submit a patch szabgab enhancement major website
#539 Create screenshots and post them on the website szabgab enhancement major website
#557 The instructions for setting up the environemnt to work on the Padre site are not detailed enough szabgab task minor website
#559 IRC robot for trac updates szabgab enhancement major admin
#566 remove the Padre planet (blogs) szabgab enhancement major admin
#634 Parrot: add menu option to open examples szabgab enhancement major plugins
#679 Trac Component additions szabgab enhancement minor trac
#793 The nice butterfly logo is missing on the "Padre Documentation" page szabgab defect minor website
#831 CPAN Install, test failing caused by Term::Readline szabgab defect minor Debug::Client
#833 Syntax error crash padre when trying to debug szabgab defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#950 Switching to file does not work correctly szabgab defect major editor
#953 Hyppolit should report changes to the trac wiki szabgab enhancement minor admin
#1034 New tab opened when debugging script with errors szabgab defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1083 It should be possible to set breakpoints before starting the debugger szabgab enhancement minor Debugger for Perl 5
#1173 Padre homepage navigation needs refactoring szabgab defect major website
#1180 corrupt stash.yml conflicts with YAML::Tiny szabgab defect major website
#1181 web site mod szabgab enhancement trivial website
#1187 Run This Test szabgab defect minor Automated Build and Test
#1196 New wiki Component required. szabgab enhancement minor admin
#1210 76-preferences.t fails while passing all the tests szabgab defect major Automated Build and Test
#1234 Padre::Plugin::My - Not compatible with Padre 0.86 szabgab defect critical plugins
#1267 dummy package to negate warning: DIE: Can't locate Wx/Loader/ in @INC szabgab enhancement minor development
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