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#757 autocompletion should not remember words smaller than 3 or 4 letters defect major editor
#821 autocompletion triggered even on blank line Sewi defect major Autocomplete
#726 autofold POD is not working (as expected) defect major editor
#239 automatic indentation does not let me set the indentation width defect major editor
#767 bad ui: padre prompts one by one for files changed on disk defect major editor
#247 bad/missing whatis entries of some man pages defect minor editor
#1441 broken links on the documentation page szabgab defect major website
#1399 calculation of position of cursor position in status is wrong defect major editor
#487 call tips not working when syntax check is on defect major editor
#1037 calling the project view "Directory Tree" is confusing defect minor Project Browser
#464 can't paste much text defect major editor
#197 cannot see names in utf8 (see squares) defect blocker editor
#624 cannot type in empty document defect critical editor
#666 catch error and source enhancement minor editor
#311 catch errors and warnings given by ppi enhancement major editor
#762 checkboxes in view menu aren't updated on padre startup defect major editor
#667 checks the config enhancement minor editor
#181 choose syntax highlighting dynamically enhancement minor editor
#999 clean up and extend preferences dialog task major Preference System
#58 clickable links in Podviewer submersible_toaster enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks POD based help
#576 common (beginner) error check has no feedback if no errors found azawawi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#887 config.t test fails karl.forner defect major editor
#411 configurable key bindings enhancement major editor
#410 configuration place not conforming to standard defect major editor
#976 content of function lists remains after document switch defect trivial editor
#491 context help of Perl 5 (F2) duplicate entries, missing entries azawawi defect major Context Sensitive Help
#547 context sensitive help for perl 5 - "what is $. ?" No help found azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#111 continous syntax checking enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Syntax Checking
#1180 corrupt stash.yml conflicts with YAML::Tiny szabgab defect major website
#969 crash when switching language after using Ack defect major editor
#421 crash: no documents, F3/F4 defect critical editor
#819 crashing padre in 4 steps defect blocker editor
#324 ctrl+w should close current doc opened waxhead defect major POD based help
#332 cutnpaste weirdness defect major editor
#186 deal with large files defect major editor
#1485 debugger RAW command does not update state properly bowtie defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#669 default change enhancement minor editor
#407 developer garbage on STDOUT submersible_toaster defect trivial editor
#385 disallow loading of unknown and/or binary files defect major editor
#489 dist-zilla projects not taken into account defect major Project Browser
#727 do not run test that requires networking without the permission of the user defect major editor
#222 doc browser does not find documentation submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#427 docbrowser crashes om unsaved module submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#339 docbrowser has bad output in plugin manager defect major POD based help
#329 docbrowser is confused by unicode jquelin defect major POD based help
#322 docbrowser is slow submersible_toaster defect major editor
#323 docbrowser should open the same doc in the same tab submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#325 docbrowser should provide a (minimal) menu submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#330 docbrowser should provide feedback when it's doing stuff submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#446 docbrowser: search field too small, too far right enhancement trivial editor
#1267 dummy package to negate warning: DIE: Can't locate Wx/Loader/ in @INC szabgab enhancement minor development
#1254 editor colapse button visible but expand button not defect minor not classified yet
#173 editor pane loses focus if the syntax checker is selected defect major editor
#250 eg/hangman.p6 distributed without permission defect minor downstream
#443 enable folding for multi-line constructs with () enhancement minor editor
#155 error if passed a non-existent filename defect minor editor
#531 extract subroutine rhebus enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Refactoring Perl 5
#326 f1 in padre is not the same as searching in docbrowser submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#154 fails to launch on OS X defect critical editor
#1383 feature CPAN has a focus issus in SEARCH when editing module name azawawi defect minor CPAN Module Installer
#259 file not saved defect blocker editor
#849 file type recognition enhancement major editor
#343 filter on filetype when opening a file therek defect major editor
#419 find variable declaration does not work at the end of a variable patrickas enhancement minor editor
#245 find&replace / *$/ --> <nothing> does not work adamk defect major editor
#412 find/replace dialog should autocomplete enhancement major Search and Replace
#85 fix a bug (open many window for 1 file) defect major editor
#158 fix locale support defect major editor
#452 focus order in »Find and Replace« dialog is buggered zenogantner defect minor editor
#763 folding doesn't work anymore defect major editor
#163 function list is sorted reversely defect major editor
#409 generic text filter Sewi enhancement major Super Grep
#249 gnome icons copyright defect major downstream
#350 green ampersand (workload) not really intuitive jquelin defect major editor
#673 handle collisions enhancement minor editor
#1197 highlighting and file type bug, at Preferences 2.0 defect minor Preference System
#717 i cant create directories inside the directory tab defect major editor
#121 if the subs window is closed Edit/Subs or Alt-S should open it enhancement major editor
#147 improve load time when there are many files to open enhancement critical editor
#234 improve the automatic syntax highlighting of Perl6 azawawi enhancement major Perl 6
#276 improve the run dialog therek defect major Run
#1352 improvement suggestions for the new About box alias, adamk defect blocker editor
#108 indent goodness enhancement major editor
#290 install did not work defect major editor
#303 install fails on windos xp service pack3 with perl 5.10 defect major editor
#729 install of padre0.49 does not work on windows defect major editor
#40 jump to function definition enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#137 jumpt to document last seen enhancement major editor
#631 launching padre comes up empty defect major editor
#246 limit find and replace (and maybe also search) garu enhancement major Search and Replace
#41 line endings szabgab enhancement major Get Adam Kennedy on Padre editor
#98 line-wrapping enhancement major editor
#135 list of subs should be incemental searchable enhancement major editor
#336 listing all regexes in replace dialog defect major Search and Replace
#822 main window positioned off-screen on startup defect major editor
#770 make .padre syncable and backupable enhancement major editor
#1016 make autocomplete_bracket easily configurable defect major editor
#756 missing output lines defect critical External dependency
#1132 missing strings in 'messages.pot' defect major editor
#1220 more tests for PPIx::EditorTools enhancement minor not classified yet
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